An example of the WebMethod method in a Aspx.cs page called using the Juery Ajax method

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Juery Ajax calls the WebMethod method in the Aspx.cs page: first in the Aspx.cs file to build a public static method, and then add the WebMethod attribute, the specific implementation of the following, interested friends can refer to ha, I hope to help you all

First, create a public static method in the Aspx.cs file, and then add the WebMethod attribute.
Such as:
public static string GetUserName ()
If you want to manipulate the session in this way, you have to set the WebMethod EnableSession property to True. That
[WebMethod (EnableSession = True)]//or [WebMethod (true)]
public static string GetUserName ()
Then we'll write Ajax programs to access this program, and we'll use jquery.

Copy Code code as follows:

$.ajax ({

type: "POST",

contentType: "Application/json",

URL: "Webform2.aspx/getusername",

data: "{}",

dataType: "JSON",

success:function () {...}


Type: the kind of request, which must be post. The WebMethod method accepts only post type requests.
ContentType: Content encoding type when sending information to the server. We must use Application/json here.
URL: The path of the requested server-side handler, in the form "filename (with suffix)/method name"
Data: Parameter list. Note that the parameter here must be a JSON-formatted string, remembering to be a string format, such as: "{aa:11,bb:22,cc:33, ...}". If you're not writing a string, jquery will actually serialize it into a string, then the server-side is not JSON-formatted, and cannot be empty, even if there are no arguments written as "{}", as in the example above.
A lot of people don't succeed, that's why.
DataType: The data type returned by the server. Must be JSON and none of the others are valid. Because WebService is a JSON format that returns data in the form of: {"D": "..."}.
Success: callback function after a successful request. You can do any processing of the returned data here.
Here is an example of an AJAX request for your own page to test ...
xml/html Code

Copy Code code as follows:

<%@ Page language= "C #"%>
<script runat= "Server" >
protected void Page_Load (object Sender,eve Ntargs e) {
response.charset= "gb2312";
if (request.form["method"]== "test") test ();
Else if (request.form["method"]== "Test1") Test1 ();
Else if (request.form["method"]== "Test2") Test2 ();
Response.Write ("General request <br/>");
public void Test ()
Response.Write ("Execute Test Method";
Response.End ();//Stop other output
public void Test1 ()
Response.Write ("Execute Test1 Method";
Response.End ();//Stop other output
public void Test2 ()
Response.Write ("Execute Test2 Method";
Response.End ();/stop other output
<! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http:// ">
<meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "text/html;charset=gb2312 "/>
<script type= text/javascript" src= "jquery.js" ></script>
</ Head>
<input type= "button" value= "Call test" onclick= "Callmethod (' Test ')"/><input type = "button" value= "Call Test1"
onclick= "Callmethod (' Test1 ')"/><input type= "button" value= "Call Test2" onclick= " Callmethod (' Test2 ') '/>
<script type= ' text/javascript ' >
Function Callmethod (method) {
$.ajax (
Type: "POST",
URL: "test.aspx",
Success:function (msg) {alert (msg);,
Error:function () {alert (' Error ');}
$ (document). Ready (function () {
$.ajax (
Type: ' POST ',
URL: ' test.aspx ',
Data:{method: "Test"},
Success:function (msg) {alert ("$ (document). Ready execution Method Test Returns the result nnn" +msg);
Error: function () {alert (' Error ');}

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