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The loading speed of your WP blog does not only affect user experience, but also is an important factor in the ranking of search engines. The reason is clear: as a search engine, it aims to provide more relevant results and give users a friendly experience. Website speed is definitely something we cannot ignore. We must take effective measures to improve the speed of the site. I want to help you with some of my methods to optimize the WP website.
1. Disable unused plug-ins
This is the simplest thing we can do to reduce the loading time. I know that many Webmasters can try to use many plug-ins to make their websites cool, but we need to remember that these plug-ins consume system resources. We need to evaluate whether installed plug-ins are actually needed, and then stop deleting unnecessary plug-ins. In addition, we also need to disable and delete some plug-ins that may cause vulnerabilities or subsequently fierce ones, because hackers may use these plug-ins to threaten the security of the site.
Ii. Install cache plug-ins
I suggest using the Cache plug-in W3 Total Cache. Using this plug-in can greatly reduce the loading time of the site and ease the load on your server. W3 Total Cache is the Cache processing plug-in with the highest Compatibility Level mentioned by the author.
3. Select the correct host
Personally, I have encountered a spam host. Some network hosting companies claim to be the best, but they have not kept up with the quality. Your blog is hosted on a spam host. No matter how fast you optimize it, the effect is not obvious. Therefore, I suggest you take it seriously when looking for a host. It is better to select a host in China to guarantee it.
4. Use fewer external scripts
External scripts make our frequently used tools, such as traffic tracking systems, such as Google analysis, a very useful tool for counting Blog traffic and the number of visitors. However, if you install too many scripts from different vendors, the loading speed of your blog will be significantly slowed down because they are called through external resources. If the speed of the called script server is slow, it will have a direct impact on your site.
5. Check for hackers and Other Attacks
Malicious Code can seriously weaken the performance of your site. If you suddenly see that the loading speed of your site is lower, you may need to check whether malicious code is injected. We can use plug-ins such as WP Anti Virus to scan site vulnerabilities.
6. Optimize Your MySQL database
Optimizing your MySQL database can greatly reduce the load on your hosting server and improve the loading time, especially if your blog is large or takes a long time. The wp db Manager plug-in can easily optimize your database, or even arrange Data Optimization tasks for your site.
7. Reduce the number of images
Although images can increase the appeal of our blog as a whole, the use of images should be moderate. It is better to delete unnecessary images with no purpose. The smallest blog template and design are usually the best because they use less fancy images and Javascript in code.
8. Use content Distributed Network (CDN)
CDN is a global network that places data on your website on servers in different locations to maximize the transmission speed and increase the loading time of your site. If you have visitors from the world, your site information can provide visitor information at the nearest node of the visitor.
9. Avoid using too much FLASH Content
FLASH can consume a lot of loading time, reduce the use of FLASH, can significantly improve the loading time of the site, FLASH should not be the main element of your website design.
If a blog has high-quality content and a low loading time, I think this site can have good traffic and rankings even if it is not optimized too much. Using the simple method above, you can improve the user's friendly experience in terms of loading speed, and make your site more authoritative in the search engine view.
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