Learning Windows Phone 7 development together (8. bingmap Control)

For maps, many people know goolemap. In fact, Microsoft also has its own map API, and it is no worse than Google. For Microsoft bingmap, multiple versions are available currently (Bing Maps Ajax Control,Bing Maps Silverlight Control,Bing Maps Web

Learn Windows Phone 7 development together (2. jump between pages and pass values)

Windows phone7 allows you to create multiple pages, but not like Windows MobileProgramIn the same way, the window may be closed or minimized, but it is achieved through the jump method. However, the redirection method is different from the

Chinese garbled characters in Windows Phone 7 webbrowser

You can directly request the webpage through webbrowser. The webpage is displayed normally. You can obtain the string and then use navigatetostring () to display garbled characters. Convert Chinese to unicode encoding: Public static string

Windows Phone application blog reader

Today's Christmas Eve, tomorrow's Christmas, dinner, singing, all night play, all kinds of joy to come! Send a small application to the windowsphone host. I recently learned how to develop a windowsphone application.ProgramThe first trainer

How to prepare for Windows Phone 7 Certification Examination 70-

The Windows Phone 7 test will be available starting from January 1, July 14. Peter has published the Windows Phone 7 certification exam on the library Silverlight show. The official authentication for phone7 skills is divided into the following

Caliburn micro for Windows Phone 7

Caliburn micro (caliburnmicro.codeplex.com) is a compact but powerful Caliburn (caliburn.codeplex.com) Framework implementation solution for Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, and WPF. These frameworks are designed to help you use Model-View-controller

How to install Windows Phone SDK 7.1 release candidate (RC)

After Microsoft released the Windows Phone 7.1 rc sdk, it was excited to download and install the SDK, But it prompted me that I had an error and could not install it: You are prompted to uninstall the previously installed beta SDK: So

Learning Windows Phone 7 development together (7. Conversion of New and Old SDK development programs)

After Windows Phone 7 was released in August, it was released along with its SDK (which I used earlier). However, a new SDK was released several months later, the SDK also contains a free Visual Studio 2010 Express version. The problem arises. If

Learn Windows Phone 7 development together (12. Push notification)

I.Introduction Push notificationYesWindows Phone 7One of the special features in, this feature allows common developers to achieve multi-tasking in disguise (although not really multi-tasking ). It is a mobile app andWebServiceA dedicated,

Study Windows Phone 7 development together (1. Application bar)

For Windows Phone 7ProgramFor example, the UI is developed using sliverlight, but it is not completely the complete set of sliverlight. It is related to the subset, because there are no APIs or functions on the PC (such as the application bar) On

Learning Windows Phone 7 development together (IV. deepzoom)

DeepzoomYesSilverlightIs also addedWindows Phone 7. This function should be regardedPhone7 UIThe main functions. BecausePhone7A lotUIYesDeepzoomDeveloped. In additionMix10The cartoon reading software exhibited at the conference was also

Learn Windows Phone 7 development together (3. Page)

The form of WP7 is no longer the same as that of mobile. It is a webpage-type window-page generated by Silverlight. However, it is not exactly the same as Silverlight. Silverlight is generated by frame and page, while WP7

Windows Phone 7 development tools)

Comprehensive report on 51cto, http://mobile.51cto.com   Microsoft announced the free version of mobile phone software development kit for Windows Phone 7 on Thursday, according to foreign media reports. This is the official version of the

Windows Phone 7 development skills [2] -- use the zxing library for one-dimensional/two-dimensional barcode scanning

The world's information is everywhere, and bar code is pervasive. Easy and fast generation and reading of bar code information has become a basic function of smartphones. How Can I scan the bar code in the window phone app? The first thing that

Windows Phone 7 development tips [1] -- modify the background color of the webbrowser control and prevent flickering during loading

As you know, the webbrowser control is very powerful in WP7 development. In basic applications, it is a good choice to display long texts, especially the content captured on webpages. In advanced applications, you can use HTML, CSS, and js to create

Learn Windows Phone 7 development together (6. Isolate storage)

In Windows Phone 7, no file system (that is, functions such as filestream and openfiledialog cannot be used) or database system have been determined in the current version, what should I do if I need to save some user configuration information or

Use qqconnect oau2on Windows Phone

Qq Internet oauth2.0. net SDK release and website QQ login sample code this article describes the common ASP.. Net websites are connected by QQ. This article mainly introduces how to use QQ to connect oau2sdk in the windowsphone environment. The

Sketchflow for Windows Phone 7

This article briefly introduces the features of sketchflow for Windows Phone 7 in the latest version. Sketchflow for Windows Phone 7 in the wrong Oh deplex home, address is: http://wp7sketchflow.codeplex.com, the specific use of documents can refer

Qrcodec # Use qrcode. Net to generate a QR code (QR code) The next day in Windows Phone 7)

More and more receipts have auto-focus shooting functions, which also means these mobile phones can have bar code scanning functions, mobile phones can have bar code scanning functions, optimize the shopping process, and quickly store electronic

On the first day of Windows Phone 7, design the startup page and application icons.

Every Windows Phone 7 Application may take some time to start. During this waiting period, some startup screens are often displayed to refresh the scenes first, in this case, the user is impatient because the loading time is too long. In this

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