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The browser-side framework is divided into two broad categories:

• Application framework: Provides browser functionality, but is often known to include widget abstractions and other parts, and functions primarily around the desktop GUI framework.

• Infrastructure Framework: Provides basic plumbing and portable browser abstraction for developers to create content. Typical features:

* For XMLHttpRequest wrappers to encapsulate browser-server interaction. (All of the frameworks provide this functionality).

* XML operations and queries.

* Perform DOM operations based on answers from XMLHttpRequest.

* In some cases, it is integrated with other browser-side technologies such as Flash (and potential Java applets).

Server-side frameworks typically work in the following two ways (although they are categorized here based on language differences):

· Html/js Generation: The server provides complete Html/javascript code generation and browser-server coordination, with the result that only the browser-side encoding can be customized.

• Remote invocation: JavaScript calls are routed directly to server-side functions (such as Java methods) and are returned to the JavaScript callback processor, or JavaScript invokes the server to extract information, such as session details, database queries, and so on.

• Pure javascript: application framework

1.1 Bindows (since 2003)

The URL is:,Bindows is a software development kit (SDK), which, through strong federated dhtml,javascript,css and XML technology, can generate highly interactive Internet applications-becoming a powerful opponent of modern desktop applications. Bindows applications do not require downloads and do not need to be installed on the client side-only one browser is required (and no java,flash or ActiveX is required). Bindows has the potential to lead the platform of Object-oriented development AJAX applications.

• It is commercially available, using technology from MB (headquartered in GA USA, main development center in Sweden, established in 2002).

The Bindows framework is available to you:

• Class-based object-oriented APIs

• A complete window system that provides wide range of widget support including menus, forms, grids, sliders, quanta, and even more

• The leading toolkit for developing Zero-footprint SOA client applications

• Xml,soap and XML-RPC support for this machine

• Single-User to Enterprise-class support

• Built-in support for Ajax

Bindows Development Environment:

• Support for enterprise-scale engineering development

• Cross-browser, cross-platform support

• Server Independent structure

• Interoperability with new and existing resources

• Consistent development Methodologies

1.2 Backbase (since 2003)

The URL is:, a comprehensive browser-side framework that supports rich browser capabilities as well as integration with. NET and Java.

• Commercialization, from Backbase B.V (headquartered in Amsterdam, founded in 2003).

1.3 DOJO (in development; since September 2004)

The URL is:, providing full window widget and browser-server message support.

• Provides framework support for creating custom JavaScript window widgets.

• Out-of-the-Window widget library.

• Browser-server messages support-xmlhttprequest and additional mechanisms.

• Support URL manipulation functions in browsers.

• Open Source License (Academic Freedom License 2.1 (, by Alex Russell of JotSpot ( (http:// led the team.

1.4 Open Rico (in development; since May 2005; based on the early private framework)

The URL is: Http://, a multipurpose framework that supports AJAX infrastructure and user interaction.

• A XMLHttpRequest response can be routed to one or more callback operations, DOM objects, or JavaScript objects.

• Easy mouse Drag support.

· Ajax animations, such as scaling and transformations.

·" Behavior "-essentially a window widget library.

• Use Guide (, provided by Russmirimar's Yonah

Open-source From the Sabre Airlines solution, supported by Bill Scott (, Darren James, and others.

1.5 Qooxdoo (in development; since May 2005)

The URL is:, another ambitious framework that provides wide range of UI support and infrastructure features under development.

• Infrastructure:

* A portable abstraction of DOM and event/focus management.

* Debugging support.

* Timer classes that are easy to schedule.

* Getter/setter support.

· Ui:

* Window widget frame and preset window widget library.

* Layout Manager.

* Image buffering and portable PNG transparency.

• Open Source (LGPL). From a variety of contributors.

1.6 Tibet (in development; since June 2005)

The URL is:, designed to provide a highly portable and comprehensive JavaScript API, with the result that a large number of client-side code can be generated automatically. Claiming to be "enterprise-Class Ajax".

• Remote scripts run on top of XMLHttpRequest wrappers-support for workflow management by coordinating call results, such as when a response can occur only when two separate calls are returned.

· URI support.

• All HTTP methods-not just "get" and "POST".

• Low-level protocols-file://and WebDAV as well as HTTP.

· Web service invocation-soap,xml-rpc, and so on.

• Preset support for Google Api,amazon APIs, and so on.

• A large library composed of advanced JavaScript objects.

• Many XML operations.

· IDE and development tools.

• Open Source License (obviously with OSI certification, but not much detail).

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