[Windows Phone] use of stackpanel and grid in Layout

In windowsphone development, there are three main layout Methods: canvas, grid, and stackpanel. Canvas locates child elements in coordinates, which is equivalent to absolutelayout in Android. A canvas can also contain a child canvas. Grid

Windows Phone development (36): doubleanimation of Animation

Starting from this section, we will discuss an interesting topic-animation. When you see the word "Animation", you must think of flash. After all, a very important framework of the WP application is Silverlight, which has also played many

Windows Phone development (35): drawing with express Blend

In the previous section, we pulled a simple drawing command, but that is not the simplest drawing method. Today, I would like to recommend a better plotting solution-the use of the express blend tool. This tool is installed along with the SDK

Windows Phone development (8): Tips for navigation

In the previous article, I used several examples to briefly introduce navigation. In general applications, I used the previous articleArticleThe method mentioned in is actually enough. However, in order to handle some special situations, it is

Windows Phone development (33): Other geometry paths

In the previous section, we have done the most complex pathgeometry, and it is good to have a few other guys. Come and see their real faces.   1. linegeometry   This ry is simple. A line segment contains two points: startpoint and endpoint.

Windows Phone development (38): animation pointanimation

Pointanimation is also very simple. It is similar to the two animation mentioned above and has the same attributes, such as by, from, and to. The difference is that pointanimation is the target value from one point to another. I have a reason

Windows Phone development (45): push notification finale-raw notification

Why is it an ending? Because there are only three types of push Notification Services, the first two are involved, and there is one left-raw notification. We have passed two hands-on experiments. I believe everyone knows that pushing notifications

Windows Phone development (41): Next article on Key Frame Animation

You may have discovered that no matter what type of animation, the method of use is basically the same. I don't know if you have summed up the rule? When you find the rule, you will find that the rule can be used for the first to sixth, not to lie

Windows Phone development (37): coloranimation of Animation

In the previous section, we discussed how to use the double value for animation processing. We know there are many types of animation. Today, I will continue to introduce an animation class-coloranimation. In fact, it is similar to doubleanimation.

Windows Phone development (7): Always at the helm

After the page-related topics are closed, let's talk about how to navigate between pages. In more cases, our applicationsProgramThere won't be only one page, but there should be n. Just as we do in the Development of desktop applications, there may

Windows Phone development (40): Part 1 of Key Frame Animation

I. discretedoublekeyframe Key Points of discrete Key Frame Animation: Let's take a look at the meaning of "discrete". In fact, you can look at "Xinhua Dictionary", and the meaning of "separation" is similar to that of "scattered. We can explain

Windows Phone development (47): easy to call Web Service

As we all know (except those who have never used vs), it is a pleasure to call Web Service in, I believe many of my friends have used web services in their previous projects. Similarly, it is very easy to call Web Service in WP. You can believe it

Windows Phone application development intensive training: the filter mask layer can do this

Let me tell you nothing.   Haha, this is a very low-level filter mask effect. If you find it interesting, I will post the XAML.

Windows Phone development (34): path tag syntax

If you think that the method for drawing various geometric figures discussed above is too complicated, let's take a look at it now. Of course, we are very easy. This tutorial does not require exams or class rankings. It only provides readers with a

Windows Phone development (46): An appointment with socket

Do you have any experience in "socket color change? As one of my friends said, socket is a last resort. Haha, is socket really so scary? In fact, this is not false. Sometimes the socket is really not very easy to manipulate and maintain, but in any

Windows Phone development (39): Key Frame Animation

Although the previous several animations will make you feel very interesting, you don't know if you have found them. In the series of xxxanimation mentioned above, they all have one thing in common, the animation is generated only between the two

Windows Phone development (4): Framework and page

Before opening an example, I want to solve a small problem. Previously, I said in my first article that the Chinese version of Visual Studio express for Windows Phone does not have simplified Chinese, that's because I downloaded it on the English

Windows Phone development (43): push notification set 1-toast push

It seems that I haven't updated it for several days. Sorry, I'm sorry, I 've recently lost my job in a glorious place. I'm busy looking for a new place. Then there are some things to do, but it doesn't matter. Let's continue today. The content of

Windows Phone 8 system file structure

Recently, I have been eager to write a WP8 File Manager and read WP8 documents. It seems that it is difficult to implement it in the limited APIs provided by Microsoft, in fact, if you want a file manager, you still want to see the system file

Windows Phone development (9): Page Status

According to the general practice, it is not enough to learn how to navigate, because every page in a mobile phone is stateless just like a web page. What is stateless? If you have played web development, you will understand that when you enter some

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