More than a dozen Windows Phone development articles (to be continued)

Windows Phone development (1): overviewHttp:// Windows Phone development (2): self-confidenceHttp:// Windows Phone development (3): The pawns are not moved.Http://www.100

Self-taught Windows Phone 7

Address:     Mobile development is a trend,ProgramI should keep learning. Now I start to learn Windows Phone 7 mobile development by myself. If you don't talk about anything

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Installation Summary

1. Check the environment before installation Before installation, check whether vs2010 (SP1) and expression studio 2010 (mainly expression blend 2010) are installed ). After installation, the window phone Development template will be added to the

Windows Phone RichTextBox hyperlink remove underline

Private Void Appendlink ( String Text, Uri URI) {paragraph; If ( This . Blocks. Count = 0 | (Paragraph = This . Blocks [ This . Blocks. Count- 1 ] As Paragraph) =Null ) {Paragraph = New Paragraph (); This . Blocks. Add (paragraph );} VaR

Windows Phone 8 ListBox flashing

ListBox flashes frequently during sliding, so many lab adjustments have been made. When the reference method of an image is adjusted, the situation is improved. However, you cannot blindly break points because you have not thoroughly studied the

Quick Recovery of Windows Phone 8 fast resume (2)

Continue to explain the implementation of WP8 fast resume.   (2) second tile Let's first define ourProgramThe structure is as follows: The navigation relationship is: Mainpage-> page1-> page2   Mainpage can pin page2 to the

Analysis of Windows Phone 8 voice command voice commands

The new Windows Phone 8 platform brings us a lot of surprises. the built-in support for Chinese voice commands is impressive. We can encode it as WP8ProgramAdd the voice interaction function. For example, the scenario is as follows: Take the

Show diffrent AppBar for Windows Phone Official Page

  Phone: phoneapplicationpage. Resources > Shell: ApplicationBar X: Key = "Appbar0" Ismenuenabled = "True" Isvisible = "True" Mode = "Default" Opacity = "0.8" Backgroundcolor = "Black" Foregroundcolor =

Windows Phone 7 obtains user information and device information

In Windows Phone 7, how does one obtain user information and device information? You only need to useUserextendedpropertiesClass andDeviceextendedpropertiesThe corresponding member functions of the class. How do I perform this operation? See the

30 coolest Windows Phone 7 tutorials

Introduction: Recently, Microsoft's msdn blog author Ghassan chahine lists 30 best Windows Phone 7 tutorials   The latest Windows Phone 7 platform contains 30 coolest Windows Phone development programs related to applications and games that

Create an image for Windows 8 & Windows Phone

This effect is similar to the album that comes with Windows Phone, which is described as "moving an image back and forth in a certain area" in Chinese characters ". This effect has been seen in many places, such as "Netease cloud reading" and

Windows Phone 7 Development talk on the 31st-26th: Share your program with other developers (free of charge)

This article is"Windows Phone 7Development31Daily discussion"26th day of the series. Yesterday, I wrote about how to easily use data from external web services. Today, let's talk about how to share your applications with other Windows Phone

Discussion on Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day-24th: embedded font

This article is the 24th day of the "Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day" series. Yesterday, I told you howProgramAdd a trial version. This is a very valuable feature that allows you to sell more programs. Today, I want to talk about how

Windows Phone 7 Development talk on the 31st day-23rd: provides a trial application

This article is the 23rd day of the "Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day" series. Yesterday, I wrote about how to add a game to the phone's game center. Today, I will show youProgramHow easy it is to add trial content. For example, suppose

Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day-22nd: application? Or a game?

This article is the 22nd day of the "Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day" series. Yesterday, I sent a very long article about Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone. Today, it will be shorter, but more precious. I will discuss very subtle but

Where can I install the control in Windows Phone Toolkit?

Today, we downloaded the updated version at Windows Phone Toolkit-August 2011 (7.1 SDK) In the Toolkit of vs2010, there is no control in the Toolkit, No controls in this Toolkit are available

Windows phone 8 Study Notes (7) Devices

Document directory 1. PhotoCamera 2. PhotoCaptureDevice This section describes various devices supported by Windows phone 8, including cameras, device statuses, and vibration devices. There are also various sensors, including magnetic meters,

Windows phone 8 learning notes (9) Integration

Document directory 2. Lock the screen background 2. Lock screen notification 3. Start the application from the lock Screen Settings page 1. Read-Only contact Access 2. Custom contact Storage This section provides integrated support for

Windows phone 8 study notes (8) location map navigation

Document directory 1. Get the current location immediately 2. Continuous tracking location information 3. Continuous tracking in the background 1. Introduce map controls 2. Set the drawing mode 3. Set the color mode 4. specify the location

Windows phone 8 Study Notes (2) Data File Operations

Document directory 1) installation folder 2) Local folder (WP7: Independent bucket) 3) Media Library 4) SD card 1) read the content of the resource file AppResources. resx. 2) read the compiled resource file 3) access the installation

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