Windows Phone 7 (WP7) development tool to view the database content in an independent Bucket

Since mango, Windows Phone 7 supports native databases, but it must use LINQ, and this database is stored in an independent bucket. To some extent, this has brought a lot of inconvenience to our database development work. To do a good job, you must

Windows Phone games

This article brings together some Windows Phone 7 game development-related tutorials,Source codeAnd books to help developers create their own games on the Windows Phone 7 platform. I. Tutorial  1. Windows Phone 7 Quick Start: create a game on

Mango-Windows Phone 7.1 update & SDK

Microsoft announced the launch of Windows Phone mango update in May 24. All content for this press conference What's new What's new in Windows Phone Developer Tools What's new in

[Winodows Phone 7 control details] Silverlight toolkit for Windows Phone 7.1 control-1

Install wp7.1sdk and Silverlight toolkit for Windows Phone 7.1: You need to use Silverlight toolkit for Windows Phone 7.1. The following describes the environment configuration process: Wp7.1sdk requires the vs version to be vs2010 SP1 or later.

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Development Network Operations (1) Basic GET requests for httpwebrequest

I. Prerequisites: What is a GET request? What is URL? Direct Baidu, Google, and Bing. 2. WP7 network operations:Non-blocking asynchronous operations (direct synchronous operations are not yet seen ). Iii. Main Code: public class Http {public

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Development Network Operations (2) httpwebrequest GET Request queue

In daily development, we often encounter the following requirement: request a network data and initiate the next operation request based on the obtained results. An example: automatically search for the most popular mobile phone product and search

Windows Phone for beginners: pop-up (popup) page with a screenshot status prompt

In this example, popup is encapsulated into a usable custom class library. Of course, there are still many deficiencies in functions. 1. Create a Windows Phone Project (Phoneapp1).2. Create another Windows Phone Class Library Project (Cuspopup).3.

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Development and display of long text (height greater than 2000px)

During development, a piece of text is displayed. Naturally, I wrote a textblock, set it to highly automatic, and skillfully bound data ...... During the test, we found that the text section was too large and the textblock was not completely

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Development of MD5 computing

I haven't written an article for a long time. Today I am writing about the problems I encountered when performing MD5 calculation: WP7 does not currently have a native MD5 library. Baidu's "WP7 MD5", a lot of MD5 computing articles will appear,

Windows Phone: mvvm light Toolkit

Mvvm light toolkit is the most widely used mvvm framework in Silverlight development. Although some development efforts have been made in this area, it has not been well studied. Today we will do a systematic study, record for future reference

Tilt effects in Windows Phone from

Skew in Windows Phone This article describes how to implement tilt effect in Windows Phone ).  Introduction Windows Phone provides a visual effect called tilt effect, which can be used to add additional visual effects to the interaction of controls.

Coding4fun dialog box operation for Windows Phone development

Last year, we compared the Windows Phone pop-up box with coding4fun [ ]. Today, I will post all the operation classes. 1. Download a coding4fun DLL file and reference it to the project, you

Silverlight for Windows Phone has disabled most eventtrigger

When I started eventtrigger this morning, I found that except loaded, all other uielement. tapevents were unavailable. After a long time, I checked msdn and found that: In XAML you specify this as a string. in code, pass the identifier (A

Windows Phone mall rule Testing Tool

Windows Phone mall test kit   The Windows Phone marketplace test kit provides automated testing, monitoring testing, and manual testing kits to help you fully prepare for your first application submission so that the marketplace can accept them.

Windows Phone marketplace

How can I publish software in Windows Phone marketplace? Ha, use your mental power to make money. Development of Mobile Phone software is much more profitable than development of common Windows desktop software. Recently, Windows Phone 7 is very

Concurrent Windows Phone Database Access

Concurrent access to Windows Phone Databases Link: By   Most Windows Phone developers might already know that the mango release has a new API for local

New Features of Windows Phone 7.1-differences between mango and nodo

In July 2011, Microsoft officially launched the Windows Phone mango version. This is the most important upgrade to date for Windows Phone, bringing more than 500 updates. This section describes the main new features of Windows Phone mango. 1) fast

Windows Phone supports database Summary

What are the databases supported by Windows Phone and what are the advantages and disadvantages of different databases? Search for related resources on the Internet and sort them out: Windows Phone 7 database Http:// Windows

[Winodows Phone 7 control details] Silverlight toolkit for Windows Phone 7.1 control-2

I have previously written the Silverlight toolkit application in Windows phone7. That should be a fake version, because it is not specially developed for Windows phone7 after all, and there are problems in compatibility in use, now it is different.

31 days of Windows Phone

Document directory Related posts: Link: Welcome to the 31 days of Windows Phone. This is a journey through a ton of different topics in development for the Windows Phone

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