Windows Phone development (17): URI ing to:

I have discussed the knowledge of navigation, controls, resources, styles, templates, and I believe that you should have a very intuitive understanding of the content of the UI. So what do we talk about today? I wonder if you find a problem during

Windows Phone development (19): 3D perspective effect to:

A three-dimensional effect can also be called a perspective effect. Therefore, I simply call it a three-dimensional perspective effect. I have less theoretical knowledge. Let's open the example directly. Because the three-dimensional effect is

Windows Phone development (28): isolated storage B-:

In the previous section, we talked about directory operations. This section continues to show you how to read and write files. First of all, let's talk about the problem. Many of my friends may be confused. In fact, this learning attitude is very

Windows phone7 blog: Add application bar- in Windows Phone

In Windows Phone, how does one add ApplicationBar? This point has been clearly stated in APP hub: Http:// In fact, each time you create a windowsphone project, the Definition Format of

Windows Phone development (41): the next article on Key Frame Animation

You may have discovered that no matter what type of animation, the method of use is basically the same. I don't know if you have summed up the rule? When you find the rule, you will find that the rule can be used for the first to sixth, not to lie

Windows Phone development (27): isolated storage turn:

I have translated many documents or books into "independent storage". However, I thought about it and decided to translate isolatedstorage into "isolated storage ", I think this will make it easier for you to understand this concept.According to the

Windows Phone development (38): animated pointanimation to:

Pointanimation is also very simple. It is similar to the two animation mentioned above and has the same attributes, such as by, from, and to. The difference is that pointanimation is the target value from one point to another.   I have a reason to

Windows Phone development (36): animated doubleanimation to:

Starting from this section, we will discuss an interesting topic-animation. When you see the word "Animation", you must think of flash. After all, a very important framework of the WP application is Silverlight, which has also played many advantages

File Access in the Windows Phone 8 installation package and in the independent storage area

Files in the installation package: Windows Phone 8 can directly access the files in the installation package in the form of a relative path, "apps/readme.txt ". For example, filestream stream = file. openread ("apps/readme.txt"); you can also use

Use Windows azure Mobile Service to develop Windows Phone 8 app

-How to Make a Windows Phone 8 app with Windows azure Mobile Service Windows azure mobile service has been launched for some time. This may be one of the most popular feature in Windows azure since this time. I tried mobile service and thought it

Specifications for Windows Phone application icons and tiles

Link:   This article describes the icon specifications required for publishing applications to the Windows Phone application store. These are not secrets. (You can also

Windows Phone mango local database (SQL CE): Introduction

By windowsphonegeek I am starting a new"Windows Phone mango local database (SQL CE)"Series of short posts that will cover all you need to know in order to get started using a local database in Windows Phone 7.1 mango. Here is what is supported ded

Concurrent access to Windows Phone Databases

Link: By   Most Windows Phone developers might already know that the mango release has a new API for local database access. Most Windows Phone developers

Windows Phone 7 is a simple start

Hello everyone, I am Dong hechao and an employee of Sina. I am in charge of the Sina Weibo WP client with my team. In the days to come, I will share with you all the technologies related to Windows Phone development that I know and make progress

Windows Phone 7 Page Layout

The page layout mode of Windows Phone is generally implemented by the layout control, and the layout control has three types of grid, stackpanel and canvas. Grid is a grid layout, which is equivalent to a table with rows and columns. Create a

Windows Phone 7 page navigation

First, let's talk about the presentation of the subject and relationship of the WP7 program. The page that is directly presented to the user is page, and each page is a class inherited from phoneapplicationpage, A program can contain any number of

Windows Phone 7 starter and Selector

Unlike Android, WP7 does not allow you to call the functions of the local machine to complete some work in combination with your own programs. To use these functions, you can only call the interfaces encapsulated by the system. These interfaces

Windows Phone 7 toolbar (ApplicationBar)

The toolbar (ApplicationBar) is defined in "Microsoft. phone. in the shell namespace, the toolbar buttons (applicationbariconbutton) and toolbar menu (applicationbarmenuitem) are used. Each ApplicationBar can have up to four

Dependency properties for Windows Phone 7)

Dependency Properties) If you want to create a custom control class and define new attributes for the class, or you want to set binding for those attributes, or you want to use animations for these attributes, you need to set these attributes to

Data bindings for Windows Phone 7)

I have been familiar with data binding for ASP. NET or Silverlight, WP7 is based on Silverlight, And the Silverlight for Windows Phone page also uses XAML, so the page rendering principle is the same. Data Binding is divided into source and target.

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