Windows Phone click the button to exit the current application (solution)

Address:   In the blog Park, I saw how many people wrote about how to exit the Windows Phone application. In fact, Windows Phone'sProgramYou do not need to exit. However, some

Windows Phone 7 Study Notes (1)

1. Obtain the screen range: Method 1: Frameworkelement element = application. Current. rootvisual as frameworkelement; If (element = NULL) { Return; } Double width = element. actualwidth; Double Height = element. actualheight; Or

Windows Phone 7 Study Notes 2: Device Orientation

WP7 supports sensing the direction of the device when the device is moved horizontally. When creating a project, direction sensing is not supported by default and needs to be set:   In this way, orientation sensing is supported. We can

Windows Phone 7 development tools

My friends who develop Windows Phone 7 are blessed. I will release all the windowsphone 7 development tool resources at a time.   Development tools, development WP is required   Http:// MoD = Forumdisplay & FID = 73

Blog of Windows Phone application

Address:     I have been using Google Reader to subscribe to the news in the blog park, but I have been unable to spend too much time reading the latest IT information on Google Reader.

Introduction to Windows Phone SDK 8.0

Original B /visualstudio_cn/archive/2012/11/05/windows-phone-sdk-8-0.aspx [Original article address]Introducing Windows Phone sdks 8.0 [Original article posting time] 30 Oct 2012 AM We are honored to announce that we are//

Windows Phone network HttpWebRequest usage

In Windows Phone, you can easily send network requests and obtain network data through the HttpWebRequest class. HttpWebRequest is an asynchronous operation that does not block the main thread.1. You can create an HttpWebRequest using the

Windows Phone resource file

Some resource files are preset in the project more or less during application development. With development tools, we can add resource files to projects for use in programs.I. BuildAction1. There are three common statuses of BuildAction attributes:

Windows Phone resource file

Original article address: Http://     Some resource files are preset in the project more or less during application development. With development tools, we can add resource files to projects

Self-taught Windows Phone 7 essay Task

The previous was the unveiling of self-learning Windows Phone 7, creating the first application Windows Phone 7 has a relatively high security of Self-powered mobile phones. Unlike

Self-taught Windows Phone 7

Mobile development is a trend. As a programmer, I should keep learning. Now I start to learn mobile development on Windows Phone 7. If you don't talk about anything else, start directly: 1. My development environment:

Windows Phone Chinese development resource concentration camp

1. The largest and most active windowsphone7 Developer Forum halogen network in China 2. Microsoft one-stop Chinese development community: Including the latest event information

Create a Windows Phone 7 puzzle game with source code

Introduction Now we use Windows Phone 7 to create a puzzle game that uses the Silverlight and XNA framework audio API features.   Getting started   Install WP7 tools Install vs 2010 The installer automatically downloads and installs the required

When the Windows Phone 7 Input Method is raised, the page is not pushed

In many pages, a text box is displayed at the bottom of the page. When the user focuses the input box, in wp7, the page is pushed to the top of the screen by default, of course, many interactions often think that this is not good enough. They often

Introduction to Windows Phone 7-Navigation Framework principles

If you know something about Silverlight or WPF development when learning about Windows Phone 7 development, I believe the Navigation Framework must be yours. . Therefore, when I was learning Windows Phone 7 Application Development, I felt that it

Differences between Windows Phone 7-WebClient and HttpWebRequest

This article will first introduce the use of HttpWebRequest and the differences between the two categories and the impact on WP7. Before discussing WebClient and HttpWebRequest, you must first understand a very important category: WebRequest

Windows Phone-Tilt effect on HubTile and other Controls

In this article I will talk about creating tilt effect in different control in Windows Phone. implementing tilt effect on controls are easy but few controls like Hubtile, textblock don't create tilt effect itself. we need to little bit work around

Windows phone 7 image styles

Cropping style: Phone7OfImage style effect "alt =" WindowsPhone7OfImage style effects "src =" "real_src =" "action-data =" http % 3A % 2F %

Windows Phone 7 Development: a collection of essential tools

We need to stand on the shoulders of giantsDevelopmentApplication. Tools+ Giant + capability = beautiful applications Humans are animals that have invented and used tools. Good tools will greatly improve the work efficiency for developing Windows

Upgrade of Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit

After PDC 10, many developers moved their eyes to the mobile application development platform. Windows Phone 7 is one of the mobile application platforms and the latest mobile platform operating system launched by Microsoft. As the core development

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