How to implement Windows Phone code to communicate with unity (call directly)

I used two articles written in WP and unity to communicate with each other, the method of invocation, one is an event, one is a plug-in.This is a simpler one, and I think this should be a unique advantage of Unity's release to WP or WIN store. After

Windows Phone 8.1 ListBox Group display

First understand the list group of friends can first look, the following link!Http:// content of the link just introduced the basic prototype, I put in some of my personal changes to

Toast of Windows Phone 8.1 development notes

Toast (toast) is a temporary notice on the top of the WP screen, he will be there for 7 seconds, can quickly locate the user's desired location (certainly by the developer set)1. Create a ToastNow, you'll need to have your app set up to support

Windows Phone-Input control implementation

In WP development, the main input control actually has two, one is a textbox, the other is the password control. There are many new features in the two controls, especially the TextBox control. PasswordBox: A password box control that is used to

Windows Phone 8.1 differs from Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight

The following discussion is based on the current WP8 APP,One, the Windows Phone 8 app:Old WP8 procedures; no need for migration;Second, the Windows Phone 8.1 appNew programs that use Windows Runtime; migration costs are large;Some WP8 old features

Extended webbrowser in Windows phone to support binding HTML content

In WP development, WebBrowser controls are sometimes used to display some HTML content, a control that has many limitations, such as binding content not supported, so that the content can not be bound in the MVVM pattern. To achieve this, you need

Windows Phone Simulator Skin switcher

Want to experience the Nokia Lumia 710 or Lumia 800? No problem, just install the Windows Phone7 Emulator, and then download and install this Windows Phone7 Simulator skin switcher. As the saying goes change a color mood, perhaps this small thing

Common shortcut keys for Windows Phone Emulator Simulator

When using Windows Phone development, when it is difficult to buy real windows Phone devices, we used to debug our own programs are often used to be emulator. Often people ask me to say, with the mouse click on the emulator on the virtual keyboard

Find an element of a type in a visual tree in Windows Phone

Tag:ar   for   on    Code    amp   as    res   window   app    private void Stackpanel_tap (object sender, Tappedroutedeventargs e) {//Gets the object is ListBoxItem Listboxi Tem mylistboxitem = (listboxitem) (ListBox.

Windows Phone Development Essentials Tool

1. Icon Design, orDribbble.com2. JSON format (TextHighlighterExtension2012)This extension offers syntax highlighting for the following text formats: . JSON (also offer syntax validation, automatic

Getting Started: Windows Phone 8.1 Development Video Learning Address

This video resource is from Microsoft Virtual Academy's the video!Getting Started: Windows Phone 8.1 Development Video Learning Address1 Course

Windows phone's own speech recognition

WindowsPhone Voice operations include the following:1, the speech recognition inside the program, the user can enter through the speech recognition or complete the related task2, the control program's voice command, the control program starts, opens,

Windows PHONE Development-Getting Started program building

1: The page has the extension:. xaml files like ASPX can write client display content and background processing contentThe general front page is in the form of:Pagex:class= "Myfirstapp.mainpage"xmlns=

Windows Phone: conference call with three-party (multiparty) calls

Sometimes you need to talk to more people, so let's take a look at how to use the Windows Phone for multiparty calls.Multiple calls with a single condition:1, in the operator to open the multi-party call business, if you initiate multiparty calls,

Windows Phone 7 ListBox list item fade loading animated learning notes

In the WP7 program, the performance problem is a problem we have to consider when the function of the program becomes more and more complex. In a chat list, if there are too many chat items and the project UI component is complex enough,We have to

Windows Phone 8 Lock screen background and notifications

Windows Phone 8 on the lock screen background picture is supported by app customization, and app notification reminders are also supported at the bottom of the screen, a new feature that is very eye-catching Although we have already seen a lot of

[Wp8.1ui Control Programming] Compilation of Windows Phone XAML pages

1.1.2 Compilation of XAML pagesThe Windows Phone Application project compiles XAML pages through Visual Studio, and when the program is run, it loads and parses the XAML through a direct link operation, connecting XAML and procedural code

[Wp8.1ui Control Programming] Windows Phone Custom layout rules

3.2 Custom Layout rulesThe previous section describes the Windows Phone System layout Panel and layout system related principles, then the system layout Panel does not necessarily meet all the layout rules you want to implement, if there are some

Windows Phone 8.1 Virtualization arranges layout controls

11.2.2 VirtualizingStackPanel, Itemsstackpanel, and Itemswrapgrid virtualization arrange layout controlsVirtualizingStackPanel, Itemsstackpanel, and Itemswrapgrid are all virtualized layout controls, which are rarely used in the layout of the

Windows Phone Bing lock screen doesn ' t change workaround

The previously used Lumia 925,bing lock screen is replaced every day. The Lumia 930 has been changed over the past few days, syncing account-related settings and discovering that Bing lock screen is no longer changed every day. There are several

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