Unlock Windows Phone 8 for development

Your computer does not support hardware virtualization, that is, you cannot run the WP8 simulator on a 64-bit Windows 8 system. The htc8s you bought on New Year's Day will start to use light and heat. Prerequisites for unlocking a mobile phone:

Uncertain progress bar created in Windows Phone

ArticleDirectory Main Code The following is from msdn: http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/windowsphone/develop/gg442303 (V = vs.105). aspx Below Code Set the isindeterminate flag True So when you run this example, the progress

Windows Phone mall error c101a006 and Solution

In February 28, MicrosoftCommunityThe forum posted an announcement to fix an application store failure. In those days, I cannot download and install applications on Windows Phone 8 and Phone 7.5.CodeC101a006. After several twists and turns, the

Difference and usage of tasks (starters and selectors) in Windows Phone

First, let's introduce the number of selectors. 1. cameracapturetask-open the camera application and take a photo. The returned type is photoresult. 2. photochoosertask-select an image from picture gallery and set the return type to photoresult. 3.

[Getting started with WP7] Hello world, the first Windows Phone application

Install the Windows Phone 7 development tool on Windows 2003 and XP   1. New Project --- Windows Phone application named helloworld2. After the project is created, mainpage. XAML is opened by default. This is a Silverlight page. The design view is

Httpwebrequest asynchronous thread synchronization in Windows Phone

public class RequestState { public HttpWebRequest request { get; set; } public HttpWebResponse response { get; set; } public Stream streamResponse { get; set; } } public class HttpHelper { public delegate void

Download Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Simplified Chinese version

The Windows Phone SDK includes the following components: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 learning edition for Windows Phone Windows Phone emulator Windows Phone SDK 7.1 assembly Silverlight 4 SDK and DRT Windows Phone SDK 4.0 extension for

Windows Phone 7 peripherals and gravity sensing

Document directory 1. Windows Phone 7 peripherals 2. Implement gravity sensing for Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7 peripherals and gravity sensing Note: Only the radio and vibration functions of Windows Phone are introduced here. (Refer to the

Location service for Windows Phone 7)

Document directory I. Windows Phone 7 Data Retrieval 2. Use geographic location service Location service for Windows Phone 7) Location service helps developers develop location-aware applications for Windows phones. Location service can obtain

Video Playback in Windows Phone 7

Video Playback in Windows Phone 7 The mediaelement control must be added for video playback on Windows Phone 7. Add the following code in XAML: The preceding Code adds a mediaelement control to the grid.   Two important attribute

Isolate buckets and files in Windows Phone 7

Isolated storage space for Windows Phone 7 Concept: All file I/O operations on Windows Phone 7 are restricted in the isolated bucket. You can add, delete, and modify directory files in the isolated bucket, the configuration information of the

Windows Phone 7 adaptive keyboard input

On mobile devices, because the space is relatively small, such as the screen of a mobile phone, the complete Input Keyboard is not good or not beautiful. Therefore, the program needs to process the presentation of the keyboard, such as a Textbox

Description of various tasks in Windows Phone 7 (starters and selectors)

I. Common Tasks All tasks have the show method, and call the show method to start the task. After the task is completed, the application is generally returned. All tasks (tasks) are not automatically started and need to be manually clicked, this is

Windows Phone 7 page navigation

1. General page navigation Use the navigateuri attribute of the hyperlinkbutton control to navigate between pages. Example: Name = "musicshyperlinkbutton" verticalignment = "TOP" width = "200" navigateuri = "/views/musics. XAML"/> Navigateuri: The

How to Implement the application bar in Windows Phone 7

In Windows Phone 7, the previous menu system is canceled, but different programs and functions are switched through the Application bar. Up to four applications (four icons) can be displayed in each application column ). Windows Phone application

Touch operations of touchpanel in Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has four ways of user interaction: Buttons Touch Gesture Peripherals (such as gravity sensing) Generally, Windows Phone 7 supports only the back button (Return key) for controllable operations. The other two are

Value Transfer and object transfer on Windows Phone 7 page

1. how to pass Parameters on winodws Phone 7: 1. Use the navigateuri attribute of hyperlinkbutton to add the passed parameters directly to the navigateuri attribute. For example Explanation: navigateuri = "musics? Songname = 10 thousand 10 thousand

Windows Phone 7 xNa game Structure Analysis

I. Key classes in xNaGraphicsdevicemanager class: Provides developers with a way to access graphics devices on PCs, Xbox 360, or Windows Phone 7. The graphicdevice attribute of graphicsdevicemanager represents the actual graph device on the machine.

Use of the bingmap control in Windows Phone 7

When using bingmap, You need to verify the accesskey. Therefore, we should first register on the bingmap official website. Registration is free of charge. Without a verification key, you cannot obtain the bingmap service from the web. Register the

Share some of my work: pollution source management applications based on Windows Phone platform

After half a year of graduation, I summarized my previous work and found that I forgot a lot of my knowledge. Recent news have always reported Beijing's air pollution, various smog, and various PM x standards. Then, we thought we would have had a

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