How to implement list-bottom loading in Windows Phone 8

Background Many times in the process of doing WP development will encounter data needs paging acquisition, according to Microsoft's official recommendation, proposed to achieve a similar experience in market, that is, sliding to the bottom of the

Windows Phone Development (11): Common Controls (bottom)

Most of the WP controls can be inherited from Silverlight, and I can only take part in the demo, and for other controls, refer to the SDK instructions and the Silverlight SDK documentation.One, RadioButton controls.This is a radio control, do not

WebClient usage for Windows Phone development

Note:For personal use, WebClient usage has many similarities with WebService access. The difference is that WebService requires a local web reference, but WebClient does not. In addition, WebClient is easier to change the accessed URL.For example,

Windows Phone development overview

Windows Phone technology introduction:Windws phone is a mobile phone platform operating system developed by Microsoft. It is another powerful operating system after the windows mobile operating system. The windows mobile operating system is mainly

Usage of usercontrol in Windows Phone development

Usercontrol usage:When developing a project, mainpanel usually loads many controls, but it is not only not beautiful but also very difficult to maintain when there are more controls. Userconrtol can not only customize controls, but also load a

XNa or Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 game

Since xNa and Silverlight are both supported on Windows Phone 7, a common question is which makes more sense for developing games. The definitive answer is "It depends" Both technologies have their benefits and it wocould be great if we could

Sending text messages for Windows Phone development (phonenumberchoosertask and smscomposetask)

Program example description:A small program that calls the wp sms api, as shown in the figure below:   The procedure is as follows: Using system; using system. collections. generic; using system. LINQ; using system. net; using system. windows;

Independent storage for Windows Phone development 2

Symptom:In actual application, when operating a program, a new task is suddenly inserted, and the current task is submitted to the background to execute the new program. For example, if a user is registering a website and entering form information,

List and foreach loops in Windows Phone development

The concept of a set is not mentioned, so it is easier to store objects and facilitate value transfer.Create a car class: class Car{public string color { get; set; } public string name { get; set; }}

Windows Phone development-XML parsing and SQL ce database experience

Outline:The content in this article is mainly about parsing local XML (similarly, the XML data parsing method on the Web end is the same), and then saving the parsed XML data to the SQL ce database.The SQL ce database is created in a program and

Two usage methods of independent storage for Windows Phone development

The usage of independent storage for Windows Phone development is summarized as follows:In the past, I had an incorrect understanding. Because small cases have been developed using simulators, data stored independently after the simulators are

Introduction to GPS and Web Service in Windows Phone development

Note:One button, button1, corresponds to a button1_click event, and a textblock, used to display the content. Click this button to get the current GPS coordinate and get the description of the current location based on the coordinate. This

Windows Phone development controls: grid, Textbox, textblock, radiobutton, checkbox, and ListBox

The Code is as follows: The Code is as follows: Background operations of the preceding controls: if (checkBox1.IsChecked==true) { MessageBox.Show("this.checkBox1.IsChecked"); } if

Update the UI using a delegate in a Windows Phone development thread

References: Http:// Instance description:In Windows Phone development, the use of threads is somewhat different from others, and the use of threads is combined with delegation.In mainpage, there

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