Windows Phone development: Localizing an application bar

Create a localized applicationProgramAdd multi-language support for the Application bar. We know that the text attribute of ApplicationBar in Windows Phone is not a dependency attribute and cannot be bound to internationalize the text. So how can we

Windows Phone development (17): tip and tip 2

If you need to accurately locate the location, the device updates the data every time it moves 100 meters, you can write as follows: Geocoordinatewatcher watcher = new geocoordinatewatcher (geopositionaccuracy. Hight );Watcher. movementthreshold = 1

Windows Phone development (18): Ui Exception Handling of WP

  Ui exception handling:In app. XAML. CS, there are two methods:// Executed when navigation failsCodePrivate void rootframe_navigationfailed (Object sender, navigationfailedeventargs E){If (system. Diagnostics. Debugger. isattached){// Navigation

Windows Phone development: starter and Selector

The initiator and Selector are two sets of APIs that WP provides to developers to enable applications.ProgramYou can easily call APIs to complete some of the built-in general tasks of mobile phones, such as making phone calls, sending emails, and

About xNa records (PreView) compiled from Windows Phone 8 developer docs)

XNa framework and Windows Phone 8 Development   You cannot create new xNa Projects that target Windows Phone 8 Developer Preview YouCannot create new xNa projects, that target Windows Phone 8 Developer Preview.If you select an xNa Project

Cultivation of Windows Phone development: tip and skills

In blend, right-click phoneapplicationpage to add applicationbariconbutton. Select the desired button icon from the iconuri drop-down list. In blend, right-click the text control, select Edit style, and click "Application resource" to select the

Practice Windows Phone development (5): ApplicationBar Best Practices

This article focuses on the usage of ApplicationBar in Windows Phone development. ApplicationBar is the so-called menu bar, which includes two types: iconbutton and menu. Iconbutton is equivalent to the toolbar in the menu bar, which can contain

Windows Phone development (15): Workshop and panorama Best Practices

  Features of the two modes Panorama (1) richer User Experience(2) item can set the screen direction to horizontal and support display of one additional Screen(3) background images of any size can be used, and panorama automatically scales to fit

Windows Phone development (4): Windows Phone build action

During WP development, we often encounter problems where images cannot be displayed, videos and music cannot be played, and addresses are correct. What's the reason, according to the msdn study, the build action was improperly set. Right-click the

Windows Phone development (3): windtows Phone 7 Project Introduction

Windows Phone 7ProgramIntroduction There is not much to say about how to create a new one. developers who have experience with Visual Studio ide will start on the page. After the creation, as shown in, the simulator for Windows Phone is

Windows Phone development path (15) basic navigation

In a slightly more complex application, multiple pages may be used. To jump to these pages, you must use the navigation function. The following example provides a basic function: navigate from mainpage on the home page to secondpage, and then return

Windows Phone development path (16) how to transfer data between pages

The problem solved in this article is how to transmit data from the source page to the target page.In fact, Windows Phone already provides us with a solution, that is, querying strings. The following project will achieve the following effect: When

Windows Phone development path (8) Silverlight three layout containers

Silverlight inherits the most important part of WPF, which is an extremely flexible Layout mode. With this layout mode, you can organize content into a group of different layout containers. Each container has its own layout logic, one for placing

Windows Phone development path (18) independent storage

As mentioned above, you must use independent storage to store data during multiple running times of a program. Any program installed in Windows Phone 7 can access its permanent disk storage area, which is called independent storage. In the following

Windows Phone development (8): independent storage isolated storage

Foreground XAML -->     Backend Cs: using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Net;using System.Windows;using System.Windows.Controls;using System.Windows.Documents;using

Windows Phone development path (2) Development Environment Establishment

To develop a WP application, you must first build a development environment. The following describes how to build a development environment for WP.1. Download the Windows Phone SDK: Windows Phone SDK (software development kit), now the latest

Windows Phone development path (4) xaml basics (I)

As I mentioned in the previous post, XAML is a language based on XML to create and initialize. Net objects. Although XAML can be used in more CLR types, in Silverlight, it describes the UI in a way that humans can create.I. First recognized

Windows Phone development (11): Overview and example of scheduled tasks periodictask and resourceintensivetask

As mentioned above, Scheduled tasks allow applications to execute the background agent on condition that the master program is not activated. Unlike scheduled notification, scheduled tasks can only be executed in two types: periodictask and

Windows Phone development (12): Summary and example of the scheduled task background Schedule Tasks

In wp7.1, the new API for the background agent adds many very powerful parts. The following section describes the scheduled multi tasking part. Scheduled multi tasking mainly enables the application to support tasks in Multi-job mode, so that the

Windows Phone 7: Use framereported to create a simple drawing program

A simple WP7 plotting program that supports multi-touch, that is, different touch lines and multiple touch points of the same touch will have different colors.   The preparation is very simple. On the interface, there is an inkpresenter control

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