Windows phone phone reset Skill password # #777 #

Windows phone users should know to choose "Settings" > "About" > click "Reset Phone" to complete the phone reset operation. In fact, there is a more convenient way, that is in the dial input # #777 #. After entering # #777 # You will receive the

Windows Phone 7 Series user Interface framework

WindowsThe Phone 7 Series CTP user interface is designed to provide an optimal visual experience for end users. This section will educate developers about full-screen mode, screen orientation (screens orientation), frame and page navigation (frame

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's tutorial (ix) Windows Phone 8 emulator overview

Original address: Part-9-overview-of-the-windows-phone-8-emulator Source code: HTTP://AKA.MS/ABSBEGINNERDEVWP8 PDF version: Http:// We

Windows Phone 8 Primary Tutorial (v) Layout and Event Basics

Original address: Http:// Series Address: Http:// Source code:

The magic of "Windows Phone" CollectionViewSource

When binding collection data in Windows Phone, it is sometimes necessary to have hierarchical data, usually in the form of master-slave attempts to display. The usual approach is to bind the data source of the second listbox (main view) to the first

Windows Phone Panorama view

Windows phone Panorama view

Click events in Windows Phone ListBox

Front deskBackgroundPrivate T findfirstelementinvisualtree (DependencyObject parentelement) where t:dependencyobject{var count = Visualtreehelper.getchildrencount (parentelement); if (count = = 0) return null;for (int i = 0; i (child), if (result!

Windows Phone Development (19): Three-dimensional perspective effect

The three-dimensional effect can also be called perspective effect, so I simply call three-dimensional perspective effect. Less theoretical knowledge, direct use case opening bar, because this three-dimensional effect is actually very simple, more

Windows Phone Development (18): Transformers Nineth season

Transformation is not a good understanding of the concept, not to scare you, it involves a lot of knowledge about algebra, geometry, and linear algebra. How? Scared by my words? Don't be afraid, although we may not be able to understand these

Windows Phone Development (20): When MediaElement and VideoBrush work together,

So many of the controls are "static", are "dumb", today, do you have any interest in the study, can be "vivid" and simple operation of the control? If so, please come with me.MediaElement play multimedia files.First of all, a grand introduction of

Windows Phone Development (15): Resources

Movable type printing is one of China's "four big Inventions", after the invention of movable type, he quickly found a problem, with the increasing number of printed materials, to use more and more Chinese characters, so he must find an effective

Windows phone Development (22): Initiator and selector bingmapsdirectionstask

From today's development, we start a new journey, the next lesson we should be familiar with the initiator and selector, in fact, the two are the same, there is no fundamental difference, the initiator has returned results, such as open search

Windows Phone Development (21): Make a simple drawing board

What we're going to talk about today is a control--inkpresenter, a control that's not very powerful, and it's not likely to be used in real-world development compared to InkCanvas in WPF, but let's get to know it, after all, it's not hard to

Windows Phone Development (6): Handling Changes in screen orientation

We all know that smartphones can be rotated to change the display direction of the screen, more time, for the screen direction of change, we have to do the appropriate processing, for example, when the phone screen orientation from portrait to

Windows Phone Development (7): When Good master rudder

After blowing the page about the topic, today we will talk about how the page is navigated, in more cases, our application will not have only one page, there should be N, as we do desktop application development, we may have more than one form in an

Windows Phone Development (4): Frames and Pages

Before I do, I would like to correct a small problem before I said in the first article that the Chinese version of Visual Studio Express for Windows phone is not Simplified Chinese, that is because I am downloading on the English homepage, only one

My Windows Phone 8

Learn about Windows Phone 8 development and make a summary of the learning materials you collect (constantly updated). My Windows Phone app Dotamax Myapptostart Wheat Academy WP8.1 Edition (UI shabby)

Windows Phone 8.1 Driver Development--How to invoke ACPI Method

Today, let's explain how to invoke the user-defined method in the ACPI configuration table in the Kmdf (Kernel-mode Driver Framework). In ACPI, any method, such as _sta, that begins with an underscore, is a system-predefined method that is called by

Build a QT 5.3.1 for Windows Phone 8 development environment

Build a QT 5.3.1 for Windows Phone 8 development environmentQT has supported the development of Android and iOS, and I have personally tried to develop on Android and iOS, in which the research of Android is deeper and the first independent game

Start Windows Phone 7 Development from 0

Introduction This article uses the step by step mode to describe how to build a Windows Phone 7 Development Environment from 0.Program. It's just an introductory articleArticleBut the development of Windows Phone 7 is actually that simple. Let's

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