Windows Phone ListBox in two columns

To get a ListBox with multiple columns, each unit is an item of ListBox, as shown below:   Corresponding XAML: Grid X: Name = "Loginnosubspanel" Visibility = "Visible" > ListBox X: Name

Quick Recovery of Windows Phone 8 fast resume (1)

(1) Overview    A new feature of Windows Phone 8 is fast resume. The application scenarios of this feature are as follows: For WP7, after a user browses the app content for a period of timeProgramClick the app icon in the menu bar, and the

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-todo list

Course Content Ø render Control Ø context menu Ø data contract attributes Todo List allows us to manage tasks quickly, easily, and effectively. We can not only mark tasks with colored pentagram and specific descriptions, but

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-subservient cat

Course Content Ø playing video Ø mediaelement Subservient cat is a "virtual pet" ApplicationProgram. Unlike most cats, subservient cat is very obedient to the host's instructions! However, you need to know which commands can be responded.

HTML5 on Windows Phone (1) native support for Windows Phone browsers

  1. Windows Phone Browser native support 1.1 For Windows Phone 7.0 (Including For Windows Phone 7.5 Other versions below) AllHTML5Features are not supported. 1.2 Windows Phone 7.5 (mango) The browser version isIE 9 mobileVersion

[Update] [officially released] Windows Phone 7 Chinese input module

The Windows Phone 7 Chinese input module can be integrated into your Windows Phone 7 Application. CurrentlySupports Simplified Chinese pinyin, five strokes, Zheng code, and traditional Chinese cangjieInput. In the simplest case, you only need to add

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-local FM radio

Course Content Ø radio Turner Ø the networkinterface. interfacetype Property Local FM radio ApplicationProgramProvides a specific interface to operate the built-in FM radio of the mobile phone. Unlike the built-in radio in music + videos

Microsoft official Windows Phone development video tutorial 3/4 days video (download link)

ArticleDirectory Related videos Related videos Four days tutorial official address is: Tutorial directory on the third day (online viewing address ): Related

Windows Phone 7 simulator appearance download-Nokia Lumia 800

1. Change the appearance of the Windows Phone Simulator 1. Download the desired appearance2. Open the c: \ Program Files \ microsoft xde \ 1.0 directory3. Back up three PNG images and the wm7_skin.xml file. (You can directly compress the backup

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Development Technology Overview

Currently, developers of Windows Phone 8 are fighting for technical friends. I believe that while developing Windows Phone 8, we are also focusing on Windows 8, I believe that many developers must start on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. In fact, the

Windows Phone development path (10) the first program to enter WP

The basic knowledge of XAML and Silverlight was introduced earlier to start the official development of WP.ProgramNow that we have basic knowledge, we can officially start WP program development. First, I will start from creating a hello Windows

Windows Phone notes (10) Use standalone storage (medium)

ArticleDirectory 1. Use the isolatedstoragefile class to store files and folders Learn how to useIsolatedstoragesettings class to save the applicationProgramYou can also useUseIsolatedstoragefileClass storage files and folders. In

Windows Phone 7-programming Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 will be released in the middle of this year. You can download it now.Windows Phone developer tootls CTP version.This version includes:Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone CTPWindows Phone emulator CTPSilverlight for Windows

Windows Phone 7 touch screen event manipulation)

Windows Phone 7 provides Silverlight and xNa with a very sensitive and touchable screen. It is not like some touch screens that simulate the mouse or recognize handwriting. At least four fingers can be detected on the Windows Phone 7 multi-touch

Windows Phone cloud application development practices (2) Windows Live SDK

ArticleDirectory What is Windows Live SDK? Hands-on practice-cloud album of SkyDrive     Windows Phone cloud application development practices (2)   Windows Live SDK what is Windows Live SDK? The Windows Live id sdk

Windows Phone cloud application development practices (I) Windows azure

ArticleDirectory Overview Architecture Diagram Hands-on practice-create a Windows Phone cloud Application     Windows Phone cloud application development practices (1) Windows azure platform Overview Windows azuretm is a

Windows Phone 7 handles sleep and tombstone Restoration

WP7ProgramAs shown in: The sleep state and the tombstone state are confusing. The program stops running during sleep state, but the difference is that the entire process still exists in the memory. When this program is restored, you do not need

Windows Phone 7: how to determine whether the ListBox control is rolled to the end

If a large amount of data is bound to The ListBox control, loading is usually slow, there is an interactive solution to optimize this situation, that is, loading part of the data on the ListBox first, some data will be loaded when you scroll down

Cross-Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 (winrt) simple File System Access

To tell the truth, I was a little disappointed when I first saw the Windows Phone 8 SDK, because it had pitted Nokia and abandoned the new platform for countless Windows Phone 7 users and was not fully connected to Windows 8 winrt, although Windows

Discussion on Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day-14th: tombstone mechanism (multi-task)

This article is about Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day"14th day of the series. Yesterday, we discussed the use of location data to provide users with a more familiar feeling. Today, what I wrote may be the most controversial topic on

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