Windows Phone 7 Development Environment initial experience

Today, I downloaded the development environment for Windows Phone 7 and shared it with you. I downloaded an ISO file, which is: Linkid = 201927 Let's talk about the configuration of my machine first. Windows 7 has

I really want to have a Windows Phone

I have been using Nokia since I started using mobile phones, and even the Dutch giants are no longer as brilliant as they were before. But I still cannot give up on his liking. I still have a deep reverence for this mythical enterprise. I also

Common Control inheritance relationships in Windows Phone (os7.1)

All the control classes in Silverlight are subclasses of frameworkelement.The inheritance relationships of common controls in Windows Phone (os7.1) are as follows: Object → dependencyobject → uielement → frameworkelement Frameworkelement →

Windows Phone 7 Development you must know

You must be aware of Windows Phone 7 development, including hosting code, development models, application architecture, selection of development tools, engineering types, and the nature of the system.   Hosting code is your only choice For common

Four triangles for 3D development in Windows Phone

In the previous section, we have a three-dimensional space. In this section, we will get to know the most basic 3D elements-triangles.   Triangles play an important role in 3D development. It is the smallest element of a 3D model. No matter how

5-shift scaling for 3D development in Windows Phone

In the previous section, we have the first 3D object. In this section, we first let it have the most basic movement of translation and scaling.   Looking back at our basiceffect, there is a world attribute used to determine the object coordinate

Six rotations for 3D development in Windows Phone

In the previous section, we made the object have the most basic movement of translation and scaling. Now let's look at the rotation of one of the three major movements.   As in the previous section, to rotate an object, you only need to multiply it

Seven textures for 3D development in Windows Phone

After learning the previous sections, we have made the object have three major motion capabilities: translation, scaling, and rotation. Through combined use, we can form a complex object motion model. Next, we will add some colors to the object and

3D development in Windows Phone: Sunday

Using the transformation matrix of the control ship, it is now at our mercy in the sky, but I always feel that there is something wrong with it, and the authenticity is not enough. What is missing? Through careful observation, we can see that no

8-light 3D development in Windows Phone

In real life, in addition to color, the most important thing is light. With light, we can see light and shade, coloring, and highlights. After the texture of the previous section, this section adds the illumination effect to the scenario. In xNa,

9 models of 3D development in Windows Phone

In the previous article, we initially learned the basic knowledge of implementing 3D scenes under the xNa framework of Windows Phone 7, and were able to transform objects in 3D spaces, texture maps and lighting are added to show the more real world.

Ten components for 3D development in Windows Phone

In the previous article, we have implemented loading complex 3D models and controlling them in space. Usually in a game program, there are many such 3D models, if every one is drawn in the scene, the draw () method will be very complicated, and it

3D development in Windows Phone on November 11

The ship cannot leave the sky. Although we have already built the ship and tested it successfully in the previous section, we still haven't given the ship a larger background to soar. In one scenario, only the subject is not enough, and rendering of

12th flight of 3D development in Windows Phone

After completing the two elements of the spacecraft and the sky, what we need to do now is to combine them so that the spacecraft can fly freely in the sky. Now we are faced with the following two problems: first, the positional relationship in the

Third Space for 3D development in Windows Phone

After the first two sections of study, we have already met the conditions for creating 3D space. I believe many people are eager to try it. Next, let's start our 3D development journey in Windows Phone.   Open Visual Studio 2010 (what? No

One Coordinate System for 3D development in Windows Phone

In Windows Phone, xNa provides a game framework for developers, which greatly improves the efficiency of game development. While enjoying the convenience of using xNa for 2D development, 3D development can also be easily implemented. I would like to

3D Development 2 camera in Windows Phone

In the previous section, we learned about the coordinate system, the most basic concept in the 3D world, and used the vector3 type in xNa for representation. However, because of the introduction of depth information, to correctly project objects in

Solve the problem encountered when installing Windows Phone Developer Tools Setup cannot be run in program compatibility mode

Install {_ Gaq. Push (['_ trackevent', 'outbound-article', 'developer']);} "Href =" "target =" _ blank "> when Developer Tools for Windows Phone 7 enters the

[Open Source] The first Windows Phone 7 Application

I have never had the idea of doing mobile development. It was a bit of a "whim" that was being "teased" by a csdn mobile conference for a short time "! Just in time for Windows Phone 7 to go public, just try it.   At present, it is difficult to

[Update] Windows Phone implements a pull-down refresh effect similar to "Weibo"

There are still a lot of bugs in the above text, and the implementation is muddy. Recently we have a good look at the scrollview api. below is the refined code, which is much less and accurate. You only need to write the following code in the

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