How to test the NFC application of Windows Phone 8 in a simulator

  As we all know, Windows Phone 8 SDK simulators do not support NFC testing. If you have developed an NFC-based application, it means that you need two Windows Phone devices that support NFC during the test. Such configuration may discourage many

Windows Phone instance development: Express Delivery query assistant-[WP Development]

  With the electronic shopping in the Internet era, more and more people are used to shopping online. After purchasing a product online, you are more concerned about when the product can be delivered by express delivery. Therefore, Windows Phone is

Windows Phone mango development practices-gb2312 encoding conversion

The encoding Character Set supported by Windows Phone SDK 7.1 codenamed mango is UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, and UTF-16LE, unfortunately there is no gb2312. When developing a Chinese Windows Phone application, we were confused about gb2312 character

Windows Phone mango development practices coming soon

With the help of family members and friends, I have made several revisions over the past six months. My first Windows pone book "Windows Phone mango development practices" is coming soon (the original book is Windows Phone mango programming

You can download the full version of Windows Phone 7 for free.

Currently, there are very limited development materials for learning Windows Phone 7. Apart from the official development documentation of msdn and some blogs, there are no other learning channels. Lucky to be a senior in the United

Introduction to common Windows Phone 7 controls

1. Grid Widget A grid defines a grid layout composed of columns and rows. The grid. rowdefinitions and grid. columndefinitions Collections contain rowdefinition and columndefinition respectively to define the width and height of rows and columns.

Windows Phone 7 Training Summary

This is the first article to reinvent a new blog. The website is named "gentle" and I hope to help readers in the course of warm-up. The one-month technical training for Nokia Windows Phone 7 is almost over. As a trainer, I would like to summarize

Windows Phone 7 programming practices-xNa

We useMsdnUpperUsing a basic effect with texturing Introduction XNa game 4.0Texturedquad_sampleExample, Describes howWindowsRunning onXNaProgramQuick deploymentWindows Phone 7Mobile phone andThe Xbox 360Test and run. Objective: To develop a

Windows Phone 7 Programming Practice basics-multi-touch example (Silverlight)

Objective: To develop a practical manual for Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7 programming practices Article 1 Basics Chapter 1 opening the door to Innovation Chapter 2 horizontal and vertical views Chapter 3 simple touch and multi-touch

How to manage data in isolated storage-[Windows Phone development]

For isolated storage, I think everyone should be familiar with the following three methods: Isolatedstoragesettings Isolatedstoragefile Datacontext, that is, the database stores data How to store data will be skipped. Here we

Windows Phone mango development practices-shake library application instance

Windows Phone mango development practices-shake library application instance Explore the shake Mars of Mars   Directory Overview-New Field 1 Microsoft's "Dallas" 2 A Preliminary Exploration of Dallas-exploring the shake Mars 2 of Mars

Operation not supported on read-only collection solution-[Windows Phone development skills Series 1]

Now we will start to create a series of records on the solutions to the problems we encountered when learning and developing the Windows Phone project, as well as some development tips, hoping to play a gentle and informative role. In Windows Phone

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (19): Use progressindicator to display the progress

In the previous article, the development skills Windows Phone practical development skills (18): Using systemtray to display global message reminders describes how to use the new API progressindicator in mango, the role of isindeterminate is

Windows Phone mango development practices-Performance Analysis Tools

On the Windows Phone 7 Development Forum of msdn, A friend suggested how to use the mango analysis tool. New applications of MangoProgramAnalysis function, in the menu of vs2010 find[Debug]And then select[Start Windows Phone Performance

Windows Phone 8 mobile phone memory card data

ArticleDirectory 16.1.1 get the memory card folder 16.1.2 obtain the memory card file 16.1.3 instance: Read Memory card information Mobile phone memory card data in Windows Phone 8 Application Development The mobile phone

Windows Phone mango development practices have finally been published

After several months of hard work, with the help of friends and teachers, "Windows Phone mango development practices" was finally published (originally named Windows Phone mango programming practices ), during the same period of the teched2011

Windows Phone mango programming practices-third-party mvvm framework

ArticleDirectory Bind datacontext in Blend Windows Phone mango programming practices Windows Phone mango Programming Practice Objective: To develop a practical manual for Windows Phone Mvvm design mode Overview The Model-View-

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (18): Use systemtray to display global message reminders

In versions earlier than Windows Phone 7 (nodo ),ProgramDisplays message reminders or progress prompts. Generally, a dedicated container (such as a grid) is placed at the top of the page, which contains some text and ceceprogressbar. In mango, one

Essential tools for Windows Phone 7 Development

From:   We need to develop applications on the shoulders of giants.   Tools + Giant + Capability = Beautiful applications Humans are animals that have

Windows Phone mango programming practices-Local Database

ArticleDirectory Database Query Update Data Change database architecture Database Security   Windows Phone mango programming practices Windows Phone mango Programming Practice Local Database Windows Phone mango can

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