Windows Phone notes

1. When dbhelper and SQLite databases are used, if physical files are copied to the storage areaProgramWhen you run the statement generation table in it to perform the operation, the error "unable to open the Database" is reported. This is because

2.7.2 and 2.7.3 for application review of location services on Windows Phone

2.7.2Requirements expected resultThe following requirements apply to applicationsThat receive the location of a user's mobile device:2.7.2 the privacy policy of your application mustInform users about how location data fromLocation Service API is

Windows Phone private profiler Analyzer

Windows Phone uses profiler analyzer for convenient testingCodeRun Time, very specific. After installing profiler, find the debug file of the corresponding project as the build path, and click "Run app, Conmanui. dll cannot be found. solution:

Windows Phone SDK Chinese full version simulator (download)

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 simulator provides simple functions, including phone, contact, picture, information, browser, subject color, and simple settings. If you want to have a complete simulator, you can use the following method: 1.

The full version of the "Windows Phone 7 Programming" ebook can be downloaded for free.

Currently, there are very limited development materials for learning Windows Phone 7. Apart from the official development documentation of msdn and some blogs, there are no other learning channels. Lucky to be a senior in the United

Notes for using Windows Phone LINQ to SQL

C # When writing the table structure, you must add autosync = autosync In column () of the primary key ID. oninsert, dbtype = "int not null identity", canbenull = false, isdbgenerated = true, isprimarykey = true [Column]Public double latitude{Get

After Windows Phone panaroma hides the control, selectionchanged will flash and disappear.

Use the panaroma control, " {Staticresource maintitle} " Header = " My account " > " 650 " Margin = " 12, 0, 0, 0 " Verticalalignment = " Top " > " Userhomelogined " Visibility = " Collapsed " > " 150 " > " * " > " 0 " >

Windows Phone 7 gets the current network type (whether the device is connected to the PC through Zune)

/// /// Determine whether the Network is available /// /// True or false Public Static Bool Querynetworkstatus (){ Return Microsoft. Phone. net. networkinformation. networkinterface. getisnetworkavailable (); // Whether

Windows Phone textblock marquee Effect

Windows Phone encrypts and decrypts files

Private Void Decryption ( String Mima) {isolatedstoragefilestream = New Isolatedstoragefilestream ( " Encryption " , Filemode. Open, fileaccess. read, This . Storgfile); isolatedstoragefilestream stream2 = New Isolatedstoragefilestream

Implementation of page Jump animation in Windows Phone

The toolkit of the Silverlight team provides us with such a set of components, called the transitionservices service, which can be used to implement jump animations between pages. This service provides several jump animations: Slidetransition:

Nlog for Windows Phone 7

ArticleDirectory Download and install the bits Add nlog to your Windows Phone app Project Set logging Configuration Emit log messages Receive log messages Let's do more... This week I have checked in a port of nlog 2.0

In Windows Phone 7 toolkit, when expanderview is clicked, a response is displayed at the edge of the unexpanded list item.

This problem occurs when the expanderview contains the age header and the item is clicked.ProgramThe response mouse clicks the message twice, that is, not only does the header receive the tap message, but after the response, the tap message is sent

Windows Phone 7 Console window on 64 bit Machine

A while ago as part of my post

Simple use of usercontrol in Windows Phone 7

On the usercontrol page: A button is added to XAML with a click event button_click. "Layoutroot">"Button_click"Style ="{Staticresource buttonstyle1}">"Applicationicon.png"> CSCode: Public EventEventhandler goclick;Private VoidButton_click

When Windows Phone 7 uses the system. Threading. thread function to modify the UI element

When Windows Phone 7 uses the system. Threading. thread function to modify the UI element: This . Orientationchanged + = New Eventhandler (mainpage_orientationchanged );System. Threading. Thread a = New System. Threading. Thread ( New

Change the development environment for Windows Phone application!

After the SDK is installed, the Silverlight for Windows Phone template cannot be found in the previous Chinese version of vs. Only the xNa for Windows Phone template is displayed. What should I do if I want to develop it in a Chinese environment?

Ten reasons why Android beat Windows Phone 7 easily

According to a latest report from mobile phone retailers in the UK, Android sales andWindows Phone 7The ratio is 15:1. This result indicates that Windows Phone 7 may be in trouble. Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 in the North American market in

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (6)

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (1) Previous Article: Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (5)   Expanderview   Overview Expanderview is a control composed of headers and foldable drop-down items. When you click the

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (5)

Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (1) Previous Article: Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth (4)   Datepicker   Overview Datepicker of Windows Phone toolkit is a UI element that automatically provides you with an input

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