Logical deletion and asynchronous processing of Windows phone

Have you ever written an application that, when it is about to be done, wish you had never written this application? It is this intuition that makes you feel that the architecture is not very good. Simple changes seem to be out of reach, or at least

Writing applications for Windows Phone and iOS

There are a lot of documentation about porting applications from IOS to Windows Phone, but in this article I'm going to start with the premise of writing new applications from scratch for both platforms. I'm not going to make a value judgment on the

On the road Windows Phone (vi) Task Parallel Library

Page load is very card One of my applications has a page to manage the raw material library, as shown in Figure 1, which is a pivot page with each pivot item listing a class of raw materials. The entire pivot page is tied to a

On the road Windows Phone (v) extending controls by attaching properties and behaviors

Recently collaborated with friends an application, the development of the time encountered two problems, the first is a ListBox control multiple selection problem, the second is the Photochoosertask selector and image control of the problem.

On the road Windows Phone (iv) query LINQ to SQL

One day, a reader emailed me and asked me if I was interested in doing a translation application, according to the "Food Translation Court-English translation of Chinese menu" to the Chinese name into English dishes, because he often eat with

On the road Windows Phone (iii) application bar

At the beginning of May I was invited to participate in the activities of Qclub Dalian Station, when I gave the audience to share the application of the use of the experience, in order to allow more friends to understand the content, but also let

On the road Windows Phone (ii) How to learn Windows Phone development?

Although Windows Phone has not yet officially entered the mainland market, but there are more and more domestic developers looking at it, the question before me is how to learn about Windows Phone development? If you don't feel that way about it,

On the road Windows Phone (i) Why did you choose Windows Phone

L1: Welcome to "on the road WP", I am the host Li Yonglun, today we ushered in a very special guest, applause please welcome my Li Yonglun. L2: What's the situation? You are my only one! L1: Well, let's talk about it after the show, and back to

How Windows phone Store app sets the page to screen

In the Windows Phone Store app, the way to judge and set the page in the screen, and the page class in Silverlight Different, can not be set directly through the page.orientation. Instead, you pass the Displayinformation class by using the

Summary of failed Windows Phone application submission Store

When the application is complete, submitting the audit may fail due to a variety of issues when submitting the Microsoft Store. Previous audit failure has not been summed up, I hope that in the future Summarize all the failures of submitting audits

The store title for Windows Phone when you switch multiple languages displays the wrong problem

Some time ago, in the spare time to write a WP8 app ("Super Filter" store, Chinese address, English address), in the multilingual time, to the app title and app tile title for multiple languages (refer to MSDN), the Chinese store (ZH-CN) always

Windows phone In-app purchase in-app purchase

Objective In-app purchase (In-app Purchase) is definitely a very important feature for developers, and it provides a convenient portal for users to pay for their purchases. Before the IAP, game operators usually charge by accessing Third-party

How to make Windows Phone 8 apps Online

Any user (regardless of whether you can program), as long as you have a browser, you can use Windows Phone App Studio (later in the app studio to refer to) quickly create an application of your Windows Phone. by typing

Windows Phone Custom Control progressring

Objective Windows Phone provides developers with many native controls, but in many scenarios we need to modify the default features or styles to meet our needs, and custom controls come into being. This article describes how to create and use

Windows Phone 8.1 new Features page navigation

This article describes how to implement page navigation in Windows Phone 8.1. The implementation of page navigation in Windows Phone 8 is certainly not unfamiliar, we use navigationservice to achieve. The specific wording is this:

Windows Phone 8.1 Common initiators for new features

This article describes how to implement some of the common initiators in Windows Phone 8.1. They are call calls, send text messages, send messages, add appointments to calendars, start maps, map route displays, map downloads, and map updates. 1.

Windows Phone Practical Tutorial: Adding Design-time data to a program using blend

Blend has been following the developers ' comments since the day he was born: Have vs also use blend to do what, direct code code is good. Blend will generate a heap of garbage useless code, very uncomfortable. For this kind of I will only judge

Windows Phone 8.1 Development solves the problem of calling a real camera to crash

Whether you're using Silverlight or an RT API to develop, it's fine to run on an emulator when you use Mediacapture or video, but once you've put it on a real phone, someone must have found out, and the attentive friend must have found out---don't

How to handle the flip of a camera in Windows phone 8.1 development

Simulator just like our childhood dream, when running the application on it, everything is always so beautiful, and the real machine test as our chaotic and the real world, you will encounter all kinds of villain and animal, often suffer

Develop an electronic compass using Windows Phone 8.1

Compass, it is estimated that I do not introduce too much, have learned the physics of junior high school know, whether it is a compass, or refers to the North needle, its essence is used to identify the direction. The operation of electronic

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