Windows Phone development and learning-Time Stamp date format conversion

In many cases, the date is not saved directly, but saved as a Unix timestamp for storage, the advantage is that only one long-type number can be used for storage, saving space. In this case, the Unix Timestamp and datetime must be converted. In

Windows Phone development (2): self-confidence

PreviousArticle.   I. What equipment do we have. After vs learning edition for WP is installed, it is also installed together with the SDK. You do not have to install JDK, download IDE, and install SDK and Eclipse plug-ins like android. The WP

Windows Phone development and learning-tile

After changing to a company, I developed Windows Phone. Fortunately, I used C #, so it was not very difficult to get started. After a week, I thought it was a bit interesting. This week I learned the tile Technology on Windows Phone. On the tile

Windows Phone development and learning-toast notification on local implementation

In Windows Phone development, you can use the MessageBox. Show () method to implement message reminders. However, the interface is really ugly. After each pop-up, you need to click the OK button to disappear. In contrast, the toast method in Windows

Windows Phone development (1): overview

Windows Phone is a mobile phone operating system developed by Microsoft. It is not described here. It runs on smartphones like android and iPhone. I believe everyone is familiar with it. Currently, Windows Phone (WP) is obviously not as popular

Windows Phone development final: Reflection, suggestions and advice

Final article. Some friends read it, huh? Right? Yes. This is the Windows Phone of this series.ArticleIn the last article, this article will give a brief summary of this series of articles, and give you some suggestions and suggestions for

Windows Phone development (42): animation easing

When discussing key frame animations, I intentionally ignored several key frame animations with slow animations, such as easingcolorkeyframe, easingdoublekeyframe, and easingpointkeyframe. Because I hope to put it in this course to blow the slow

Windows Phone development and learning-dynamic loading of data

In Windows Phone development, the ghost control is often used. Unlike the panorama control, the ghost control is similar to a roller and is connected at the beginning and end. This control can be used when many pages are consistent with the general

Windows Phone development (5): Interior Decoration

Why is it interior decoration? Well, what we are talking about is layout. Specifically, how do you place your controls and manage them on a page? You said, like we just moved into a new residence, do you want to "renovate? What kind of coffee tables

Windows Phone development and learning-storyboard animation effect

Windows Phone applicationProgramIn development, the dazzling animation effect can increase the user experience. The basic animations such as translation and flip involve some animations in the game. The current application requires such an effect,

Windows Phone Development Learning-hubtile

In the metro style, in addition to the tile displayed in the Start Menu, hubtile is also a very dazzling display of Metro, and is more dazzling than tile, because hubtile can not only implement flip, it also enables up and down image translation and

Windows Phone development and learning-implement a gallery control by yourself

Those who have developed Android mobile apps must be familiar with the gallery Control, which enables dynamic switching between several screens, that is, the sliding effect of those pages on the mobile phone homepage of andriod. Of course, Windows

Windows Phone development and learning-rotation animation during loading

During Windows Phone development, sometimes we use progressbar to indicateProgramLoading is in progress, but you can also design a rotating image (similar to the 360 anti-virus software) to indicate loading is in progress. As shown below:

Windows Phone development and learning-Recording

In the development of Windows Phone, sometimes we needProgramAt least this is much faster than typing. I have previously discovered this integrated Recording Application in the Android and iOS markets. It seems that both systems have provided

Windows Phone development (6): Process screen orientation changes

As we all know, smartphones can rotate their mobile phones to change the display direction of the screen. More often, we need to handle changes to the screen direction. For example, when the phone screen direction changes from portrait to landscape,

Windows Phone development (3): The pawns are not moved.

Before proceeding with WP development, like other development technologies, we need to have a brief understanding of the lifecycle of a WP application sequence. We do not have to understand it in depth, but at least we need to know what we should do

Windows Phone development (11): common controls (lower)

Most WP controls can be inherited from Silverlight. Here I can only demonstrate some of them. For how to use other controls, refer to SDK instructions and Silverlight SDK documentation.  1. radiobutton control. This is a single-choice control, which

Windows Phone development (12): a personalized Tile

The Understanding of "tile" is not abstract at all. Why? As long as you are willing to start the WP system, whether you are in the simulator or in the real machine, yes, the things like the floor on the desktop are magnetic stickers.(Figure:

Windows Phone Development Learning-custom datetimepicker

During development, you may often encounter calendar controls in the Silverlight library. However, many controls are removed for the Windows Phone to compress space, and the calendar controls are lost. Fortunately, the Silverlight toolkit provides a

Windows Phone development and learning-loopingselector

In fact, loopingselector has been mentioned in the previous custom datetimepicker. This is a control with a scroll effect. It is more beautiful than the list control, and the user experience is much better. This control is not available in the

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