Windows Phone 7 Development Platform, Environment and Resources

Operating System: Windows Vista/Windows 7 Development tools: 1. Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW Http:// Id = 13890 Includes the following Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7th anniversary

Like Joe belfiore, the team behind Windows Phone 7 also sent a tweet "Hey-Happy first birthday WP7! Our very first phones started selling (Europe only) 1 year ago! A lot's happened in a year, eh? "(Hey, WP7, happy birthday, our first Windows Phone

Textbox accumulation in Windows Phone

  1. If you want to set the type of the call keyboard, you can set the inputscope attribute of textbox. Microsoft provides us with a wide range of types. For example, chat contains a series of emojis and supports automatic text filling. 2.

Path of Chinese source files in Windows Phone development

Referencing images, XML, and other files is a summary of several path problems that may occur. Incomplete paths may increase with the increase of experience. The format of referencing an image (such as the icon of ApplicationBar) is as follows:

. NET platform for development of Windows Phone 7, iPhone and Android applications

Editor's note: After the release of Windows Phone 7, the mobile development industry, except for the iPhone and AndroidIt will be clear that more and more developers begin7. Platform transfer. This article, written by Zhao Yu, a famous developer for

Asynchronous model of Windows Phone

In order not to block the UI, the synchronous model is completely removed from the multithreading of Windows Phone, and all requests are processed using asynchronous models.The advantage of this is that the UI will not be stuck, it can always

Summary of data storage methods for Windows Phone

Document directory I. Overview of Storage Methods Ii. Detailed introduction Iii. Applicable scenarios of various methods Scope of discussion: The SDK between windowsphone8 is released soon. Due to the article's validity, We need to describe

01, Windows Phone 8 Introduction

Content preview: New development platform in WP8 Application Development Model WP8 version of winrt Supported development modes WP8 Development New feature Preview Use Windows Phone development tools Compatibility with wp7.x New WP8

07. Windows Phone background proxy

Content preview: Windows Phone Task Management Implement multiple tasks using background code Create a task in Visual Studio File Transfer task Background reminder Background music playback Foreground task:Generally, when a Windows Phone

08. Windows Phone Local Storage

Content preview: Windows Phone Database Support LINQ to SQL Performance and best practices LINQ to everything: Supports complex structures: Supports Foreign keys: WebService cache: Local Storage: Architecture: Object: Definition table:

Use RichTextBox in Windows Phone to achieve text and image mixed Layout

When reading Weibo or QQ space, you can often see examples of adding images to this text: My first thought was to use several stackpanels, several Textbox, and several images for implementation, which was very troublesome. Microsoft provides us

How to use a variety of pop-up box prompts in Windows Phone

. The following are common methods: First add reference coding4fun. Phone. Controls. dll Coding4fun Official Website: 1. toastprompt: similar to the display effect of the Tusi push notification, a message appears on

How to add page Jump animation in Windows Phone

Do you envy the gorgeous animation effects on the iOS platform? Do not worry that Microsoft's toolkit team provides us with such a set of components called transitionservices. Simply put, it has the following effects: turnstile (axis rotation effect)

Three methods for updating the tile content of the Windows Phone application)

Address: How can I update the information of active tiles for applications in the mango system? Have you ever thought about how to update the application

Decompress the zip package in Windows Phone 7

In the current project, you need to download the zip package from the server and decompress the package to obtain the files in it. First, record the files and give them some help. First get sharpziplib. windowsphone7.dll from

About the Windows Phone 7 mango early adopters Award

The msdn Chinese website blog today published the top 10 winners of the Windows Phone 7 Apple warm-up contest. The authors of these works will get a Windows Phone, and many of them will be stunned.Let's take a look at the winning works. The msdn

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-groceries

Course Content Ø panarama Control Groceries is a simple shopping list application that we can use to create a custom shopping list step by step. You can name and add as many shopping pages as possible based on your preferences. Records can be

Windows Phone SDK 8.0 released

After the build conference, Microsoft released the Windows Phone SDK 8.0. You can download it on the Microsoft download center page. Webpage address: The id = 35471. From the page description,

Windows Phone 8 API Overview

Windows Phone 7 does not support native language development, which has plagued developers of games and underlying applications. The launch of the Windows Phone 8 SDK has improved this situation. Is an API of Windows Phone 8. Figure 1: Windows

The joys and sorrows behind Windows Phone

One year has passed since the advent of the Windows Phone mobile operating platform, and this year we have witnessed the growth of this new thing. With the strong competition from IOS and Android, Windows Phone chose to take the two sides and catch

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