Windows Phone mango Rom comments

Windows Phone mango rom has been evaluated more recently, xdn Community A group of enthusiasts tested mango's new ROM on Samsung's focus. This is a prerelease version of the mango system, so there is still a lot of improvement work to be done. The

8 days, 8 USD registration for Windows Phone Personal Development Account

Dear Windows Phone developers, Hello everyone! As Windows Phone 8 debuted, our Windows Phone Developer Center also launched a special offer8 daysUSD 8 for one-year Personal Development Account registration. This preferential policy applies to

Major news: Windows Phone app store is open to Chinese developers !!

According to the Windows Phone developer blog ( B /wpdev/archive/2011/10/18/marketplace-comes-to-china-amp-india-also-improves-search-and-7-0-amp-7-5-app-update-options.aspx ),Microsoft announced today that

IOS vs Android vs Windows Phone-smart phone competition-application Station

If you want to buy a new smartphone recently, you may be worried about the system mobile phone you want to buy. Before that, you must be familiar with the iPhone and iPad, and you will also be familiar with "droids" (equipped with Android) no

More details about new features of Windows Phone 8

The core part of this article is from PocketNow. The comments part refer to the comments from Xi Xun of We Love Windows Phone. HK. Let's take a look at the specific content below. PocketNow releases proprietary news that they have seen a film made

Experience in Windows phone 7 (1. Install the Windows phone 7 sdk)

Windows phone 7 is finally released, and its SDK is also released at the same time. The environment on which the SDK depends is highly demanding. It is also a new Microsoft product. To install the deployment SDK, you must meet the following

Experience in Windows phone 7 (2. Development Environment and simulator)

This is the development environment visual studio2010 of windows phone7. You can see that its UI uses Xaml and the control is the C # language. This gives me the feeling that it is like the development environment of This is the

Study Windows phone 7 development together (1. Application Bar)

For the Windows Phone 7 program, the UI is developed with Sliverlight, but it is not completely the complete set of Sliverlight. It is related to the subset, because there are no APIs or functions on the PC (such as the application bar) On Phone 7,

Learn Windows phone 7 development together (2. jump between pages and pass values)

Windows Phone7 allows you to create multiple pages. However, unlike Windows mobile, Windows Phone7 may close the window or minimize the number of pages. Instead, it is implemented through redirection. However, the redirection method is different

Learning Windows phone 7 development together (IV. DeepZoom)

DeepZoom is a special feature of silverlight and is also added to windows phone 7. This function is now the main function of the phone7 Ui. Because many of the Ui of phone7 was developed by DeepZoom, And the cartoon reading software exhibited at the

Windows Phone CodeJam for 48 hours. Let's get involved!

1. Activities and awards Code Jam is a collective application creation activity that has matured abroad. Participants will freely team up and quickly create an application or game within 48 hours. Participants will use their own hardware and other

Windows Phone 7 Browser IE Mobile 9 new features Disclosure

Windows Phone 7 IE is the core of IE 7. In Windows Phone 7 major update (codenamed mango), Microsoft will release IE Mobile 9, which supports HTML5 and is the core of IE 9 desktop edition. However, more content is worth mentioning. At MWC 2011, Dean

Getting a seat -- register for Windows Phone developer training camp!

As Windows Phone's time to go public in China approaches, more and more developers are working hard to develop mobile applications based on Windows Phone. Microsoft and Nokia joined hands to provide a large-scale and comprehensive Windows Phone

Introduction to some new features of Windows Phone Mango

In the latest Windows Phone Dev Podcast program, details and functions of Windows Phone Mango are continuously disclosed; this time, it was revealed that Mango will add Facebook Chat and Cloud Service Office 365 (including SkyDrive and SharePoint,

Windows Phone 7 SDK official version RTW

Long wait, Windows Phone 7 SDK official version RTW! Windows Phone 7 may also be the first time that Microsoft upgrades the SDK of a product so frequently, from the CTP in December, to the CTP Refresh in December, and then the Beta version in

Windows Phone 7 mode and Practice Guide

Now Microsoft has released the patterns & practices Windows Phone 7 guidance in MSDN and provides corresponding content for download. This Guide describes how to build a Windows Phone 7 application that uses remote services in the cloud. It

Windows Phone Mango (version 7712) application is open

In the past few days, Microsoft has started to push Mango updates (not RTM) with version 7712 to registered developers in the App Hub ). If you have never been invited to Mango Beta testing by Microsoft, you can apply directly to Microsoft. Go to

WindowsPhone7 developer-Programming Windows Phone 7 Series released

The Microsoft MVP project team was notified that Microsoft has released the beta development tool for Windows Phone 7 in advance-Windows Phone Developer Tootls CTP. The tool package includes: visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone CTP

Overview of Windows Phone 7 outstanding open-source projects

Before introducing the subject, I would like to recommend a very good website to you. Its maintainer is a former Microsoft Silverlight program manager. This website provides a large number of development resources for Windows Phone 7, including many

Data sharing for the first anniversary of Windows Phone 7 Development Platform

On the first anniversary of Windows Phone 7 Development Platform, Microsoft shared some data about Windows Phone 7 Development Platform over the past year. Brandon Watson, senior director of Microsoft Windows Phone Business, said through a blog that

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