Audio Recording in Windows Phone 7

Http:// Void microphone_bufferready (Object sender, eventargs E){This. Dispatcher. begininvoke () =>{Microphone. getdata (buffer ); Stream. Write (buffer, 0, buffer. Length ); Timespan tstemp = timer.

Location service problems encountered when submitting Windows Phone 7 Applications

Allow me to draw your attention to this Windows Phone application certification requirement: Requirement 2.7.2 the privacy policy of your application must inform users about how location data from the location service API is used and disclosed and

Windows Phone local database (sqlce): 9. connection strings)

A newbie recently wants to learn about the Windows Phone database and find some short tutorials. Because it is in English, it is translated by the way. The English level is not good. It is estimated that there are many mistakes in the text. If you

[Windows Phone] replacing Bing map with Google map in Windows Phone applications

Recently, I made an application that uses maps and related functions. By default, I did not find a third-party map API. I directly used the Bing map control, however, it took some time to find that Bing map was still unavailable for Chinese users.

Windows Phone 7 finger drawing application-fingerpaint

Windows Phone 7 finger drawing application-fingerpaint Http://  Self-made mobile phone interface switching effect (continuous update) Http://

Replace Bing map with Google map in Windows Phone applications

Bing map is still unavailable for Chinese users. Many of the locations are not identified and not detailed enough. Therefore, Google map immediately comes to mind, so I searched for related resources, using Google map in Windows Phone applications

How to register Windows Phone marketplace

Windows Phone 7 has been listed overseas for more than a month. In addition to providing excellent consumer experience, it also brings great convenience to developers. You can use Silverlight for Windows Phone to quickly develop various applications

Modify startup screen for Windows Phone

Applications usually need to pre-load some resources to ensure that these resources are available immediately after the application can be started, even if this causes the application to not be displayed until the load is complete. The startup

Windows Phone select photo

App. CS Using system; Using system. Collections. Generic; Using system. LINQ; Using system. net; Using system. windows; Using system. Windows. controls; Using system. Windows. documents; Using system. Windows. input; Using system. Windows.

In Windows Phone development, image and Binary Conversion

Reference using system. Windows. Media. imaging; Using system; Using system. net; Using system. IO; Using system. windows; Using system. Windows. controls; Using system. Windows. documents; Using system. Windows. Ink; Using system. Windows.

Windows Phone application Advertisement

Windows Phone application Advertisement Http:// (V = vs.92). aspx   Using the Silverlight API for Windows Phone Http://

For Windows Phone 7 development, the Chinese name of the publisher is garbled and the name of the publisher is changed.

My publisher name is in Chinese and I added my app to search for more apps. Marketplacesearchtask task = new marketplacesearchtask (); Task. contenttype = marketplacecontenttype. Applications; Task. searchterms = "My publisher name "; Task. Show (

Test the advertisement platform in Windows Phone 7

Recently, I launched an application Major League of advertising, specifically testing the existing Windows Phone advertising platform, which has been put on shelves in the store. Currently, I know six platforms. Microsoft advertising Smartmad)

Windows Phone 8 screen lock change

1. Open wmappmanifest. xml. Add    2. Add eventsPrivate async void buttonset_click (Object sender, routedeventargs E) { Uri nextimageuri; Nextimageuri = new uri ("file: //" + windows. ApplicationModel. Package. Current. installedlocation. Path +

Windows Phone page switching Animation

First, modify the rootframe in the initializephoneapplication () function in APP. XAML. CS to rootframe = new transitionframe (); Add xmlns: Toolkit = "CLR-namespace: Microsoft. Phone. controls; Assembly = Microsoft. Phone. Controls. toolkit" to

Windows Phone 8 screen lock page displays application notifications

If your application pushes messages, you may want to receive a prompt on the screen lock page, like a missed phone call or unread text message. Create a 24x24 PNG Image for display on the screen lock page. In the root directory of the program.

Windows Phone official example: Short Message dictation and Web Search grammars sample (speech recognition, text speech)

In Windows phone8, speech can be understood as voice control voice commands, speech recognition, and text speech text-to-speech (TTS ). The example shows how to use the basic knowledge and speech recognition functions of predefined short messages

Windows Phone official example: Background Transfer Service Sample (background transmission)

This example shows how to use the background transmission service to download files in the background, even if the application is no longer running in the foreground. Upload and download using backgroundtransferrequest // Create the new transfer

Windows Phone 7 Development Environment

WP's development kit has been released very early, and there are a lot of related development materials. However, recently, I began to pay attention to this platform. Some friends have obtained the WP7 real machine, HTC's, promoting the powerful

Windows Phone 7 Control Design and Development

The design of the interface and interaction determines the user experience of applications on mobile devices. controls are an important part of the interface and the main interface for user interaction. This document introducesWindows Phone 7Common

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