Windows Phone 7 full version Simulator

We know that currently the WP7 simulator installed by default has only one ie porcelain chip. Although it does not affect normal development, we still hope to see the full picture of WP7 without obtaining the WP7 real machine. In fact, the simulator

Book notes in 101 Windows Phone 7 apps-baby name Eliminator

Course Content Local Database Ø ApplicationProgramProcessing Data Baby name eliminator is an application for retrieving baby names by inputting personality traits (my wife and I use this method to name two sons ). Unlike the method of name

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-baby milestones

Course Content Reading and Writing Images Ø serialization Ø bidirectional data binding Baby milestones notifies parents of critical milestones in the development of infants from birth to age 2. This applicationProgramThis allows parents

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-book reader

Course Content Ø editing page List picker Ø stretch entries in the list box Control Book reader application in this ChapterProgramIt provides an optimized reading experience for Jane Austen's classic novel "arrogance and

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-alphabet flashcards

Course Content Ø slide effect switching Someone recently asked me how to write a slide ApplicationProgramIn this application, they can switch between different pages, just like browsing an image set in the pictures hub or Facebook

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-trombone

Course Content Sound manipulation Sound looping Ø soundeffectinstance Compared with the cowbell application in the previous chapterProgramTrombone in this chapter is a more professional instrument application. We can define the

Install Windows Phone 7 on Windows XP

To install Windows Phone 7 on Windows XP, you only need to modify installonlhs and installonwinxp and change the value of 1 to 0. Step 1: Download Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW from Microsoft Official Website Is:

WPF outsourcing-let's take a look at what Windows Phone 7.8 looks like.

Windows Phone 8 brings many new features, the most intuitive of which is the brand new start screen. After Windows Phone 8 is released, microsoft will also use software updates to provide this New Start Screen for existing WP mobile phones. If you

Windowsphone outsourcing company-share notes on hd2 for developing Windows Phone 7/8

Hd2 is flushed to Windows Phone 7/8Starting with hd2 in the previous section, we built the Windows phone7 system and found a method to flash the machine in Baidu Library,Pay attention to the two software packages downloaded before flashing:After you

The new Windows Phone 7 Language Input Tool went live.

If you do not enter english, please note: you do not need to switch the input method. Please enter it directly. After the input is complete, press Enter. Poor Windows Phone 7, so it is difficult to launch and does not support the eastern language.

Why is an error in the access contact of the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK?

New Microsoft. phone. userdata. contacts reports system when accessing contact data. exception information. In fact, this cause may be because your project is upgraded from a Windows Phone 7 project. You only need to go to properties \ wmappmanifest

A damn at han's Windows Phone Book notes (3: Ice -- in case of emergency)

Supportedorientations and orientation Supportedorientations is useful, and orientation can only affect the status at design time, but cannot affect the status at runtime. Therefore, orientation can be ignored.   Landscape is divided into left

A damn at Han's Windows Phone Book notes (5: ruler -- canvas)

Canvas features: It is significantly different from grid and stackpanel: it has no dynamic layout. After the child element is put, it is fixed. Therefore, you do not need to set alignment and margin for the child elements of the canvas, nor can

A damn at Han's Windows Phone Book notes (6: page navigation & Data Binding)

Navigationservice Use navigate to open a page: This. navigationservice. navigate (New uri ("/instructionspage. XAML", urikind. Relative )); You can also use Goback and goforward to open a page. Goback and goforward are used to open the

A damn at han's Windows Phone Book notes (8: Vibration)

Vibration Vibratecontroller. Default. Start (Timespan. Fromseconds (. 5 )); The parameter is the vibration duration, and the maximum value is 5 seconds.Vibratecontroller. Default. Stop (); the user turns off the vibration in the settings of the

Windows Phone Design and interaction Guide notes

Effective immediately, no need to confirm the interface To allow the user to cancel the previous operation Progress bar There is a progress bar at the top of the status bar. There are two types: determinate and indeterminate.

A damn at han's Windows Phone Book notes (11: popup)

Popup This control is often used as the UI hack, which is a non-conventional force. Let's take a look at Popup. Popup itself is invisible, but it can contain a child element. The default position of popup is in the upper left corner of the parent

A damn at han's Windows Phone Book notes (9 & 10)

Style usage First, it is defined in XAML as part of the resource dictionary: Phone:Phoneapplicationpage. Resources> Style X : Key = "Waitingtextstyle" Targettype = "Textblock"> Setter Property = "Foreground" Value = "#99 ffffff"/>

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-silly eye

Course Content Ø Animation Ø event triggers Ø named Resources Ø settings page Color Picker Ø Clipping Silly eye is a very eye-catching application, especially among a group of children. This applicationProgramIt will show a huge

Windows phone 8 learning notes overview page

The Windows phone 8 Study Notes series have sorted out most of the common scenarios and are now all published. In addition, the sample code of each chapter has been completed and is now released. A small part of the code compilation is only because

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