Header properties for TextBox controls in Windows Phone development

Note: Bo Master windows Phone Learning Novice, in the blog Park to share their just mastered some of the learning notes, simple content, master do not spray!A while ago to see @ disappeared 3003 of the blog, found the TEXTBOXT header properties.

Windows Phone app development attempts

This application, in fact, is not the application, is the first real attempt to write the program, the whole process in XAML, because before learning C # too quick, now C # has forgotten, nonsense not much to say, the following began to

Windows Phone Link

One-Stop Learning CenterHttp://www.microsoft.com/china/msdn/WindowsPhone/learn/default.htmStackOverflowHttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/windows-phoneIn Depthhttp://www.geekchamp.com/articles/wp7-animations-in-depthndash-overview-and-getting-

How can windows Phone roll over in China?

The latest news tells us that Android and iOS systems continue to be market-leading, and that Android's market share is at its highest point in history.As a Windows Phone consumer, as a Microsoft fan, I feel very uncomfortable.A few days ago MIUI6

How to implement Windows Phone code to communicate with unity (plug-in mode)

Some crapOriginal address:http://imwper.com/unity/petto/%E5%A6%82%E4%BD%95%E5%AE%9E%E7%8E%B0windows-phone%E4%BB%A3%E7%A0%81%E4%B8% 8eunity%e7%9b%b8%e4%ba%92%e9%80%9a%e4%bf%a1%ef%bc%88%e6%8f%92%e4%bb%b6%e6%96%b9%e5%bc%8f%ef%bc%89.htmlMy blog moved

The store header displays the wrong issue when you switch multiple languages on Windows Phone

Some time ago, in the spare time to write a WP8 app ("Super Filter" store, Chinese address, English address), in multiple languages, to the app titleand app tile title in multiple languages (refer to MSDN), the Chinese store (ZH-CN) always displays "

Windows Phone 8 Learning Note (2) data file operations

The location of Windows phone 8 apps for data file storage access is limited to four places in the installation folder, local folder (Isolated storage space), Media Library, and SD card. This section focuses on their usage and related limitations.

Windows Phone 8 Learning Note (8) Positioning map navigation

Windows Phone 8 does not already use its own Bing maps, and the new map controls can specify cartographic modes, views, and so on. Bing Maps has a large positioning error, and it seems ideal to test the new map in the simulator. This section focuses

Do not know how to handle windows Phone exceptions

backstage received such a piece of exception information, from the following is the SQL Server Compact database error, but how to error, why the error, how to avoid? There is no way, if you fix this problem, please guide the maze, thank you!

Windows Phone Development Common Tips-quit app upgrade (double exit in three seconds)

Set a DispatcherTimer control to execute exit logic when the return key is clicked again within three seconds Public voidExitby2click (System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs e) {if(!isexit) {Isexit=true; E.cancel=true; _timer=NewDispatcherTimer (); _

Microsoft publishes Windows Phone 8.1 Update and Chinese version of Cortana "Cortana"

Windows Phone 8.1 is still in the push process, and its first GDR update was released. Today, Microsoft officially released the Windows Phone 8.1 Update and the Chinese version of cortana--"Cortana".Windows Phone 8.1 Changed the way the GDR (general

How to integrate Cortana with your Windows Phone 8.1 app (Voice command-natural language recognition)

With the release of the Chinese version of Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 + Cortana, I'm sure a lot of users or developers are flirting with Windows Phone's voice personal assistant Cortana, and in the World Cup I tested Cortana to predict that the German

How to implement Windows Phone code to communicate with Unity (event mode)

  Some crapWrite an article yesterday to write an article today. Not my idle egg pain, is today a day met several annoying problems, wasted a day to fix. This article will be a useful article, of course, if you want to develop a unity game and

"Windows Phone 8 Development Internals" Reading notes -1-2-2-serial

Chapter II: Application Models and navigation (2) Core issues in this chapter: The life cycle of an application The Navigation model of Microsoft page-based Silverlight application framework We discussed the operating

Windows Phone development-webbrowser usage Tips

In May, a version of the face Meng WP was developed, which required the use of web technology to draw images, and the native WebBrowser controls were used. In the process of using WebBrowser control, found some pits, but also summed up a few tips to

Windows Phone 8.1 Update1 supports Chinese "Cortana" and developer simulator updates

Awaited's Windows Phone 8.1 Update1 in developer Perview released a friend who has not yet upgraded as I sneak in. Upgraded friends look at WP8.1 update1 and what you don't know about features. This includes, of course, the Chinese version of

Size of Windows Phone browser window

Mobile devices typically have a much smaller screen than PCs, and a mobile device's browser maps a larger "virtual" window to a mobile device's screen, then scales at a certain scale (3:1 or 2:1). That is, when we load a normal Web page, the mobile

Windows Phone 8.1 Store Launch protocol

Recently developed wp8.1 has been two months, a lot of feeling pits, the original 8 times the store API is more clear, Microsoft does not give the package even if, at least you have to be marked on MSDN on the place of the next ah ... By the way in

I also show the Windows Phone version of the blog Park client

Spare time to do it!Microsoft App Store Addresshttp://www.windowsphone.com/zh-cn/store/app/%e5%8d%9a%e5%ae%a2%e5%9b%ad/48a708f8-28cb-4a5d-b963-04f56541a17fCurrent versionV2.2 (WP8)1. New Personal Center2. New Login function3. Added blog post feature4

What should we prepare for Windows phone development?

First, we have what equipment. After installing vs learning for WP, also installed with the SDK, do not have to install the JDK like Android, download the IDE, but also install the SDK and Eclipse plug-ins. WP development environment can be

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