Learn about Windows Phone7 (16. Windows Phone 7 developer Tool RTM release)

After nearly eight months of waiting, the RTM version of the Windows Phone 7 Development Kit came out, not only with the development package, but also with the corresponding trainingkit; and even more exciting is the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows

Learn the Windows Phone 7 development together (12. Push Notification)

A Brief introduction Push Notification is one of the features of Windows Phone 7 that can be disguised as multitasking for ordinary developers (although not really multitasking). It establishes a dedicated, durable, and stable channel between the

Learn the Windows Phone 7 development together (eight. Bingmap control)

For the map, many people know goolemap, in fact, Microsoft also has its own map API, and is no worse than Google. For Microsoft's Bingmap, there are several versions available (Bing Maps AJAX control, Bing Maps Silverlight control, Bing Maps Web

Learn Windows Phone 7 development (six isolate Storage)

Windows Phone 7 has been identified on the current version of no file system (that is, FileStream, OpenFileDialog, such as features are not available) and the database system, which need to save some user configuration information or temporary data

Learn the Windows Phone 7 development together (four. Deepzoom)

Deepzoom is one of the features of Silverlight and is also added to Windows Phone 7. This feature should now be considered the main function of the Phone7 UI. Because many of Phone7 's UI is deepzoom developed, in addition to the MIX10 Assembly has

Learn Windows Phone 7 development (three. Page)

WP7 's form has not been in the same place as mobile, it is a web-style window--a page--generated by Silverlight. But it is not exactly the same as Silverlight, Silverlight is generated by frame and page, and WP7 is generated by

Learn about Windows Phone 7 development (two. Jumps and passes between pages)

Windows Phone7 allows you to create multiple pages, but unlike Windows Mobile programs, you may be able to close windows or minimize them, rather than by jumping. But its jump mode is also different from the PC on the sliverlight jump way. But it's

Learn Windows Phone 7 together to develop (one. Application Bar)

For Windows Phone 7 programs, the UI is developed with Sliverlight, but it's not exactly the complete collection of sliverlight, the relationship to subsets, because there are no APIs or functional PCs on phone 7 (such as this application BAR), the

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (4): Animation development

Objective The previous article describes how to use the MediaElement control to play Network radio, describes the media file format supported by the MediaElement control, and some of its limitations, and describes how the slider control is used and

A large amount of space in the Windows phone store was eaten

For many Windows Phone users, the problem they are most concerned with is what is in the "other" store, causing a lot of room to be eaten. Joe Belfiore, vice president of Microsoft's Windows Phone planning and management department, specifically

IOS 6,ios 7,android and Windows Phone 8 user Experience Comparison

Technology consultancy Pfeiffer conducted a mobile operating system user experience study designed to collect and compare Apple iOS 6, a newly designed iOS 7, and Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, the user experience can be quantified between the Android

Windows phone uses the async CTP to implement asynchronous loading of data

Async CTP is a good thing, is installed when the comparison pit ... With n more than a patch conflict, as long as the installation sequence to be able to successfully install ... You can refer to the previous writing: http://www.cnblogs.com/sun8134

Windows Phone Multibinding:cimbalino Toolkit

Support for multibinding in WPF and WIN8 What's the use of this, citing the MSDN example http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.data.multibinding.aspx: MultiBinding allows you to bind a binding target to a list of the source

Windows Phone 8.1 supports automatic WiFi enabled

For the past few days, the fans of Windows Phone 8.1, the latest mobile operating system of Microsoft, have received numerous information about the new version of the system. Microsoft has sent the SDK version of Windows Phone 8.1 to developers.

Windows Phone 8.1 New features: will be able to set a single SMS conversation notice Mute

Not long ago, Microsoft released the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK Software Development Kit to developers, and as usual, more information about the WP8.1 system leaked to the web, so the Internet has a list of features that appear to be quite comprehensive

Windows Phone 8.1 New changes: IE11 browser can remember passwords

Without mentioning changes at the API level, the most likely change in the Windows Phone 8.1 consumer feature is the IE11 browser. Developers in the continued excavation found that IE11 finally can remember the password! When we are surfing the

Different Windows Phone (47)

8.0 Other: Lock screen information and lock screen background, battery status, multi resolution, store, built-in protocol, fast recovery Introduced Different Windows Phone 8.0 other Lock screen information and lock screen background Battery

Windows Phone 8 Introductory Tutorial (i) Introduction

Hello, Welcome to this series of tutorials that contains 35 lessons for creating applications for window Phone 8 platforms. My name is Bob Tabor, and over the last 11 years I've been creating a video lecture tutorial on Microsoft development tools

New features and improvements for Windows Phone 8.1

As early as this June, a Reddit netizen exposed the first code "Blue" WP 8.1 screenshots after the external media has been related to the flow of information. Today, the net name for Qxerro on Weibo released more than WP 8.1 related spy photos,

A brief analysis of push technology in Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Push is not a new technology, which has become popular in the internet age. But with the advent of the mobile internet era, push technology appears to be more important. Because in a smartphone, push to a certain extent, can replace the use of many

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