Windows Phone development (28): isolated storage B

In the previous section, we talked about directory operations. This section continues to show you how to read and write files. First of all, let's talk about the problem. Many of my friends may be confused. In fact, this learning attitude is very

Windows Phone development (15): Resources

Living print is one of China's "Four Great Inventions", Bi yi after the invention of the living print, he soon found a problem, with the printing materials continue to increase, the number of Chinese characters to be used more and more, therefore,

Windows Phone development (14): Data Template

Data templates. If you only hear this term, you will be confused. Why? What is it? Don't worry, kiss. Today, let's explore it together.To put it bluntly, data templates are used to standardize the display mode of data. For templates, it is estimated

Windows Phone development (20): When mediaelement and videobrush work together

As mentioned above, all the controls are static and dumb. Are you interested in studying these controls? If yes, please come with me.     Mediaelement.   First, I would like to introduce mediaelement. Why? Because it is simple and true, you

Windows Phone development (18): transformers Season 9 -- change

Transformation is not an easy-to-understand concept. It involves a lot of knowledge about algebra, ry, and linear algebra. Why? Scared by my words? Don't worry, though we may not be able to understand these concepts, as long as we know how to use

Windows Phone development (21): A simple drawing board

In fact, what we want to talk about today is a control-inkpresenter. This control is not very powerful and cannot be compared with inkcanvas in WPF. It is estimated that it is rarely used in actual development. However, let's take a look at it.

Windows Phone development (19): 3D fluoroscopy Effect

A three-dimensional effect can also be called a perspective effect. Therefore, I simply call it a three-dimensional perspective effect. I have less theoretical knowledge. Let's open the example directly. Because the three-dimensional effect is

Windows Phone development (23): cameracapturetask and photochoosertask

Both components belong to the selector, and they have many similarities. The most obvious one is that they are used to select images.    1. cameracapturetask selector.   It is used to start the camera. When you take a photo, the byte stream of the

Windows Phone development (22): starter and selector-bingmapsdirectionstask

Starting from today's development, we have started a new journey. We need to familiarize ourselves with the starters and selectors in the next course. In fact, they are the same and there is no fundamental difference between them, the starter has

Windows Phone Development (16): style and control templates

Style is also mentioned in the previous article on resources. style is like the CSS style table that we often use for HTML page formatting. It is a visual element for a specific style, it can be said that it is a reusable Property setting list for

Windows Phone development (17): URI ing

I have discussed the knowledge of navigation, controls, resources, styles, templates, and I believe that you should have a very intuitive understanding of the content of the UI. So what do we talk about today? I wonder if you find a problem during

Windows Phone development (13): how to regulate user input Behavior

Many times, we impose certain restrictions on user operations or input to avoid unnecessary exceptions or errors. Therefore, for some special types, it is necessary to restrict input. By changing the display mode of the screen keyboard, You can

Windows Phone development (31): Image painter

What is painter? Actually, the painter is used for graffiti. Actually, I did not lie to you. As for whether you believe it or not, I believe it.This article describes several typical painter models to help you understand that the painter is used for

Windows Phone development (32): pathgeometry in the path

Speaking of path, it actually refers to the path class, which is hidden in the namespace system. windows. in shapes, it should be easy to find. It has a very important attribute data. You may wish to capture it in "Object Browser" to see if this

Windows Phone development (25): webbrowsertask of the initiator and Selector

As you can see from the name, this guy just opens the browser and browses the specified page.   It has two identical attributes: The URI attribute is of the system. Uri type, which is a newly written attribute; The URL is of the string type, but if

Windows Phone development (24): sending text messages between the initiator and Selector

In this section, we use a simple text message sending example to demonstrate how to use the phonenumberchoosertask and smscomposetask classes together. Phonenumberchoosertask is a selector used to select the phone number from your phone book for

Windows Phone development (26): mediaplayerlauncher and searchtask for starters and selectors

What's simple about starters and selectors is that they use almost exactly the same method. From the previous sections, I believe everyone knows how to use them.Here, let's take a few actions. The steps for using the starter and Selector are as

Windows Phone development (30): Graphics

Images, such as rectangles, rectangles, and paths, are derived from the shape class. They generally represent regular or irregular images. These images are simple two-dimensional images and I believe everyone can understand them.Example 1: rectangle.

Windows Phone development (27): isolated storage

I have translated many documents or books into "independent storage". However, I thought about it and decided to translate isolatedstorage into "isolated storage ", I think this will make it easier for you to understand this concept.According to the

Summary on the second day of four-day video development for Windows Phone

(1) Processing strings   (2) Use datetime   (3) Understanding and creating classes This section describes how to create a class, how to instantiate a class, and how to call the class members. This part is completely in C. This part of content has

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