Windows Phone 7 the database encryption mode is invalid.

Today, a Windows Phone 7 dictionary is cracked. Anti-obfuscation, string encryption is eliminated When Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 Management studio are used to open the database, the following message is displayed: The database

Small differences in Windows Phone image Conversion

Two methods are used to convert the image returned after the system camera is called to a writeablebitmap object, Method 1: Writeablebitmap bitmap = picturedecoder. decodejpeg (E. chosenphoto ); Method 2: Bitmapimage bitmap = new bitmapimage ()

The animation transition effect when the ListBox list item is deleted by Windows Phone.

When the ListBox contains multiple pieces of data, assume that when the second row is deleted, the third and fourth columns will suddenly appear on the second and third positions, with no expected transitional effect in the middle. now we can add

Network Access Priority on Windows Phone 7

For a heavy network dependent person, whether it is IOS 4, Android, or Windows Phone 7, I believe that the traffic fee in the monthly phone bill will be indispensable. If you use network resources unreasonably, once the traffic exceeds the limit of

Windows Phone hyper-connection

Method 1: Login . Method 2: /> You must set the targetname attribute. Otherwise, the browser cannot be opened.

Windows Phone is coming ~

More and more people find themselves deeply engaged in mobile terminal development. They have already personally participated in the development of actual products on iOS and Android platforms, however, I also have many experiences on mobile

Use of the Windows Phone collectionviewsource class

The collectionviewsource class can generate views for data sources based on specified conditions, and can specify sorting, filtering, and even grouping. you can understand the relationship between the view and Data Source generated by it as the

Use Windows Phone fluidmovebehavior

You can useFluidmovebehaviorBehavior to dynamically display the change of element position. However, if you useFluidmovebehaviorYou can only dynamically display the transition from a specific position to a new position. By

Use the igrouping interface for Windows Phone longlistselector

Longlistselector is special. It requires that the data source at least implement the ienumerable interface, and then each element in it must implement the ienumerable interface. Considering that you need to provide the group title, it would be

Use of Silverlight toolkit in Windows Phone

First, download a Silverlight toolkit installation package ,: Http:// After the installation, when you try addreference, the Microsoft. Phone. Controls. toolkit still does not appear. Another step is to put the newly

Windows Phone (23) scrollviewer Element

 The scrollviewer class indicates a scroll area that can contain other visible elements. Generally, it is used as an extension when the screen width and height are insufficient. It is called a scroll bar in reference books, by default, the vertical

Windows Phone (24) Canvas Element

  CanvasThe element indicates that a region can be customized, and the position of the child element can be defined through relative coordinates. In this case, the canvas is invisible.   The height attribute is equal to 0. The width attribute is

Windows Phone (25) Canvas Element B

Zindex This is also an additional attribute that indicates the display sequence of child elements in the children set of the canvas. By default, the elements in the canvas are the child elements that follow the canvas to overwrite the child elements,

Make a simple Windows Phone 7 game with cocos2d-x: rotating turret (2)

This tutorial is based on the Child Dragon Mountain Man translation cocos2d iPhone tutorial, rewrite with cocos2d-x for xNa engine, plus some of my processing and production. In the tutorial, most of the text images are from the original author and

Make a simple Windows Phone 7 game with cocos2d-x: more monsters and more levels (3)

This tutorial is based on the Child Dragon Mountain Man translation cocos2d iPhone tutorial, rewrite with cocos2d-x for xNa engine, plus some of my processing and production. In the tutorial, most of the text images are from the original author and

New Windows Phone app Studio

In fact, I have always wanted to develop applications for the Windows Phone 8 platform, but it is easy to start Windows Phone 8 development. WindowsThe development of phone 8 actually requires computer hardware. First, install Windows 8. Then, your

IMG notes for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7

During WP7 program development, a large number of images are used on the UI. You may think that using image is a simple task. You don't need to use a blog article to describe it: Just set the source attribute of a URI to the image? However, there

Windows Phone unit test

After WP8, Microsoft launched its own testing framework, called Windows Phone toolkit test framework. This testing framework is supported by both WP7 and WP8. Today, we will introduce how to install and use this testing framework. 1. We recommend

Windows Phone window switch animation.

1. namespace xmlns:toolkit="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Phone.Controls;assembly=Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit" 2. Add the following code under the phoneapplicationpage root node: 3. initialize rootframe as transitionframe in

Phonegap source code analysis (2) -- Windows Phone

Next, we will study the implementation of phonegap on other platforms. Let's take a look at Windows Phone (WP) today ). It is relatively simple to connect JS and OS on WP, because the built-in webbrowser provides a better interaction mechanism with

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