WP8.1 Windows Phone 8.1 Two-time exit

PublicMainPage () {hardwarebuttons.backpressed+ = hardwarebuttons_backpressed;//Register back Key}Private voidHardwarebuttons_backpressed (Objectsender, Windows.Phone.UI.Input.BackPressedEventArgs e) {Frame Frame= Window.Current.Content

Xamarin mistakenly deletes the processing of vethernet (internal Ethernet Port Windows Phone Emulator) network devices.

Yesterday accidentally deleted the Xamarin development environment of virtual device network equipment. The name is: vEthernet (internal Ethernet Port Windows Phone Emulator). The code that causes the original to run correctly cannot be edited,

Windows Phone (Idiom Classics game development)

Notes on the use of idiom booksIdiom Classics is an all-Chinese leisure puzzle game, can let you and friends experience the charm of Chinese ancient cultural idiom, idiom is a part of Chinese character language vocabulary stereotypes of phrases or

Windows Phone 7 Programming Learning bit two-device orientation, system theme and system tray

1 There are two ways to change the orientation of the device:(1) Set Supportedorientation to "Portraitorlandscape" to allow the operating system to be implemented for you.(2) is implemented by code: Orientationchanged event.1 This New Eventhandler (

About the Windows Phone Dean online client

I am a sophomore student, because the school's education online has not out of the Windows Phone's Dean online, and itself is also interested in WP development, so try to developBecause there is no systematic learning, only in the groping forward,

Windows Phone Sensor

Sensors in Windows phone mainly include accelerometer sensors, compass sensors, gyroscope sensors, etc.Accelerometer SensorsThe accelerometer class is an interface to the acceleration sensor, and the accelerometer class is located under the

UAP Development Error The given System.Uri cannot be converted into a Windows.Foundation.Uri (Windows phone background replacement)

Today, bloggers in the development of a Windows Phone app, want to implement the app background replacement, the idea is simple. Use the Applicationdatacontainer container to store my picture path, read the path each time I load the app to determine

Windows Phone longlistselector loading next page

Longlistselector uses Listheader, listfooter to load the previous and next page of XAML code:Phone:longlistselector>Phone:LongListSelector.ListHeader> Grid> ButtonContent= "Load Previous page"Click= "Pre_click"/>

Windows Phone Interface Design

To achieve this effect:1. Ensure that the status bar background color is the same as the theme bar color, you need to set the status bar transparency, the code is as follows:Shell:systemtray.isvisible= "True" shell:systemtray.opacity= "0.01"2. The

Windows Phone 13, notification hubs

Pop-up Notification dialog box1 Grid > 2 3 Content= "pop-up Notification"4 click= "button _click "/>5 Grid>1 Private Async voidButton_Click (Objectsender, RoutedEventArgs e)2 {3 //

Windows Phone 18, Compass

magnetometer OverviewDevices with magnetometer hardware support can determine the angle relative to the Arctic according to the magnetometerThe magnetometer access API is defined in the Compass classCall mode is similar to the accelerometer1

Windows Phone 18, accelerometer

Acceleration SensorThe acceleration sensor of the mobile phone is calculated by the offset of the x, Y, z three axes.The basic API in code is mainly focused on the Accelerometer typeThe main thing is to use this type of object to capture

Windows Phone VI, JSON

JSON serialization1 Public class Person2 {3 Public intId {Get;Set; }4 Public stringName {Get;Set; }5 Public intAge {Get;Set; }6 Public intGender {Get;Set; }7} Person1Person Zhang =NewPerson ();2Zhang. Id =

Styles in Windows Phone

1. Use the resources in internal style file: application.resources > Source= "Myresources.xaml"/>application.resources >2. Use external style file: application.resources > Source= "/myexternalassembly;component/myresources.xaml"/>

Windows Phone Splash Screen

Why to use splash screen? Typically, should use a splash-in your apps only if your apps is unusually slow to load if you want to add Additi Onal branding to the app. You can use splash screens to show company logo, promote apps, load data and

Windows Phone 16, HttpClient

HttpClient objects can also implement network requestsHttpClient operations are simpler and more powerful than HttpWebRequest objectsHttpClient provides a series of simpler APIs to implement basic requestsSupports both authentication and

Windows Phone 15, HttpWebRequest

Objects in the Windows runtime that support access to network resources: HttpWebRequest objectsSend Get/post request, Httphelper package, timeout control.HttpClient ObjectSend Get/post request, request Progress Monitor.Two common request types: GET

Windows Phone VII, XML serialization

DataContractSerializer Object1 Public class Person2 {3 Public intId {Get;Set; }4 Public stringName {Get;Set; }5 Public intAge {Get;Set; }6 Public CharGender {Get;Set; }7} Person1 Private Async

Windows phone is gradually reduced (occupied by temporary and cached files) during use. How can this problem be solved?

Some temporary files or junk files will be generated during the use of the mobile phone. These files will gradually become larger after a long period of use, thus occupying the use space of the use case, however, these files cannot be deleted from

How to prevent exceptions and failures when Windows phone is upgraded online

1) before the upgrade, ensure that the system time zone and date are consistent with the actual time.Set->Date +Time;    2) Check whether the current battery of the mobile phone is sufficient before the upgrade. We recommend that you set the battery

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