Windows Phone 7 horizontal scrolling text

When the title of an application is longer, the title of the application is not full. You can scroll it. You can use either the scrollviewer control or the translatetransform Translation Transform. 1. The scrollviewer control directly sets

Windows Phone Development Guide Book & document translation plan-[WP development document translation series]

I have been busy with many things and have never had time to do things as planned. After this month, I spent the last few months of college study Windows Phone development. Prepare to read the following development guidance books as planned. If you

Architecture of Windows Phone 7-[WP development document translation series]

ArticleDirectory WP7 hardware components: WP7 software components: Memory Model and Management Kernel memory ing (kernel memory map) Process-Space Mapping) I decided to focus more on the technical fields that I was

Windows Phone 7 framework and page

I. Windows Phone 7 framework (Phoneapplicationframe) And page (Phoneapplicationpage) In a WP7 ApplicationProgramWhen running, the entire UI architecture of the program will bePhoneapplicationframe and one or

Windows Phone 7 network programming call WCF Service

I. Introduction to WCF Service Windows Communication Foundation is a distributed communication programming framework provided by Microsoft to build service-oriented applications, developers can build cross-platform, secure, reliable, and

Web service calling for Windows Phone 7 Network Programming

The following example shows the Windows Phone 7 app through a mobile phone number attribution query.ProgramHow to call the Web service interface. Let's take a look at the running effect: The app calls the following Web Service Interface for

Windows Phone 7 custom events

In Windows Phone application development, events can be seen everywhere. The system has encapsulated various event mechanisms, such as button-clicking events. In actual development, we need to customize some events for the relevant classes to meet

Windows Phone 7 Date Selection Control datepicker and Time Selection Control timepicker

Datepicker and timepicker are controls in Microsoft's toolkit components. Datepicker is a date Selection Control used for date format input. The implementation result is as follows: Timepicker is a Time Selection Control used for time format

Windows Phone 7 extended Textbox Control is a digital input text box

Some information is input, such as phone numbers and zip codes. However, the control in Windows Phone 7 does not only allow the input of numbers, to implement such a control, you can only manually extend the Textbox Control. To expand a widget: 1

Add a style to the Windows Phone 7 CS page

Controls are generally assigned a value on the XAML page. However, in some special environments, such as dynamically generating controls, you need to add styles to the controls on the CS page. Method 1: Add the style as a global resource on the

Common classes and methods for Windows Phone 7 perst Databases

I. perst. Database ClassDatabase is a database class provided by perst, which is equivalent to simulating a relational database. Database classes allow you to create/Delete tables, add/delete indexes, create/update/delete records, and write and

Tips for Windows Phone 7 Development

1. Use popup to customize the pop-up effect. The pop-up blocks of the popup control are always at the front of the screen. Therefore, popup can be used to implement various pop-up boxes and provide you with a lot of custom space, many third-party

Windows Phone development, hello Windows Phone! -[WP Development]

ArticleDirectory I. Environment Configuration 2. Hello Windows Phone! What Sparks will Nokia + Microsoft WP7 bring out? I am very much looking forward to Windows Phone, especially Silverlight, as a language foundation for WP

Detail analysis in Windows Phone Interface Design-[user experience]

My personal opinion on WP7: I like WP7's simple interface design and I am also learning about WP development.Article. 1. Distinctive unlocking Interfaces The WP7 unlock interface is very distinctive. The time information at the bottom of the

How to add a cookie to an HTTP request in Windows Phone 7

You can use the following method to add a cookie request header to WP7: Httpwebrequest request = system. net. httpwebrequest. Create (Https://")AsHttpwebrequest Request. headers ["Cookie"] ="Cookiename = cookievalue ";   The

Windows Phone 7 coding4fun dialog box

The MessageBox pop-up box for Windows Phone 7 is not very enjoyable. Recently, the coding4fun component is used to provide a pop-up box, which is quite good and easy to use. I 'd like to promote it here.Coding4funOpen-source components:Http://coding4

How to pass values between pages in Windows Phone programming-[WP Development]

During WP development, you may need to convert values between pages. If two pages are defined, one is the initial Page Source Page, and the other is the redirected page destination Page, simple analysis has two main requirements: The first

Windows Phone instance development-[xianwen READER]

Development Purpose: now is an age of information explosion. Every day, we have to deal with all kinds of information. Sometimes we are thinking that if the information is filtered by ourselves, it would be nice if they were all topics of interest.

Command for communication in mvvm mode in Windows Phone 7

Three communication modes of view and viewmodel in mvvm mode: Binding data (data transmission), command (call to implement operations), and attached behavior (operations during control loading ). (1) Binding data for communication in mvvm mode of

Binding data for communication in mvvm mode in Windows Phone 7

Three communication modes of view and viewmodel in mvvm mode: Binding data (data transmission), command (call to implement operations), and attached behavior (operations during control loading ). (1) Binding data for communication in mvvm mode of

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