Windows Phone 8 Horizontal sliding page animation effect source

Xam section:"""""--> "-->CS Code section:Dictionary dic = new Dictionary ();ConstructorsPublic MainPage (){InitializeComponent ();Dic. ADD (0, zero);Dic. ADD (1, one);Dic. ADD (2, two);Init.begin ();}private void Layoutroot_tap (object sender,

The push technology in Android, iOS, and Windows Phone _android

Push is not a new technology, which has become popular in the internet age. But with the advent of the mobile internet era, push technology appears to be more important. Because in a smartphone, push to a certain extent, can replace the use of many

Windows Phone 8 Continuous integration: Run unit tests by command line

Theoretical basis For a reference to how to create a unit test project on WP8, here is a documentation for MSDN first. Http:// The article clearly describes the

Learn about Windows Phone 7 development (seven. New and old version of SDK Development program conversion)

When Windows Phone 7 was released in February, it was released with its SDK (which I used earlier), but a new SDK was released a few months later and included a free Visual Studio Express version in the SDK. Then the problem comes out, if the

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (2): First Silverlight Program

Objective The previous story about building a Windows Phone 7 development environment, this article describes how to create, deploy, Debug, and run the Silverlight for Windows phone application, as well as how Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express

Microsoft launches my Server R2 application for Windows Phone 8 users

While we are still waiting for Microsoft to launch a full Windows 8.1 Remote Desktop application for Windows Phone users, they also launched a new app this week that allows WP users to remotely control the tasks on Windows Server R2 Essentials. The

Compare Windows 8 Emulator (Simulator) and Windows Phone Emulator (emulator)

In the development of mobile applications, the simulator (Simulator) and the emulator (emulator) are often used, and the similarities and differences between the simulator (Simulator) and the simulator (emulator) are summarized in this paper. First

Different Windows Phone (23)

Device (device) hardware status, System State, network status Introduced Unique device for Windows Phone 7.5 (SDK 7.1) Hardware status System State Network status Example 1. Demonstrates how to obtain the related state of the hardware

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's Tutorial (12) Improving the view model and sample data

Original address: Part-12-improving-the-view-model-and-sample-data Series Address:

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's Tutorial (vi) Setting the style of an application

Source CODE:HTTP://AKA.MS/ABSBEGINNERDEVWP8 PDF version: We've discussed the XAML basics, layouts, and events, so let's discuss some interesting topics in this lesson. We will give the application unique features

Windows Phone 7 Experience

After many days of waiting, I finally got a Windows Phone 7: Samsung Focus. It's been five years without a phone change. I finally have the processor frequency 1G, memory hundred M smartphone. The biggest shock is the 4-inch screen, 800*480

Different Windows Phone (9)

Push Notification (push notification) overview, pushing Toast notification Introduced Special push notification for Windows Phone 7.5 (SDK 7.1) Overview Push Toast Notification Example 1. Overview Summary.xaml ; Image source=

Windows Phone program startup and Android program startup principle Comparison

How is Windows Phone program started, and what is the difference between him and the Android program, we focus on the native code level to analyze When the Windows Phone program is started: Use the application definition in XAML to specify the

Windows Phone 8 adapts to multi-screen resolution

Windows Phone 8 compared to Windows Phone 7 There are many features and performance improvements such as support for multi-core cups, support SD card, a variety of resolutions, obviously WP7 WVGA-480X800 has not fully meet the needs of users, many

The difference between making, optimizing, and stretch four property values for a circular picture or avatar in Windows Phone 8.1

Before opening, meet the four different property values of stretch:Many of the apps now have avatars or other UI designs that are rounded and, of course, have a block-shaped metro style layout. In the Win10 phone preview version.The contact avatar

Windows Phone One, XAML base syntax

Namespace for XAMLnamespace Format : syntax structure is "xmlns:" + "namespace prefix name", default namespace does not need to define namespace prefix name "xmlns"Declaration of the namespaceX:class= "App1.mainpage"Xmlns=

Win8 and Windows Phone 8.1 resource bridge: Fileopenpicker

Since I had a blog about accessing the files on my phone's SD card, that was the path to the file that I knew, or the file that I knew was put there, soDirect access through code, of course, is OK. But in many cases we do not know where we want the

Different Windows Phone (51)-8.1 New controls: Datepickerflyout, Timepickerflyout

[SOURCE DOWNLOAD]Different Windows Phone (51)-8.1 New controls: Datepickerflyout, TimepickerflyoutWebabcdIntroducedDifferent from Windows Phone 8.1 's new controls Datepickerflyout-Date picker control Timepickerflyout-Time picker

WP8.1 Windows Phone 8.1 development: How to define pivot Head style, define pivot head color

Windows Phone 8.1, how do I customize the pivot head style? Use the pivot control to accomplish this effect. Looking for a long time online, only found the solution of Windows Phone 8. Finally a great God gave a recruit, I think I need to

Get the User-agent string for Windows Phone

This is a brief introduction of how to get Windows Phone user-agent string in WP development, more WP mobile development go to that WP tutorial Internet cafes. Http://wp.662p.comHow to usePublic partial class homeview:phoneapplicationpage{public

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