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According to the latest news, as of, there were 737 applications in Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Although there is no comparison with the iPhone App Store or Android Market, there are also many high-quality software. Namaris combines existing applicationsProgramSome data analysis may be of reference value to application developers of Windows Phone 7.

Growth Trend:

We will find that Windows Phone marketplace applications are growing slowly, and the maximum growth rate in these days is only more than 100 software every day. In fact, this phenomenon is expected not to worry, because currently marketplace is not open to all ISVs. Even if you have registered marketplace, you can only view the selection of the Windows Mobile 6. x platform when submitting the application. To submit a Windows Phone 7 Application, you also need to apply for "early access" from Microsoft ". With Windows Phone 7 officially available the day before yesterday, we believe Microsoft will open the option of submitting Windows Phone 7 applications for all registered users of marketplace as soon as possible. At the same time, Microsoft integrated the developer account of Windows Phone marketplace and the Creator club of xNa into a new app Hub a few days ago, you only need to pay one copy to get the previous two different developer accounts. We believe that the number of applications in it will grow rapidly soon.

Price Trends:

We will find that the most expensive Windows Phone marketplace is free or $0.99, and the price of $0.99 is more than that of free software. This is also the impact of Microsoft's marketplace policy. First, if you have registered a marketplace developer account (now the app hub) and paid an annual fee of $99, you can submit it in marketplace.Unlimited payment softwareAnd5 Free Software. If the number of free software exceeds 5, you need to pay $19.99 to Microsoft every time you submit one more free software. This is also the measure that Microsoft has taken to encourage everyone to develop more paid software to drive the initiative of the entire developer. Therefore, everyone will try their best to develop high-quality paid software. Finally, the software pricing is limited to $0.99 to $499.99. Therefore, many people choose to submit the lowest standard paid software for $0.99.

By the way, even though it is a paid software, you can make a free trial version. You only need to download it once. After you order the software in marketplace, the downloaded software self-motivation is identified as purchased. Developers can use this feature to limit the differences between free and paid versions. This method is used for a large number of Xbox Live Games submitted by Microsoft. For example, the famous "The Harvest", although the price is as high as $6.99, you can still download the free version for trial use. After you decide to purchase, the local version will automatically become the full paid version.

Type trend:

From the distribution of existing software categories, gaming is one of the most submitted categories in Windows Phone marketplace. Before Windows Phone 7 was officially launched, its game performance had become a pleasure. In particular, interconnection with the Xbox Live platform will greatly inspire ISVs to develop the above games. After you develop a set of games, you can easily be ported to Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, and windows. Moreover, the software that consumers are most concerned about and are most willing to pay for is also the game software. In the following marketplace, users can rate the software as follows:

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