Windows Phone 7 tip (16)-How to obtain Network Interface Information

You can call this method, but it always returns true in the simulator, so you have to determine whether it is in the simulator:   Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (14): Hide sip events in the input box

In Windows Phone, when the input box gets the focus, the soft Input Panel (SIP) is automatically displayed for the user to input. When we click the physical rollback key, the SIP will be automatically hidden. So what event is triggered? Where should

Windows Phone practical development skills (13): Custom Element Binding

In Silverlight for Windows Phone, binding is a very important concept. If you use it, it will save a lot of money... For example, the height of button2 is the height of button1 + 400.   Implementation Method, XmalCodeAs shown in the following

Windows Phone 7 tip (1)-input scopes

Input scopes for the soft Input Panel   Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Textbox name = " Emailaddress " Text = "" > Textbox. inputscope >

Sketchflow for Windows Phone 7 in expression Blend

All friends who have used expression blend know that in expression blend, a Project template is provided for Silverlight and WPF development, namely, sketchflow. We can use it to easily create a prototype design with simulated results. I will not

Windows Phone 7 Development log (first test 2, shader)

In-depth Development. The most difficult way to achieve 1. Runtime generates shader and writes it to the FX file. 2. Call fxc to compile it into fxo 3. InProgramLoad fxo to generate Effect Success on PC is the basis of shadertree. Switched to

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (17): tile for custom applications

In versions earlier than Windows Phone 7 (nodo ), Program When you press an application in the list, the "pin to start" option will pop up. After the selection, the system will pin the shortcut of the application to the startup interface, similar

[Getting Started WP7-2. Hello Windows Phone for Windows Phone 7 developer training package]

This Windows Phone 7 developer training package contains 8 appsProgramInstances and four xNa game instances: 1. hellophone-Hello Windows Phone 2. yourfirstwp7application-create your first Windows Phone 7 Application 3.

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (29): dynamic binding of hosts

A friend asked me a few days ago how to dynamically bind the timeline item, that is, the piovtitem item is dynamic, and the data in the timeline titem is also dynamic. The mvvm mode can be easily implemented. In viewmodel, a set is set to indicate

Quick query of Windows Phone 7 xna4 Game Development

  Update 2010-11-24 (* U2 *) Update 2010-11-23 (* u *) Resolution of xna4 on WP7 In most cases, automatic configuration can satisfy you. The full screen on WP7 is the full screen, and the non-full screen is the one on which the power

[Getting started with WP7-1. Build a Windows Phone 7 Development Environment]

WP's development kit has been released very early, and there are a lot of related development materials. However, recently, I began to pay attention to this platform. Some friends have obtained the WP7 real machine, HTC's, promoting the powerful

Windows Phone 7 Development Month-Asia Pacific Regional Development Conference for exchange and development

Msdn-Windows Phone 7 Development Month From: Microsoft [mailto:]Sent:Monday, November 15,201 012: 19 pmTo: Subject:Windows Phone 7 Development Month - Asia Pacific Regional Development Forum & Development

Windows Phone practical development skills (28): Image caching

In the previousArticleOn Windows Phone, in Windows Phone, You can edit images, process images in Windows Phone, display GIF images in Windows Phone, save images, and load images, it can be seen that image processing accounts for a large proportion

Windows Phone 7 tip (10)-use navigationservice. Goback ()

Generally, you can use the back key in WP7 to return to the previous page, but if there is another button, you also need to return to the previous page:   In this way, from secondpage to mainpage: Navigationservice. navigate (NewUri ("/Mainpage.

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (27): creating transparent Tile

I have talked about how to create custom live tile in Windows Phone practical development skills (17): tile for custom applications. Today let's dig a little bit deeper. What do you see in this image shown below? Do you see the same tile with

Windows Phone 7 tip (6)-how to restore the list location when leaving the page

No nonsense.Code:)   Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Private Double ? Scroloffset; Private Void Scrollviewerhome_sizechanged ( Object Sender,

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (26): Play an animation on elements in the datatemplate

Sometimes we need to make a click animation for an item in ListBox, that is, when a item in ListBox is clicked, a corresponding animation is played by the clicked item. Generally, we need to customize the itemtemplate of ListBox to make a custom

Windows Phone 7 tip (5)-app liftcycle

An example of the new trainning kit is clear: 1. application_launching: only when the new startupProgramTrigger 2. application_closing: triggered only when the program is released-Press the hard back key only when the program mainpage is

Windows Phone practical development skills (25): Windows Phone reads local data

Windows Phone read local data During Windows Phone development, sometimes we might be want to read some initial data from local resources. data can be stored in XML, JSON, txt or other formats. unlike data files stored in isolatedstorage, we

Windows Phone practical development tips (23): Force disable sip

In the previous practical development tips for Windows Phone (14): hide a sip event in the input box, I talked about how to detect and click the physical rollback key in Windows Phone, SIP automatically hides events. If we want to hide forced sip on

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