Windows Phone camera and Image Retrieval (3)

To use a camera, you must reference the following namespace: Using Microsoft. Phone. tasks; In this case, we also use the bitmapimage class, so we need to reference the namespace Using System. Windows. Media. imaging; As follows:   The

Use of inputscope for Windows Phone development

Just as Javascript restrictions in web development, some texts only allow entering numbers, and some allow only entering email addresses. inputscope is used to facilitate the input of specific data content. Namevalue can be emailnameoraddress, chat,

Use of listpicker in Windows Phone development

Listpicker is a control that is not found in the WP Toolkit by default. You need to download and reference the Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit. The latest installationProgramIt can be downloaded from the Internet. After the toolkit is

Elements and attributes in Windows Phone XAML files (10)

Textblock XAML files and hidden files In the design field, we can design in XAML. This design is WYSIWYG and very convenient. Because all the elements used in XAML are actually class files, for example, in the textblock class, all the features

Windows Phone accelerator (5)

There is an accelerator in Windows Phone. We can use the accelerator to get the user's mobile phone status and adjust our programs based on the mobile phone status, which will be more user-friendly; the Windows Phone accelerator uses three-axis

Windows Phone page navigation (6)

In the example of page navigation, we use two pages, from the first page (mainpage) to the second page (secondpage), and then we can navigate from the second page to the first page, OS 7.1 used; The page navigation does not introduce the new

Windows Phone browser (1)

The Windows Phone browser mainly uses the phone: webbrowser control, which is the IE in Windows Phone. Add the following code to the grid control nested in the grid control: 1 2 3 4 5         The related effects are displayed:   And the

Windows Phone to get pictures in the mobile phone Image Library (4)

Prerequisites: the mobile phone and computer are not connected or the Zune software on the computer is disabled (the image library cannot be accessed when connected to the Zune software). Version 7.1 You can use the photchoosertask method and xNa

Windows Phone page value (7)

In Windows Phone, Microsoft provides a solution for passing parameters between pages. The following describes how to use this solution. In the case of passing values on pages, we create two pages, one is mainpage and the other is secondpage. The

Windows Phone understand the lineargradientbrush class and radialgradienbrush class (11)

  We understand the design that can be completed in XAML. Generally, it can be completed by code in hidden files. The case in this section is different ways to achieve the same design effect; for example, the code in the hidden file is as

Three data sharing methods for Windows Phone (8)

This section describes how to implement data sharing. First, two pages are created. When the mainpage is navigated to the secondpage through the event, we need to pass some content in the mainpage (such as a string) to the secondpage, And the

Windows Phone (12) Try to customize the style

Styles are often used in BS development. In WP, the system also provides a solution, that is, to share the resources of the Set styles. The first is to share the resource location, it is in the app class. We have already introduced how to set public

Windows Phone (16) UI Transformation

  The four transform classes mentioned in the previous article are relatively simple. Here we will talk about the four transform classes:   Matrixtransfrom matrix transformation, a transformation represented by a standard matrix Transformgroup

Windows Phone (14) a brief introduction to ellipse and rectangle Elements

The system. Windows. shapes namespace contains ellipse and rectangle; Ellipse class It indicates that an elliptic is drawn and derived from the shapes namespace. For example: > The fill attribute of the code above indicates the fill color, the

Windows Phone (17) manipulationdelta event

The manipulationdelta event is triggered when the touch position changes. For example, you can change the image position based on the position where the user moves on the touch screen, to zoom in and out the image. The use case here is Effect:

Windows Phone (15) UI Transformation

In WP, any object inherited from uielement can be transformed by an application. Of course, it contains textblock, rectangle, and other elements. The following uses textblock to demonstrate the case, here we will introduce the transformations in 7

Windows Phone (18) border element

The border class analyzes the border, background, and the two of an object at the same time] XAML file: In the above Code, borderbrush indicates the border color. It is of the brush type, so you can set a gradient Paint Brush.

Windows Phone (20) iamge Elements

Previously, we mentioned that WP currently supports PNG and JPEG image formats. We can set the source attribute to set the image source. Here we will talk about some attributes of the iamge element, which is stretch, opacity [Author: Shenzhou

Background and clip of the Windows Phone (21) grid Element

  Grid is the only panel class that can customize cells internally. We can customize cells in the grid and then use grid. row and grid. column is used to locate the position where the grid contains elements. It has powerful functions and is used in

Windows Phone (22) Hide Elements

We will also use hiding an element in WP to achieve a certain effect. I have just read the article and will share it with you [Author: shenzhenlong] Visibility This attribute can easily hide an element. However, the visibility attribute is not of

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