Practical development skills for Windows Phone (1): Save and load images

In Windows Phone, we may have the following requirement: custom applications Program. The actual process is as follows: select an image, save it to an isolated bucket, and load the image to make it a background image at the next startup or

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (3): automatically focus on and enable sip in the input box

When you see this title, you can ask what is SIP (I have read my kids shoes from Windows Phone 7 tips series). Sip is called soft Input Panel, that is, the Input Keyboard In the touch screen. Windows Phone applicationProgramIn, you may encounter

Windows Phone 7 tips (9)

1. Navigation in Windows Phone, in the sameProgramCentralized use of navigation between pages  Navigationservice. navigate (New uri ("/folder (s)/targetpage. XAML", urikind. Relative )); Jump from one Assembly page to another Assembly page using

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (5): Disable Automatic screen lock when your mobile phone is running the application.

We can set the automatic lock time for the mobile phone in settings -- "lock & wallpaper (there is a small bug in the real machine: R in wallpaper is actually truncated), and our applicationProgramIf you do not want the mobile phone to automatically

Webbrowser in Windows Phone opens a new window

Webbrowser in Windows Phone does not support opening new windows.That is, when you click a hyperlink with target = "_ blank" on the page, the hyperlink will not be opened. How can this problem be solved? The idea is: we can replace all target = "_

Upgrade Windows Phone development environment

The long-awaited major Windows Phone update mango has finally come out. For specific updates, refer to chenkai's Windows Phone 7 mango Update Conference session. What are you waiting, upgrade our development environment. Yesterday, I published a

Windows Phone mango tips (1)

1. in mango, the following starters and selectors are added: Address chooser task, Bing Maps task, Bing Maps directions task, game invite task, save contact task, save ringtone task, share link task, and share status. task 2. scheduled tasks and

Windows Phone 7 Q & A (answer part)

A few days ago, I published a Windows Phone 7 Q & A that involves basic questions about Windows Phone. Now I have posted the reference answers for you to learn. 1. Windows Phone 7 ApplicationsProgramWhat is the maximum size of the xap package?

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (21): Automatic loop video playback

In Windows Phone mango update, we can use videobrush since we cocould not do that in Windows Phone 7. so there is something interesting to do. we can develop more fantasitic apps. for example, we can play a video as background in our application. we

Windows Phone 7 tips (8)

1. The maximum image resolution supported in Windows Phone is 2000*2000. 2. webbrowser in Windows Phone does not support opening a new window(Tips can be used to enable it to open a new window) 3. In Windows Phone, the application bar is neither

Windows Phone practical development skills 1-20 (ebook + Source Code)

Windows Phone's practical development skills record my usual problems and corresponding solutions, record them and check them later. I also hope that other friends can make as few detours as possible, instead of making a bug for half a day.

Practical development skills for Windows Phone (20): Internationalization of text in ApplicationBar

We know that the text attribute of ApplicationBar in Windows Phone is not a dependency attribute and cannot be bound to internationalize the text. So how can we implement the multi-language text of ApplicationBar in actual development? There are

Windows Phone 7 tips (7)

1. The standard gestures in Windows Phone 7 are as follows:   There are also multiple touch as follows   2. the acceleration sensor. When we place the mobile phone on the desk (screen down), the built-in accelerometer on the Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7 tips (6)

1. Windows Phone 7Sequence: When an applicationProgramA phoneapplicationframe is created when it is loaded. Then the frame will instruct you to navigate to mainpage. When the page is loaded and navigated, the startup screen is displayed. After the

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (16): editing images in Windows Phone

When it comes to editing images, you may think of splitting the images into pixels and then operating these pixels to edit the images. Today we will introduce a useful class called writeablebitmap, a class that can save the UI elements as images or

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (15): Allow only numbers to be entered in the input box

On other platforms, whether it is winform, WPF, Silverlight, or ASP. NET, you may encounter the following requirement: You can only enter numbers in the input box. In fact, the implementation methods are similar. Obtain the key of the input text and

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (11): Align controls in stackpanel to the right

We often regard stackpanel as a "string", which can be either horizontal or vertical.   We set the horizontalalignment in the element to "right", which is useless. The element is right aligned.   If we want to align the elements in stackpanel to

Windows Phone practical development skills (9): Custom Windows Phone page switching Animation

By default, Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit contains built-in page transitions: rolltransition, rotatetransition, slidetransition, swiveltransition, and turnstiletransition. If you want to viewSource code, You will find that these transition

Windows Phone pop-up window

The current Silverlight for Windows Phone does not support childwindow, so when we want to pop up some windows, we can only find a solution. The first method is MessageBox, which is quite simple. You can also add some styles to it. The second

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7-popup

For Windows Phone 7 developers, I want to tell users that they do not use progressbar.ProgramRunning. A progress dialog box is displayed. You can use Popup.   Front-end Verticalalignment = "TOP" D: layoutoverrides = "width, horizontalmargin"

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