Reflection on Windows Phone 7

The PC platform is complete. Too many restrictions are imposed on Widnows Phone 7. The Assembly that must be loaded from the file. I don't know where to find the appropriate file. titlecontainer is read-only. The user storage area is not open to

Windows Phone 8 lock screen background and notification 13 features required to upgrade to WP8

Windows Phone 8 supports custom screen lock background images and Application Notification reminders at the bottom of the screen, this is a very eye-catching new feature. Although many applications have already made a feature, I am still here to

Windows Phone 8 contacts people hub Address Book Management

Today, we will introduce people hub-networking APIs for Windows Phone 8, if you know about Windows Phone, you must know that you have read-only permission to operate the address book on the Windows phone7 API. You cannot directly add contacts to the

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (2): The first Silverlight Program

Preface The previous article describes how to build a development environment for Windows Phone 7.ArticleDescribes how to create, deploy, debug, and run a Silverlight for Windows Phone application.ProgramAnd describes how to use Microsoft Visual

Windows Phone study note 4

Set Application Program Background image: Private void Image1_mouseleftbuttondown ( Object Sender, Mousebuttoneventargs E) {setappbackground ( "/Changebackground; component/images/lighthouse.png" );} Private Static void Setappbackground ( String

Windows Phone 7 study Note 3-text box input Scope

for WP7, you can set the input scope of the text box. That is to say, you can set an inaccessible keyboard for text input. For example, when you set a number, only the numeric keyboard is called, as is the case with email. Currently, there is no

Windows Phone 7 study notes 5 tilesample

WP 7 is an applicationProgramSet as tile. Using System; Using System. Collections. Generic; Using System. LINQ; Using System. net; Using System. windows; Using System. Windows. controls; Using System. Windows. documents; Using System. Windows.

Windows Phone 7 Study Notes-common tools (2)

PreviousArticleI don't know how it will happen. The pictures are distorted during uploading. I will share this with you after making the last modification. This article also introduces two simple gadgets you have written. Gadgets 1. QQ online

Windows Phone 7 Study Notes-common gadgets (1)

I have been paying attention to WP 7 for a long time, and I have also read a good blog on the Internet. I have learned a lot from them. Record the learning process of the new technology and help others learn it together. The purpose of learning is

Use openxlive to develop Windows Phone 7 social games

Openxlive is a social promotion tool on the WP7 platform. I want to make some interesting content for players. Openxlive can provide a great boost and support Sina Weibo binding in the future.   Because now there is a sl & xNa hybrid framework,

Windows Phone 7 experience

Experience in Windows Phone 7 (1. Install the Windows Phone 7 SDK)Http:// MoD = viewthread & tid = 121 & fromuid = 1 Experience in Windows Phone 7 (2. Development Environment and

Windows Phone 7 Development log (first try, study at Will)

Played with xna4 development. First, install the two laptops. It is very troublesome to download a complete package. I have installed it six times ...... The desktop computer in the home cannot be installed, and window7 can be reinstalled. It

Learn Windows Phone 7 Development Series together

Work out "Learn Windows Phone 7 development together" for everyone to learn! Study Windows Phone 7 development together (1. Application bar) Learn Windows Phone 7 development together (2. jump between pages and pass values) Learn Windows

Windows Phone 7 Development log (Question 2, font)

The xNa-based examples are as follows. MainlyCodeIt seems that people have a feeling of returning to the past, that just stack code, to achieve a little bit of functionality in the past. Many examples of coding methods seem to be without

Windows Phone 7 Development log (question 1, structure)

The evening of the glory and passion of the future has passed. The Basic Research on xna4 development is completed. It is a pleasure to create a function, perfect it and fill it with something that is just as physical.CodeIt is very boring and

Windows Phone 7 game programming

Windows Phone 7 brings fascinating new hardware and beautiful screens, as well as multi-touch and gravity sensing. The most important performance and input of a game have a good foundation. InProgramOn the issue of development, Microsoft's

Windows Phone 7 Development log (Test 4, model and animation)

Use 3dmax2010 Output Model for testing, and use content. Load to load The model output is normal, multi-texture, and multi-UV channels are normal. Embedded textures are normal. Animation, no interface calls, and no animation-related interfaces.

Windows Phone 7

I. Functions and resources of Windows Phone 7   First, let's take a look at a picture. It's not official information. This is based on usage. In WP7, resource storage locations are divided into four types: For the contact function, whether

Windows Phone 7 Development log (Preliminary Test 3. Terrain)

Although Windows Phone 7 currently does not support custom shader This does not affect my expectation for him. What I do now can only run on Windows platforms. We still use vectex texture shader to disturb the terrain. This is only the first

Create a Settings Page for Windows phone

using System;using System.IO.IsolatedStorage;using System.Diagnostics;using System.Collections.Generic;namespace SettingsSample{ public class AppSettings { // Our isolated storage settings IsolatedStorageSettings settings;

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