WP7-3: The first Windows Phone application

As the 2nd course of hands on lab, this course is designed to be very classic. He developed a puzzle game that we are very familiar, to show you the simple game development process of phone7. The whole exercise is very smooth, except for the logic

Windows Phone development environment configuration experience

Although Windows Phone has been released for a long time, I have never tried to configure the development environment. The configuration process has been recorded in the past two days, for more information, see :)   Hardware configuration System:

Animation jump on two Windows Phone 7 pages

Follow these steps to create an animated transition between two pages: ① Intercept any operations that indicate that the user is leaving the current page ② Start an animated storyboard to hide the current page ③ Navigate to the next page ④

Windows Phone click to exit the current application

You may notice that in the Silverlight for Windows Phone program, there are no functions similar to "App. Exit ()" to let you Exit the program. What's the problem? In Windows Phone 7, the system requires a hardware "Back" key, which is used to

Windows Phone load BingMaps Chinese map

I believe many people have used the BM Control During WP7 development. But as a Chinese, looking at the map in English only, I still feel awkward. So I searched the method on the Internet and implemented it myself. Now I will share it with

Windows Phone SearchTask

SearchTask is a very important task in many Windows Phone tasks. It mainly executes search tasks and internally calls services related to Bing search engine. SearchTask is simple and easy to use, the following is a class diagram of

Windows Phone-based EmailAddressChooserTask

This article is mainly used to record how to use EmailAddressChooserTask. This class is mainly used to select the Contract information that has been stored on the Windows Phone System, such as name and Email. The class diagram is as follows: The

Get contacts on Windows Phone

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 provides an API for obtaining contact list information. Although it is read-only, it is quite good than SDK 7.0. The related APIs for obtaining Contact information are located in the Microsoft. Phone. UserData space. Two main

Windows Phone device information

During the development of Windows Phone, we need to obtain some information about the mobile Phone. The following lists how to obtain some common information about the mobile Phone. I. device screen informationDouble width = Application. Current.

Add contacts on Windows Phone

We have previously introduced how to obtain contact information by using APIs provided by Windows Phone SDK 7.1. However, there is no direct API for adding contacts. We can only use the selector (Choosers) to add contact information.SaveContactTask

IsolatedStorageSettings for Windows Phone independent storage

Isolated Storage [independent Storage] can store your data locally in two ways. The first is through the key/value pair in the database, called IsolatedStorageSettings. The second is to create a real file and directory called

IsolatedStorageFile for Windows Phone independent storage

IsolatedStorageFile indicates an independent storage zone that contains files and directories. IsolatedStorageFile allows you to create real files and directories on your devices. This class abstracts virtual file systems that are stored

Windows Phone recording audio

The Microphone access class provided by Windows Phone is Microsoft. Xna. Framework. Audio. Microphone, which belongs to the XNA Framework. This class is also required to access the Windows Phone Microphone in Silverlight. Therefore, you must add a

SoundEffect for playing audio on Windows Phone

This section describes how to record audio on Windows Phone and how to save audio on Windows Phone. The recorded audio is saved in WAV format. There are many ways to play audio in Windows Phone. The following describes a playback method specifically

Windows Phone Resolution Image Format

In Windows Phone, the Image control is used to display images. However, the Image control currently only supports two formats: Png and Jpg. We usually use two types of images: Gif and Bmp, which cannot be displayed through Image. You need to use

MediaPlayer for playing audio on Windows Phone

We have introduced SoundEffect for playing audio on Windows Phone. However, this method can only play audio in WAV format. The following describes a lightweight, easy-to-use method that supports multiple formats and can be loaded directly from the

Png of Windows Phone resolution image size

We have previously introduced the Image Parsing format for Windows Phone. By parsing the image format, we can use related controls to display the image format. In Windows Phone development, whether it is the system Image control or the Image control

Windows Phone resolution image size gif

We have introduced the size resolution of PNG and jpg images. Windows Phone directly supports the display of these two images and uses the Image control. GIF images need to be displayed using third-party controls. ImageTools is provided by CodePlex

Windows Phone resolution image size-BMP Windows Phone resolution image size-gif

The section above describes how to parse gif images in Windows Phone, and how to parse jpg and png images. The image formats supported by Windows Phone are jpg and png. Therefore, the bmp image is similar to that displayed in GIF images. A

Jpg of Windows Phone resolution image size

The previous article introduced how to parse the size of JPG images by using Windows Phone. This article describes how to parse the size of JPG images because the format of JPG images is much more complex than that of png images, therefore, first,

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