No datatype in datatemplate in Windows Phone (-)

I used to get used to WPF/SL. Now I have studied Windows Phone for a while and found that many restrictions have been imposed on Windows Phone sdks. Some methods of WPF/SL have been deleted. The datatemplate was used in the Windows Phone project

No datatype in datatemplate in Windows Phone (2)

In the previous section, no datatype in datatemplate in Windows Phone (-), we mentioned that some features in Windows Phone are limited, such as datatype in datatemplate. In fact, not only datatype, but also the trigger in datatemplate are not

Windows Phone cannot debug Solution

After such a long time of contact with Windows Phone, I recently suddenly found that Windows Phone cannot debug frequently on the simulator, but it is possible to create a new project. 1. The problem is described as follows: The project can be

Use local database and isolatestorage in Windows Phone-In mvvm mode (3)

In the previous two articles, we used local database and isolatestorage in Windows Phone-In mvvm mode (-) and Windows Phone-In mvvm mode (2) completed the first few steps of the project for sending messages like Im:1. Create a Windows Phone project

Use local database and isolatestorage in Windows Phone-In mvvm mode (2)

Using local database and isolatestorage in Windows Phone-In mvvm mode (-), we have completed three things, including:1. Create a Windows Phone project for mvvmlight. 2. Create an SQL ce database in the model. 3. Create the messageview. XAML

Use local database and isolatestorage in Windows Phone-In mvvm mode (-)

As we know, Windows Phone supports isolatestorage, and mango also adds SQL ce using LINQ as the local database. Next we will use mvvmlight to simulate a simple IM chat window for sending and viewing message history, to see how WP7 uses

Windows Phone practical development skills 1-20 (ebook + Source Code ))

Windows Phone's practical development skills record my usual problems and corresponding solutions, record them and check them later. I also hope that other friends can make as few detours as possible, instead of making a bug for half a day. Organize

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 is officially released)

On September 6, 7.1, Microsoft pushed the Windows phone7.5 (codenamed mango) Update to users. On September 6, Microsoft officially released the RTW version of the Windows Phone SDK development tool for developers (download, complete ISO ). Windows

Windows Phone articles in msdn

Windows Phone 7 development tools and resource Recording in Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone navigation: Basic

Windows Phone 7 UI design and interaction specifications (2)

Next, I will talk about the rest of the design and interaction specifications for Windows Phone 7, including text, punctuation, touch, screen keyboard, physical keyboard, screen, and other hardware.Text This specification is so meticulous that it

Windows Phone 7 UI design and interaction specifications (1)

When the iPhone and Android are invincible in the market, mobile phones equipped with Windows Phone 7 finally entered the market. I plan to write a WindowsIf you try the phone 7 app, you can simply flip the Windows Phone7. the SDK is well written

Windows Phone 7 Development and degradation in developers' eyes)

This article is a visual article written by Wu Xueyou, founder of the devdiv mobile development community, at the launch of Windows Phone 7. Comparison between Windows Phone 7 and windows Mobile6.5 to Windows Phone 7 and comparison of mainstream

Comments: Windows Phone 7 Development you must know)

Comment: Windows Phone 7 Development you must know Http:// This article first from Windows

Offline download of Windows Phone SDK

Windows Phone SDK in WP portal can find the download link to the online installation package, specifically the Familyid = 0a373422-6680-46a7-89e1-e9a468a14259 & displaylang = ZH-CN. on this page,

Windows Phone development experience (16)-Simplified asynchronous programming Using async CTP

In Windows 8, the "Asynchronous" feature of C #5.0 can be used, with simple and elegant code, greatly reducing the complexity of asynchronous programming. In Windows phone7, async CTP can also be used for implementation, the procedure is as follows.

Windows Phone uses async CTP to asynchronously load data

Async CTP is a good thing, that is, it is difficult to install... Conflict with N multi-patch, so long as the installation order is correct, it can be installed smoothly... Can refer to the previous written:

[Original] install Windows Phone development environment on Windows 8 RP

Many of my friends have said that Windows Phone SDK development environments cannot be run on Windows 8 Rp. After my tests, this problem can be solved perfectly. I use Windows 8 RP system, vs 2012 development environment, Windows Phone 7 SDK

Differences between panorama and runtime in Windows Phone

Panorama 1. Provides a richer user experience (up to four items are recommended) 2. You can set the screen direction to horizontal for items. More than one screen can be displayed. 3. You can use any background image size. Panorama automatically

Do not waste every byte of Windows Phone

The shortcuts of Windows Phone control design ideas are not as simple as the shortcut icons in the conventional smartphone ecosystem, especially the mobile Internet pattern based on the social network ecosystem and the human-centered relationship

ZTE's first licensed Windows Phone v965w received the MIIT's entry Certification

In the first quarter, the Windows Phone platform won a contest with competitors such as Android and IOS. It has obtained BlackBerry and former users of Saipan. Windows Phone sales saw an increase of 156% in the first quarter compared with last year,

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