Problems with deserialization of JSON in Windows Phone

The original project was the WP8 version. Later, the newtonsoft. JSON. dll was used for an error because of the need to change it to WP7. I guess it may be caused by different WP project versions. I found wp7.1-specific and still encountered errors

Windows Phone toolkit for WP8 already exists

The project has been moved to after several months and the sdkofficial version, the project will be updated. What's newRefactored project to support Windows Phone 7.1, 8.0 and more with maximum code sharing.WP8 map API

Windows Phone learning video

Four-day tutorial on Windows Phone developmentDay 1         (1) series Introduction   (2) install Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone   (3) compile your first Windows Phone 7

Sliverlight for Windows Phone asynchronous Solution

Asynchronous operations are common in Windows Phone. My method is very simple. This is the second sentence. It looks like this: Methodcall. invoke () => // This is a func , returns a result {// This is an operation that takes more than 1 second, in

Windows Phone 7 page switch animation notes

In the XAML file: Toolkit: the animation that transitionservice. navigationintransition comes in.Toolkit: navigationintransitionToolkit: navigationintransition. Backward: move back to the animationToolkit: navigationintransition. Forward: Enter the

Build a development environment for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 will use the same NT kernel as Windows 8, which means that WP8 may be compatible with Win8 applications. developers can run applications on two platforms with few changes. Windows Phone 7.x cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 due

Test Environment configuration for Windows Phone 8

The test environment and development environment of Windows Phone 8 are basically the same, but the test environment does not require development tools, so vs2012 does not need to be installed, and the rest is Win8 and wp sdk 8.0. Hardware

Windows Phone three ways to share data

In the previous article, I briefly described how to transfer parameters by adding parameters after the URI. Sometimes it is not just to transfer data, but to share data. What should I do? The following describes three methods for data

Page navigation and data transfer for Windows Phone Learning

Create a Windows Phone application, add three buttons and three textblocks To The XAML file, and add a Windows Phone page (named secondpage ), add three buttons and three textblocks. The goal is to navigate from the mainpage page to the secondpage

Microsoft teched North America Windows Phone video

Directory: Developing occasionally connected applications for Windows Phone 7 WMV WMV high MP4 Windows Phone 7: A New Kind of phone WMV WMV high MP4 Deploying Windows Phone 7 with

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 xde

Xde: X86 device emulator. The new simulator type supported by Windows Phone 7 replaces the original arm device emulator. Why xde? Faster and stronger After installing the Windows Phone 7 developer tool, you can find it in the following directory: (1)

Windows Phone development series menu bar)

Use code to create a menu bar example 1. Create a new Windows Phone application project named appbarsample. 2. Add an image as an icon button. In Solution Explorer, right-click the appbarsample project, add-> new folder, add a new folder images,

Windows Phone 7 Development tutorial (3)-use MessageBox and soft keyboard in xNa

Document directory Call MessageBox Call the software Input Panel Written to the end Author: Ma Ning I believe that I will join xNa in my spare time in the future. I wanted to develop in depth to 3D development, but I encountered a practical

Develop video materials for Windows Phone 7

1. mix10 Windows Phone 7 courses video Course ID Course title Comment Keynote Conference keynote Cl01 Changing our game-an introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series Cl18 Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7 advanced game programming: xNa game studio 4

Windows Phone 7 advanced game programming: Using xNa game studio 4Basic InformationTitle: Professional Windows Phone 7 game development: creating games using xNa game studio 4Author: (US) Chris G. Williams George W. clingerman [Translator's

Windows Phone 7 starter and selector (learning notes)

Starter 1. Start a built-in program for users 2. No data will be returned to the called program.  Selector 1. Start a built-in program for users 2. Return some data to the called Program 3. When the user completes the operation, the caller will be

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Simplified Chinese version released

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Simplified Chinese version is released, and Windows Phone 7 is closer to us. The Windows Phone SDK includes the following components: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 learning edition for Windows Phone Windows Phone emulator

Grid layout in Windows Phone

  Here is the definition of rows. 8 *. 2 * indicates that a row occupies 80% places and a row occupies 20% places. Here is the content section, which is displayed according to the preceding row layout.

Error Report page for Windows Phone unprocessed exceptions

1. Create the errorpage and add the following code: PublicStaticException exception; // Executes when the user navigates to this page.Protected override void onnavigatedto (navigationeventargs E){Errortext. Text = Exception. tostring ();}   2.

Set Application bar in Windows Phone

App. XAML: Mainappbar"Isvisible =" true "> Applicationbarabout_click"> Applicationbariconwebbrowserbutton_click"> Applicationbariconpictures_click">   App. XAML. CS: The writing method is generic. When you enter any page, click the

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