The problem with the currently displayed item cannot be changed when Liskpicker uses bindings in Windows phone

Because my code has been drastically modified this article can only post the correct picture with the strange phenomenon of the code was completely deleted. It is well known that Microsoft's General technology has a ComboBox used to implement the

In Windows phone, the listbox can load data in the WP8 wp7.x problem

First, the WP8 and wp7.8 simulators run the same program. The main task of the homepage is to read the class that is the data source in the background and then display it on the listbox of the homepage. As shown in Figure 2, a single item is added

Introduction to Windows phone's isolated storage

What is isolated storage Isolated Storage (IsolatedStorage) This thing was first used in Silverlight (okay, I know it because of WP. ISOLATED storage) To explain what is isolated storage first of all, say what is independent (isolated)

Windows Phone 7 Development tutorial (2)--windows phone XNA 4.0 3D game development

Program code compilation Environment Visual Stuido, Windows Phone 7 SDK, XNA 4.0 Game Studio, download link: Http:// Have a little free time today, looking at the development of Windows Phone 7. See the

Double surprise--windows Phone Developer Tools First Experience

As the saying goes, meet, Windows phone like the Chinese football team, in all the loss of confidence in him, suddenly the soul possessed, Rp broke out, killing the Korean team. Of course, just as the East Asian top four shows no problem, the

Windows Phone 7 Glass frame message prompt

In the last blog, Windows Phone 7, the latest development ToolPak, introduced the phoney project, which has introduced a fading message hint, this article will expand the message that the hint message appears with a glass border, similar to the

Windows phone 7:dows phone marketplace release Raiders

Windows Phone 7 is very hot recently, Windows Phone 7 marketplace is also very hot, developers want to take advantage of marketplace in the number of applications is not much time to seize the commanding heights. I believe we all know how to publish

Different Windows Phone (10)

Push Notification (push notification) Tile notification, push custom information Introduced Special push notification for Windows Phone 7.5 (SDK 7.1) Push Tile Notification Push Custom Information Example 1, push to send Tile notice Client

Different Windows Phone (3) Application bar (application bar)

Introduced Different Windows Phone 7.5 (SDK 7.1) Application Bar Overview XAML Method Generation AppBar Code method to generate and update AppBar Resource Mode loading AppBar Example 1, AppBar's overview Summary.xaml aplicationbar

Different Windows Phone (2) control (controls)

Introduced Different Windows Phone 7.5 (SDK 7.1) controls Panorama-Panorama Control Pivot-Pivot Control Map-bing Map Control WebBrowser-Inline Browser Controls Other-Available controls Example 1, Panorama's Demo Panorama.xaml <

Different Windows Phone (1) Hello windows Phone

Introduced Distinctive Windows Phone 7.5 (SDK 7.1) Developing a Windows Phone application with Silverlight Using XNA to develop a Windows Phone application Developing Windows Phone applications with Silverlight and XNA combinations

Important new features added to Windows Phone 8.1

This update is very critical. Microsoft revealed to the Verge a series of new features of Windows Phone 8.1, including information Center, Cortana, quick setup, voice control, and more. These are the features that Windows Phone really needs. This

What is the difference between the Windows Phone fallback event and the Android fallback event

public void onbackpressed () { finish (); } If you want to do a page navigation function, as far as I am concerned, I think that Windows Phone development is more humane than Android, more fool to save the corresponding data to the back key.

Porting an existing Unity3d game to Windows Phone 8.1 (Basic)

Recently, in an existing game to the Windows Phone platform porting, temporarily completed a small phase, to do a summary.Development environment: Windows 8.1 System and above, if you like, with Windows 10 early adopters can also.

WP8.1 Learning Series (18th)--windows Phone interaction and usability

This topic discusses how layouts affect the usability of your app. Other common UIs, such as search and settings, are also discussed in the context of the usability of your app.Before you continue to use controls and interactions, do the following:

Let QT Creator support Windows Phone 8 development

Let QT Creator support Windows Phone 8 developmentRecently QtCreator3.2 out, fixed some bugs, better than the previous version of 3.1.2. Since the previous version (Qt for WINRT) had some problems with packaging, I downloaded the IDE to try it out

COCOS2DX Cclabelttf Automatic line wrapping implementation under Windows Phone platform

First spit a groove, just ready to send this blog when actually found that the account was stolen, really someone idle egg pain, by the way praise a CSDN customer service, processing quickly.All right, the words go to the right. Look, the

Ebook download: Microsoft xNa framework edition: programming Windows Phone 7

Book DescriptionBring your game ideas to life-with guidance from a Windows programming legend Begin creating your own game apps for Windows Phone 7-guided by the consummate teacher, award-winning author Charles Petzold. focusing on the xNa 2D

Windows Phone 7 example game platformer 1-5 big platform support

XNa's powerful cross-platform capabilities   Microsoft demonstrated platformer, an adventure game across Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 series, and the Xbox 2009 platform as early as a speech at teched 360's Middle East conference. This game is

Microsoft's new Chinese book Windows Phone 7 Application Development Guide published

After half a year of hard work, the Microsoft official Windows Phone 7 Chinese edition development book Windows Phone 7 Application Development Guide was finally published!It finally ended the absence of official Chinese development books. This book

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