Practical development tips for Windows Phone (31): Password Encryption

During actual development, we may need to remember the user information, such as the user name and password. The common function is to authenticate the user information in subsequent network requests. The password is sensitive information. We need

Blog of Windows Phone application

I have been using Google Reader to subscribe to the news in the blog park, but I have been unable to spend too much time reading the latest IT information on Google Reader. As a result, I marked it as read again and again, so it took me some time to

Blog of Windows Phone Project Practice

Previously, I participated in the spring phone program held by Microsoft and Nokia. I used three apps in exchange for the lumia800. I also participated in the program and got Lumia. One of the three apps, blog garden, my small application, thought

Use Silverlight for development in Windows Phone 7

Preface Windows Phone 7 is now available, and some radical developers are using some developer tools to create a new generation of "Angry Birds" or Netflix applications. As we mentioned in previous articles, Microsoft provides a free developer tool

Double surprise-first experience of Windows Phone Developer Tools

Author: Ma Ning As the saying goes, Windows Phone is like a Chinese football team. When everyone loses confidence in him, the soul and RP suddenly broke out, killing South Korea. Of course, just as the four-strong match in East Asia could not prove

HD2 for Windows Phone 7 Development machine Note (I)

HD2 is flushed to windows phone7 Starting with HD2 in the previous section, we built the windows phone7 system and found a method to flash the machine in Baidu Library. The address is: Http:// Pay

Windows Phone practical development skills 1-30 (ebook + Source Code)

Without knowing it, I have compiled 30 practical Windows Phone development skills. Some may be just a small knowledge point, and some may be a systematic summary of the specific usage of a control. In addition, two practical projects have been

Windows Phone (September December)

Windows Phone knowledge has not been updated for a long time. Today, we will update: classify articles of different categories for your convenience.   I believe everyone enjoys the open discussion on the 31st of windows phone of jeffblankenburg.

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (30): gradient background image during swap Switching

In the previous article, we mentioned that if you dynamically bind a token, You can bind the token correctly. There are no technical difficulties. Today, we will introduce the background image of switching between the gradient and titem to improve

Practical development skills for Windows Phone (6): Conversion of Chinese characters to PinYin in windows phone

We know that Silverlight does not support GB2312 encoding. Therefore, Silverlight for Windows Phone naturally does not support GB2312 encoding, and thus cannot use the "C # Chinese character to PinYin" method on the Internet. In fact, we can use a

Windows Phone practical development skills (32): Photo angle Processing

In the actual project, you may need to select an image from the album and then process it accordingly. However, I don't know if you have found such a situation, that is, the mobile phone is vertical, but it is indeed horizontal when uploading to

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (34): Get the first letter of Chinese pinyin

In previous articles, I used to explain how to obtain all Chinese Characters in Windows Phone. At that time, I put all Chinese characters and Pinyin into one set and then matched the search results, this will cause a problem, that is, the Chinese

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (35): Save music as a ringtone

In Windows Phone 7.5, we can save a piece of music as a ringtone in the program. However, there are some restrictions on the storage of music files: 1. The file must be in MP3 or WMA format. 2. The length of the ringtone file must be less than 40

Windows Phone practical development skills (33): Do not restart the program to switch the current language

In the previous Windows Phone application globalization, we talked about how to create a Windows Phone application that supports multiple languages. In this article, let's make dig a little deeper. That is, you can set the current language on the

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (36): save images in WebBrowser

Sometimes, we need to use the WebBrowser control in the Windows Phone application to display webpage content, in the previous blog "WebBrowser in Windows Phone opens a new window", we talked about how to open a new window in WebBrowser. Today we

Xiami radio station for Windows Phone application

I have worked on a Windows Phone app Xiami music and received feedback from enthusiastic netizens. One piece of feedback is about the radio module, saying that it is possible to remember the last selected radio station. Do not display the default

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (39): WebBrowser references images in an independent Bucket

To save traffic, we may need to cache images locally in the program. During the second display, we can directly read images from the local machine without downloading them from the network. In particular, apps such as news sometimes use WebBrowser

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (40): Use NGif to create GIF images

NGif is a class library used in. net to create GIF images. It can be migrated to windows phone and created in windows phone. GIF animation displays images in sequence within a certain period of time and saves multiple images as an image file to form

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (37): create a global player

When developing windows phone, sometimes we need to play the sound on some pages. There are also many playback methods: 1. Use MediaElement 2. Use SoundEffect 3. Use background playback SoundEffect can only play files in wav format. It can play back

Windows Phone practical development skills (38): Image Stitching

Image Mosaic is a type of puzzle. Several images are spliced into a large image. This article describes how to splice images in windows phone. First, we prepare some original image of the Puzzle. the length and width of these images are different,

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