Windows Phone 7: simple drag flip Control

A similar control is required for the project, so a simple one is written and shared. The effect is as follows: Both the upper and lower controls are the control. After you touch the control left or right, the current control will flip and jump

Windows Phone Chart Development demo

Since a large number of charts and reports are used in the work, we have prepared for the knowledge reserve, so we sorted out the demo. I originally wanted to use fusioncharts, but it uses XML and JSON as data interfaces. It is a flash plug-in and

Build a Windows Phone development environment

1. system or function requirementsOperating System:Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows Vista SP2 (32-bit), Windows Vista (64-bit), or later.Note:Not supported:Windows XP, Windows Server, virtual PC, and hyper-v.Memory: 3 gb ram and 1.5

Windows Phone 7 experience

After waiting for many days, I finally got a Windows Phone 7: Samsung Focus. I have not changed my cell phone for five years. I have a smartphone with a processor clock speed of 1 GB and memory of hundreds of MB. The biggest shock is a 4-inch screen

Windows Phone 7 mango update

I learned from my friends that the latest Windows phone7 mango beta update was installed after nearly two hours of hard work (backup and other problems. After the update, the first startup will take a long time on the OEM interface, but it will be

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools & Training Kit official version released!

These two days have been detailed. This week, we settled in the blog Park in msdn, and ie9 beta was released yesterday. Later, I will go to the press conference venue. Before that, I will share some good news with you, windows Phone 7 does not seem

Windows Phone keyboard usage

Keyboard type: Keyboard Remarks Input range Includes Automatic completion and a two-page release menu. Chat, text Default keyboard. Addresscity, addresscountryname,

Mgen SPA project V2 released: Cross-WPF, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8 platforms

For software updates and descriptions, refer: Mgen spa Engineering updates and introduction   The mgen SPA project is an open-source class library. I wrote this article since January 1, 1.0, 1.2. Now we are happy to announce the release of

WPF/Windows Phone/winrt: checkbox and radiobutton list

This effect: WPF: Windows Phone: Winrt:   (The radiobutton list is similar ).   Pay attention to the following details: 1. Multiple tab focus should not appear (both listboxitem and checkbox can obtain the tab focus ).

WPF/Windows Phone/winrt: create a unified expander Control

Effect: WPF: Windows 8: Windows Phone   The whole process is still tortuous. in WPF, headeredcontentcontrol and expander controls are defined. Therefore, you only need to define the control template in the WPF environment.

WPF/Windows Phone: Use inkpresenter for painting

Update: Updated for WPF: see WPF: painting with inkpresenter (update) I used to write a Windows Phone 7 Article: Using framereported to do a simple drawing program, drawing in inkpresenter by using the touch framereporter event. This

Run the networkstream type in Windows Phone 7.

I wroteArticle: Indicates the socket type of Windows Phone 7. In fact, there are more than the network stream type in Windows Phone 7. So I manually wrote one, which is very simple, as follows: > It inherits the stream type and is named

Silverlight and Windows Phone: Position of parsing elements in the visual tree and logical tree

See how to parse the position of elements in the visual tree and logical tree in standard Silverlight and Silverlight for Windows Phone. In the past, I wrote an article about the same intent in the Windows 8 winrt framework: winrt/Metro: the

Windows Phone 7: loopingarraydatasource with index values supported

I have written an article: Windows Phone 7: Using arrays as the iloopingselectordatasource of loopingselector. However, my colleagues found that there was no support for the index value option when using it. Coincidentally, the main type of

Windows Phone 8: NFC transmission in the simulator

Directory 1. Configuration 2. Code   Returned directory1. Configuration Implement analog NFC transmission in two WP8 simulators, such:   As we all know, the WP8 simulator does not support analog NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi direct transmission (WP8

Smoothly transforming the WP series in Windows Phone: "delegation", "Events", and "interfaces" (I. In-depth understanding)

There are many articles about "delegation", "Events", and "interfaces" in the garden. There are many good articles. In this article, we will introduce a development instance of "Windows Phone", the. NET mechanism, and its own crude

The socket type of Windows Phone 7

The socket type of Windows Phone 7 is changed from the socket type in Silverlight. In general, compared to the socket type in the complete. Net desktop, it has a large degree of castrated. First, all operations can only be asynchronous, and

Mgen clo project 0.1: Use of Windows Phone 7.5

Note: This article is another article: mgen clo engineering 0.1 and a concise tutorial. Due to Windows Phone 7.5's Environment restrictions, TCP Connections cannot be monitored ). Therefore, Clo engineering Windows Phone 7 does not support the

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (4): screenshots taken at intervals

Because the current Windows Phone does not provide screenshot code for the current application, we can only find a solution. You only need to add the following method to the number of constructors of APP. XAML. CS to cut the graph every 10 seconds

Windows Phone screenshot code

Read Alexis's article,, For Windows Phone screens, After a try, the screen is flipped in the landscape status, which seems to be faulty, So Google, Found the following code:

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