New feature for Windows Phone 8: Access to SD card

  Windows Phone 8 has added support for the SD card. developers can directly access the unencrypted content of the SD card, but cannot perform the write operation. In addition, you can copy approved applications to the SD for installation. You

Development of Windows Phone 7 (page Jump and value transfer)

Windows phone7 allows you to create multiple pages, but not like Windows MobileProgramIn the same way, the window may be closed or minimized, but it is achieved through the jump method. However, the redirection method is different from the

Tasks in Microsoft. Phone. Tasks developed in Windows Phone 7

// Phonecalltask: Call Private void btnphonecall_click (Object sender, routedeventargs e) {phonecalltask task = new phonecalltask (); task. phonenumber = "110"; task. displayname = ""; task. show () ;}// smscomposetask: Send the SMS private void

Windows Phone 7-Return key

// The "Return key" can only be used to return to the previous page. Only when the keyboard, context menu, or pop-up window is available, the return operation is to close the keyboard, cancel the context menu, or pop-up window. // If there is a

Deploy applications to Windows Phone 7

We all know that all applications on Windows Phone 7 will use marketplace for distribution. What should developers do? Debugging programs on devices cannot be downloaded from marketplace. Fortunately, Microsoft has taken this issue into

Make money form Windows Phone: paid or free app, which strategy to choose?

It is arguable wheatear it is more profitable for developers to have free ad-based Apps or paid ones. it depends on the type of APP, marketing, quality, target market size and lots of other things. in this post I will share some tips that cocould

New features for Windows Phone 8: TTS text reading and voice recognition APIs

I. Windows Phone 8 provides an API interface for TTS text reading.The id_cap_speech_recognition capability needs to be added, You only need two simple sections of code to complete text output, Speechsynthesizer synthesizer = new speechsynthesizer ();

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools update Guide

This article describes the problems that users who install Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta encounter when updating the RTM version and the main updates.   Windows Phone Developer Tools has finally been released ,. After waiting for a long time,

Introduction and Behavior Analysis of launchers & choosers in Windows Phone 7

This article briefly introduces the concepts and differences between launchers and choosers, briefly describes the functions of each launcher and chooser, and analyzes their behavior. Launchers and choosers are designed to uniformly call the

Detailed explanation of GPS application programming on Windows Phone 7

Although Windows Phone 7 has not been officially released yet, Microsoft's support for third parties is still in place. In the previous article, we will take a look at the detailed description of the WP7 development environment, now let's discuss

Communication between socket (TCP) and PC in Windows Phone 7

In Windows Phone 7, socket (TCP) communicates with the PC and uses the WP7 simulator to communicate with the simple TCP Service on the PC. The tcp client establishes a socket connection, sends and receives data, and closes the established

Operations related to Windows Phone 7 phone book

Take a moment to learn WP7. The learning progress is slow due to poor C # basics and work reasons. Slow down. Slow down. Haha .... These two methods are used to learn the programming of the phone book in WP7, mainly to read the phone book and the

Teach you how to use Windows Phone 7 in Chinese (xap package in Chinese)

Windows Phone 7 is currently booming, but a large number of applications are in English, which is a pity for Chinese people. It's awkward to look at the chicken sausage text. At present, the development prospects in China are still unclear, and

Windows Phone pop-up dialog box component try demo

Not to mention nonsense. I tried to test the components of a dialog box by waiting for my house to get off work. I think it is quite good. I would like to recommend Windows Phone developers. FirstDownload a third-party component and put it in the

App file for Windows Phone development

Using system; using system. collections. generic; using system. LINQ; using system. net; using system. windows; using system. windows. controls; using system. windows. documents; using system. windows. input; using system. windows. media; using

Precautions for Windows Phone 7 app Authentication-Brief Guide to authentication specifications

1. Avoid crash If the application crashes, authentication fails. Therefore, before submitting the application, you must determine whether the interface and function crash. 2. the UI should be correctly displayed when the background of the topic is

Windows Phone obtains latitude and longitude information

PS: it takes at least one minute for cold start, so it is best to initialize the public class and use it directly when calling it. The geocoordinatewatcher class provides coordinate-based location data from the current location provider. Coordinate-

WebClient for Windows Phone development

The main functions of WebClient are as follows: • Openreadasync opens the readable stream to the specified resource. • Openwriteasync open a stream to write data to the specified resource. These methods do not block calling threads. •

Animation effects of Windows Phone development

Step 1: Introduce namespace: xmlns:toolkit="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Phone.Controls;assembly=Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit"> Step 2: Set the following code outside the grid: In the XAML file: Toolkit: the animation that transitionservice.

Launcher and chooser for Windows Phone 7 Development

The following is a complete list of launcher and chooser provided by Windows Phone 7: Launcher ·Emailcomposetask-Write New emails ·Marketplacedetailtask-Start marketplace and display the detailed information of the specified

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