Use xNa to achieve current effect on Windows Phone 7

Note:When I write a blog post in my blog, I also select some websites that are translated into English and published in English. I often use the network name elecpiano or my English name Jason Lee. TheArticleI will write and publish them myself. You

Windows Phone 8 Local Code enables 13 features that must be known when the game is upgraded to WP8

Speaking of games, most developers must first think of 3D game engines such as C ++ or DirectX. In Windows phone8, we also support C ++ and Direct 3D development, today, I will introduce this development mode to you. First, let's explain it to

Windows Phone 7 custom control-reusable popup container)

Develop Windows Phone 7 ApplicationsProgramA pop-up dialog box (popup DIALOG) is often required to prompt the user for some information or ask the user for the input information. Compared with navigate to a new interface, the semi-masked pop-up

Windows Phone 8 MDIL compilation and code obfuscation tools

Recently, I have seen many people asking Windows Phone 8CodeObfuscation is not necessary because WP8 applications are compiled by compiler in the cloud MDIL. What is compiler in the cloud? The above is an original description of msdn.

Windows Phone 7 tip-parameter transfer between different pages

A friend asked me how to pass parameters between pages during page navigation on Windows Phone 7. Let's sort it out here. There are three methods for passing parameters between pages on Windows Phone 7. To facilitate the description, we set the

Windows Phone 7 tip-use onnavigatedto events with caution

Develop a multi-page Windows Phone 7 ApplicationProgramIn the process of page navigation, some potential "secrets" related to page navigation are occasionally discovered ".   In my application, the Program on page a responds to the Click Event

Windows Phone 7 custom control-switchbutton

In developmentWindows Phone 7ApplicationProgramOccasionally, you need to implement buttons with two States. click the button to switch between the two States, and the appearance of each State is also different. ActuallySDKDefault

Windows Phone 8 supports multi-screen resolution

Compared with Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 has many features and performance improvements, such as multi-core cup, SD card, multiple resolutions, and obviously WP7 WVGA-480x800 cannot meet all requirements. user requirements, many users prefer

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (4)

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (1) Previous Article: Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (III)   Note: Since the second version of the original book has been released, subsequent chapters are translated based

Windows Phone 7 user experience-panorama do you understand?

Which of the following controls is the most popular among developers in Windows Phone 7? Not panorama. This is a good user experience. But ...... At present, there seems to be some abuse. Both in major forums and on marketplace, we have repeatedly

Windows Phone 7 custom control-imagebutton

Today we will discuss how to create a different button control, called imagebutton. Compile the Windows Phone 7 ApplicationProgramWe often encounter this requirement, that is, to create some image buttons. I believe some friends have tried to use

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (3)

ArticleDirectory Populatecomplete () Silverlight for Windows Phone Tookit in depth (1) Previous Article: Silverlight for Windows Phone Tookit in depth (2)   Autocompletebox   Overview Autocompletebox is a control that gives the

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (2)

Previous Article: Silverlight for Windows Phone Tookit in depth (1)   What else do I need? Before using the Windows Phone toolkit, you must install the following tools: Windows Phone Developer Tools Visual Basic/vB tools download

Submit your Windows Phone 8 app in the Windows Phone store

Some of the questions you have recently reported are focused on how to submit a new WP8 application on the new Windows Phone Dev center, in particular, is it necessary to create a new application or update the original WP8 application on the basis

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (1)

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in Depth By boryana miloshevska (Translation) Translator: alphathink Translator's preface I have found many good books in the Development of Windows Phone 7 and have helped me a lot. I don't just want to

Abnormal exit of applications caused by MessageBox processing by Windows Phone and Exit applications using code

Some people may think this is an old-fashioned question. It is indeed a known issue, but I found that some people are still asking this question, so I would like to share it with you here. First, after MessageBox is displayed, if the user ignores

Add openxlive data analysis to Windows Phone applications

Author: Ma Ning Source code: Http:// In Windows Phone, many applications require the data query function to determine the number of users per day and the number of Application Usage and other

Windows Phone & Windows 8 push notification from Windows azure

I believe that you have heard about the windows azure cloud platform more or less, and now the Internet has entered the cloud + end era. The PC tablet mobile phones in our hands are increasingly dependent on the network, in particular, some social

Obtain and listen to network connection status on Windows Phone 8

Currently, mobile phones only rely heavily on the Internet, especially news, Weibo, music, video, VoIP calls, games, and other information applications that are highly factual, however, the information fee in China is still high, and more users are

How to develop Windows Phone 8 On devices with limited memory and hardware

Recently, we have seen news about the upcoming release of Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 on the Internet. I believe these two mobile phones will quickly enter the market at a more affordable price, as a result, developers will be concerned about the

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