Default theme color for Windows Phone 7

We found from the Internet that the current Windows Phone 7 system provides 10 color themes by default, which is the default topic color RGB, hexadecimal color value query. Accent color RGB HEX Example Blue 27

Comparison Between APPLE (IOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Phone)

Comparison Between APPLE (IOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Phone) Apple (IOS) Advantages:Apple is undoubtedly the leader and overlord of smartphones and tablets. Its unique advantages include:1. Highly artistic UI design2. What's more

Windows Phone 7 database, table null reference Problem

In datacontext, a table is added,CodeAs follows: /// /// Data access context /// Public Class Sysdatacontext: datacontext{ Public Static String Dbconnectionstring =" Data Source = isostore:/sys. SDF; Case Sensitive =

In a Windows Phone database, the image type is used to store images.

binary files such as images and sounds are stored in the database. It is best to use the image type. The maximum value of varbinary is 8 KB, and there is no limit on the image itself, example Code : private byte [] _ image; [column (dbtype =

Windows Phone network connection Policy

Preface In the meager content, "someone" (I remember who it was, ^ _ ^) asked Windows Phone whether to continue to connect to wifi under the screen lock, which caused a lot of WP micro-controller discussions, in fact, I didn't care about this

Windows Mobile cannot be debugged after Windows Phone connection

Problem If I link Windows Phone to a PC through Zune software, and then connect to Windows Mobile. If you want to use Visual Studio to debug Windows Mobile, the following error message is displayed.   5> all attempts to connect to the

Code for horizontal scrolling of Windows Phone ListBox

ListBox X: Name = "Imagelistbox" Scrollviewer. horizontalscrollbarvisibility = "Visible" > ListBox. itemspanel > Itemspaneltemplate > Stackpanel Orientation = "Horizontal" > Stackpanel > Itemspaneltemplate > ListBox.

[Windows phone 7] view installed program GUID

First, we will introduce wp7RootToolsSDK, which is quite powerful and suitable for studying wp7 advanced functions. It supports File and Register operations, which is easier and more convenient than the previous COM calls. Function: view the guid of

Windows Phone-Precautions for using the Sterling Database 』

Sterling database is a NoSQL object-oriented database product. It can be used not only for Silverlight for Desktop, but also for Windows Phone. I recently selected Sterling as the database for a Windows Phone project, mainly because of two reasons: 1

How to create and use a TCP socket client application for Windows Phone [msdn]

1. Connect to the TCP socket server Use the System. Net. Sockets API to create a socket and connect to the server. For clarity, the call to the System. Net. Sockets API is encapsulated in the SocketClient class. Define the header (use _ socket

Playing ringtones for Windows Phone 7

In the Silverlight 4 and WP7 programs, you need to use the XNA interface to play the bell sound in the background, instead of relying on a certain xaml page. Add a reference to Microsoft. Xna. Framework. dll in the project. After adding a reference,

Windows Phone Performance Analysis Tool

In the VS2010 toolbar, you can "debug"-"Start Windows Phone Performance Analysis" to enable system Performance Analysis. The Performance Analysis tool allows you to measure and analyze the Performance of your applications. This tool allows you to

Confirmation dialog box for exit in Windows Phone 7

In the development of the Windows Phone 7 program, there is no way to exit the program. You can only use the back button on the mobile Phone. If you want to click the back button on the page to exit, a dialog box will pop up to confirm with the

Add an index to the Windows Phone 7 SqlCE Database

Wp7 can use SqlCE as a local database, so how to create a database index. When a table is created and a primary key is specified, the database is set to an index by default. How can I manually set a column as an index? After querying MSDN, we found

Set the DatePicker and TimePicker toolbar icons of ToolKit in windows Phone 7.

I recently wrote a small application and used DatePicker and TimePicker. However, I found that two icons were missing in the opened page, for example: They are the "finish" and "cancel" buttons. The icons of these two buttons have the default

[Z] Silverlight for Windows Phone development series video

Document directory Course Introduction Course features Benefits of learning Course Section Introduction Download Course Course list   Course Introduction This series of courses covers all aspects of Silverlight for Windows Phone

Windows Phone database and Silverlight local file operations

Preface Recently, after debugging C # Sqlite for Windows Phone 7, I learned about the local file operations of Silverlight and recorded my ideas.  Isolated Storage (independent Storage space) Isolated Storage is a separate virtual Storage space

Image Tips for Windows Phone 7

During WP7 program development, a large number of images are used on the UI. You may think that using Image is a very simple task. You don't need to describe the length of a blog: Just set the Source attribute of a Uri for the Image? However, there

How to bind an animation with custom dependency properties of windows 8 metro & windows phone

If you use custom dependency attributes to bind an animation during animation, the overall architecture of our software will be greatly improved to achieve separation of animation and page logic. We can easily achieve this effect on wp7. Suppose we

Windows phone 7 Study Tour 1

Recently, I attended the introduction to PHONE 7, so I started to get familiar with PHONE7 and learn about it. I made some small things for myself to learn and practice, technology improvements, though all in MS. NET products are fully developed

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