Windows Phone platform development technology Overview

Currently, mobile Internet has developed rapidly since the popularization of traditional Internet technologies. Nowadays, most software is directly or indirectly dependent on the Internet. These software are essentially server-client structures. The

Make a simple windows phone 7 game with cocos2d-x: tombstone mechanism and final work)

After the tutorials in the previous three sections, we already have a good game. However, we have not found any problems. For example, if the background music is back to the menu, the background music is still playing. This experience is unfriendly

Windows Phone 7 developer wizard released

Last weekend, Microsoft's pattern and practice team released the final version of the Windows Phone 7 developer guide on MSDN. The Microsoft team established an open community on CodePlex to collaborate in writing this wizard. Based on this model,

Windows Phone 7 Development Technology video tutorial Overview

Windows Phone 7 Development Technology video tutorial Overview This article will introduce you to some technical videos on Windows Phone 7. I have carefully collected some series of video tutorials, which are more continuous and organized than a

Windows Phone 7 Series Developer General

Microsoft recently listed some answers to common questions about Windows Phone 7 Series development on the official forum of Windows Phone 7 Series. Some questions we have never been clear about before (such as multitasking, sandbox, network and so

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development-movie searcher

Last week, I had a hard time idle for a few days and made Windows Phone 7 Develop RTM. I feel that Microsoft is still very careful with WP7. Using the Douban API to get a simple movie searcher, I feel good. I will share my experience with you. The

Build a Windows Phone development environment

I had nothing to do at home last night. I went to the Microsoft official website and looked at Windows Azure and Windows Phone. I just installed VS2010 on my computer a few days ago. Windows Phone SDK 7.1. After a try-on, everything went smoothly.

Introduction to Windows Phone Marketplace

Document directory   Step 2: Software submission process     Author: Ma Ning Windows Phone 7 is very popular recently, and Windows Phone 7's Marketplace is also very popular. Developers want to seize the commanding heights when the number of

Wp7, Windows Phone Marketplace release strategy

In order to facilitate viewing the release of software to Marketplace, record reprinted maning blog Windows Phone Marketplace release strategy reprinted address: Login = 1 According to

Use fiddler to capture packets for windows phone Simulators

1. Download and install fiddlerHttp:// Configure fidderStep 1:Open tools> fidder options> Connections tab.Select allow remote computersStep 2:Find tools> fidder options> https tab. We hope that fidder can

Evolution of Windows Phone memory management [E800]

[E800 compilation]In this article, I will elaborate from a macro perspective, so that you can understand the reasons behind the use of guidance, andWindows PhoneMemory ManagementMethod evolution ensures that the application can be used normally. See

APIS not supported by the background proxy of Windows Phone

Applicable to: Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone OS 7.1 A group of Apis cannot be used in code executed by scheduled tasks. This includes implementing the Code contained in the ScheduledTaskAgent class in the form of code in any library called by

[Windows Phone] specifies the background color (Dark/Light) in the application)

Preface:After N years of development work, I found that I had not accumulated anything. If I encountered any problems, I went to goole and baidu. Er, it seems that there are many 360so projects. What are the results? Use it after check, and "throw"

Windows phone (19) learn more about TextBlock

 TextBlock It is generally used to display Text elements. We usually use the Text attribute of this class. In fact, there are two ways to display Text. One is to set the internal Text, the other is to create a new Run object and LineBreak object in

Windows Phone 7 Tombstoning with MVVM and Sterling

Sterling makes tombstoning very easy because it handles serialization of just about any type of object. to show an example, we'll start with the concept of a view model that holds a set of categories (that a packet is bound) and a set of items that

Recording and playing via microphone in windows phone 7

// Simulate the XNA framework (any application of xna in wp7 must first simulate this type) public class XNAAsyncDispatcher : IApplicationService { private DispatcherTimer frameworkDispatcherTimer; public

Locate windows phone 7 (obtain latitude and longitude) and find the latitude and longitude location (city information)

    I used the project a few days ago and posted the code to you. /// /// obtain the longitude and latitude of the current position /// /// public static double [] GetLocationProperty () {double [] latLong = new double [2]; GeoCoordinateWatcher

Windows phone 7 submits a URL through Post to the server and obtains data from the server (for example, used during login)

HttpWebRequest myRequest = (HttpWebRequest) WebRequest. create (UrlManager. login (); myRequest. method = "POST"; myRequest. contentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"; myRequest. beginGetRequestStream (new AsyncCallback

For windows phone 7 and sliverlight, download the webpage and parse the wp7 gb2312 encoding.

Silverlight and wp7 (windows phone 7) do not support gb2312 decoding by default, Therefore, most of the Html downloaded from the internet is garbled. Example: The following shows a wp7 program.

Parse Html data in wIndows phone 7

In my previous article, I introduced gb2312 Decoding for windows phone 7, Http:// This article describes how to parse Html data in windows phone 7 to obtain the desired data. Here, I will first

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