How to check the DirectX version (for Windows Phone Developer Tools Installation check)

Reason If xNa for Windows Phone is developedProgramThe display card of DirectX 10 or above is required. Therefore, it is best to check the DirectX configuration before installation.  Method Enter dxdiag in "run" in the Start Menu, click OK, and

Windows Phone 7

I recently learned how to develop Windows Phone 7, so I was afraid to forget to copy something. 1. WP7 architecture: the WP7 architecture is based on Microsoft's. NET platform. In terms of application architecture, sliverlight and xNa work

[Windows Phone development competition] Silver radio program

This is the silver radio I wrote.Program, Using Silverlight for Windows Phone development, is still being improved. This program, I have compiled a seriesArticle, Including the environment construction process, Silverlight development, multimedia

From zero to hero from Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series by James Lin

Introduction Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development SeriesArticleFrom simple to in-depth development of Silverlight for Windows Phone. This series mainly describes the development process of a network radio.ProgramIt involves the use of

Windows Phone development supports VB and F #

Microsoft Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone developer tools has been released. If you are interested, try it. I am C # guy and I am not interested in VB, so I have not tried it.   Visual Studio 2010 professional or later is required for

[Video] basic development process of Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 and use of the push button control

Introduction This section uses a video to describe the basic development process of Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 and the use of the push button control. It also describes the differences between Silverlight for Windows Phone and standard

Windows Phone 7 full Rom

Anyone who has downloaded the Windows Phone developer tool knows that the emulator provided by the official website is incomplete and only displays IE. But we do not have a real machine on hand. What should we do if we want to experience the

Windows Phone 7 is released

Windows Phone 7 was released, and switched to     About the buy menu, it was empty when I checked it yesterday. Early this morning, I listed all the first mobile phones.

Introduction to the selection of Windows Phone 7 Local Database

Introduction I recently selected a Windows Phone 7 Local Database and recorded my experience. For database selection, consider the following:Performance,Stability,Footprint(Occupied file and memory size ),Cost(License type ),Ease of use(Access

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (4): animation Development

Preface PreviousArticleThis article describes how to use the mediaelement control to play a network station, the media file formats supported by the mediaelement control, and some restrictions. It also describes how to use the slider control and

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (3): multimedia development

Preface In the previous articleArticleThis article describes how to create a Silverlight for Windows Phone application.ProgramThis article describes how to develop multimedia applications on Windows Phone. This article also introduces the media

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (1): Environment Construction

Preface With the release date of Windows Phone devices approaching, Microsoft's new smart device platform has become increasingly popular. I also switched my focus from Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded ce to Windows Phone development. Therefore,

Conjecture about Windows Phone 7

After publishing Windows Phone 7, I watched some videos on Windows Phone 7 the night before. The video from channel9 introduces the new features of Windows Phone 7. After reading this video, I first felt that Windows Phone is awesome. Windows

Windows Phone Design Resources

With the release of Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta (upgrading Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta), Microsoft has brought you the design resources for Windows Phone ).   Design resources for Windows Phone UI design and interaction

Msdn webcast Silverlight for Windows Phone development series video Season 2

Course Introduction As a continuation of the first quarter, this quarter describes some Windows Phone ChineseCommunityRarely discuss advanced topics, such as applicationsProgramLife Cycle, starter and selector, push notification service, Panorama

How to install Windows Phone Developer Tools on Windows XP

To develop Windows Embedded ce 6ProgramTherefore, an xp pc is retained, but the official Windows Phone developer tools does not support Windows XP. On the Internet, I found a method to save the country by curve, install Windows Phone Developer Tools

Upgrade Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta

Before using Windows Phone 7 CTP, to upgrade to Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta, You need to download on Microsoft's website? Familyid = c8496c2a-54d9-4b11-9491-a1bfaf32f2e3 & displaylang = en  

[Translation] Windows Phone 7 user interface framework

ArticleDirectory Screen Orientation) Frame and page Construction) Scroll Viewer) Themes) User Interface framework The Windows Phone 7 Series CTP user interface is designed to provide an optimal visual experience for end users.

Pass values between different Windows Phone pages

In Windows Phone, you can use the following code to pass values between different pages. Phoneapplicationservice. Current. State ["strkey"] My own encapsulated code: Tripdealer. CS: Using system;Using system. net;Using system. windows;Using system.

Use panorama in Windows Phone

1. Add reference in References: Microsoft. Phone. Controls 2. Add the following in the XAML header: Xmlns: Controls = "CLR-namespace: Microsoft. Phone. controls; Assembly = Microsoft. Phone. Controls" 3. Replace the default grid:

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