Windows Phone 7 Development Tutorial (3)--xna using MessageBox and soft keyboard

I believe that I will be with XNA for the next spare time. Originally wanted to develop the depth of 3D development, but encountered a practical problem, is how to display the XNA under the MessageBox and software Input Panel. Just write it out

How to add OpenXLive to the Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Game

OpenXLive Beta release has been released for 1.5 months and has been well received by developers and players, with five openxlive games entering Windows Phone Marketplace, where 7bomb and super Hoops have made very impressive achievements. While

The number of Windows Phone marketplace free apps has increased to 100

  For messages from Microsoft, the number of Windows Phone marketplace free apps has increased to 100. More free app submissionsDuring the past months we have been working hard to improve our overall Windows Phone marketplace experience based on

Microsoft has stopped R & D of kin mobile phones and switched to Windows Phone 7.

In July 1, Microsoft decided not to continue developing kin mobile phones for social network users due to poor sales, according to foreign media reports, but focused on its own Windows Phone 7 mobile phone. Kin mobile phones will not be listed in

Microsoft may pay Nokia $1 billion for Promotion and Development of Nokia Windows Phone

According to foreign reports, Microsoft will pay Nokia $1 billion to promote and develop Nokia Windows Phone, part of the two companies' smartphone software agreement, however, the software agreement has not yet been finalized yet. The message also

Microsoft provides a tool for porting iPhone applications to Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7     IPhone 5     Microsoft releasedAPI ing toolGuides and a group of videos sharing experiences to help simplify iPhone/iOS app portingProgramWork on Windows Phone 7 (WP 7. The Microsoft Windows Phone

13 features required to upgrade Windows Phone 8 Nokia map control to WP8

I believe everyone knows that one of the most dazzling Windows Phone 8 device families is the Nokia Lumia 920, but some of them may not know that Nokia is a veteran mobile phone hardware manufacturer, nokia's map service is also awesome. At present,

Windows Phone 8 new feature: supports screen lock applications

1. An application can provide the following four items on the lock screen:A. background image.B. A 24x24 pixel PNG application iconC. One Application countD. A string of text strings 2. Open wpappmanifest. XAML with XML (text) editor; Add the

Windows Phone 8 Development notes

1. "system. unauthorizedaccessexception" ExceptionCause: Generally, the corresponding capability is added. Solution: select the corresponding capability option in the "function" option under "wmappmanifest. xml. 2. Enable the "Fast resume" function

Windows Phone 8: supports creating custom contact store for third-party applications.

Windows Phone 8 allows developers to create their own m contact store. After the application adds a new contact through the application, the contact appears in Windows Phone hub and coexist with the user's system contact. Developers can create

New features for Windows Phone 8: New File Operation types for Windows. Storage

To be consistent with Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 provides a new file operation type, which is included in windows. storage namespace, including storagefolder, storagefile, fileio, and other class libraries. The windwos. Storage component mainly

New features in Windows Phone 8: Start another program from one application (File Association and Protocol Association)

1. Start the phone to pre-install the built-in program to open the file association Here is an example of opening a Word document. string fileToLaunch = @"HelloKitty.docx"; // Launch a .docx file that came with the package. private

New features for Windows Phone 8: Unlock developer mobile phones and new debugging features

Same as WP7, Windows Phone 8 also needs to be unlocked1. A developer account is required. The account and password of the Windows Live ID associated with the developer account are required. A developer account can unlock up to three mobile phones at

Windows Phone proxy

For Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone OS 7.1   The scheduling task and background proxy allow an application to execute code in the background even if it is not running in the foreground. Different types of scheduling tasks are designed for different

Screen orientation and Change Handling for Windows Phone 7

This article briefly introduces the screen direction of Windows Phone 7 and how to handle the screen direction change. The screen direction of Windows Phone 7 is divided into vertical and horizontal directions. However, unlike Windows Mobile, the

Windows Phone 8: Evolution of the runtime and application compatibility

Long time back at the wake of the release of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) I posted about the windowsPhone 7 series programming model. I also published how. NET CompactFramework powered the applications on wp7. Further Simplifying the block digoal, we can

Windows Phone development technology blog Summary

Although the Windows phone7 development column of csdn has been activated for a long time and click to jump to the column, it still does not feel able to concentrate on technologies and knowledge points. Now I have summarized all my windows phone7

Windows Phone development (10): common controls (I)

Windows Phone controls come from several sources. Like traditional desktop application development or web development, controls are provided by default and those released by third-party openers. Generally, it is sufficient to use the default control

Lin Yongjian's Silverlight for Windows Phone development series video (16 courses in total)

Course Section Introduction The following is a brief introduction to each section of the course. You can download and learn the content you are interested in. If I recommend that you start from the beginning to the end, because the courses have been

Windows Phone 7 Development Resources

From Ultimate list of free Windows Phone 7 Software & Resources from Microsoft I 've got Ed a few emails asking if/when I 'd be creating"Windows Phone 7 Software &

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