All Silverlight controls applicable to Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 uses the Silverlight technology, but not all Silverlight controls are applicable to Windows Phone 7, and Windows Phone 7 also has some controls that are not available in Silverlight. The following is a brief introduction: 1.

Windows Phone 7 Silverlight controls

  Control name Main functions Autocompletebox Provides a text box (used to place user input) and a drop-down item (based on the input in the text box contains possible matches ). Border Provides

Windows Phone 7 perst embedded database Learning

WP7 only supports local storage and does not contain databases. Therefore, to use a database on WP7, you can only use a third-party embedded database. Perst is a simple, fast, and convenient object-oriented Java and. NET database. It is well-known

Windows Phone 7 program menu bar ApplicationBar

ApplicationBar control is a menu on Windows Phone 7, which is a traditional windowsProgram.The classes related to ApplicationBar (applicationbariconbutton and applicationbarmenuitem) are defined in the Microsoft. Phone. Shell namespace. The class

Windows Phone 7 mvvm mode learning notes

I. ViewView view layerThat is, the XAML file mainly refers to the design of the interface. The XAML. CS file is only generated by default.CodeThe mvvm mode generally does not require page data initialization. The event processing code is written on

Windows Phone 7 independent storage isolated storage

Windows Phone 7 supports data access in the following ways: XML, isolated storage [independent storage], and cloud [cloud storage]. Windows Phone 7 does not support local storage. Database APIs can be used. Isolated storage [independent storage]

Windows Phone 7

The networkinterface class and networkinterfacetype class under Microsoft. Phone. net. networkinformation are related to the network information of Windows Phone 7. Networkinterface provides some information about the current mobile phone network.

Windows Phone 7 defines and uses dictionary resources (resourcedictionary)

1. Create a resource dictionary file, that is, a XAML file. The syntax format of the file is as follows: Test. XAML Resourcedictionary Xmlns = "Http://" Xmlns: x =

Windows Phone 7 program waits for page processing

ProgramThere is usually a waiting process to start. In this process, you can use the popup control with the backgroundworker class to start the background thread. ControlCode Popupsplash. XAML Usercontrol X: Class =

Windows Phone 7-Introduction to The XAML syntax

What isXAML? XAML is a declarative markup language. Like the. NET Framework programming model, XAML simplifies the application for. NET Framework.ProgramUi creation process. You can create visible UI elements in declarative XAML markup and

Windows Phone 7 push notification)

Benefits of using push notifications 1. Saving your battery power. 2. You can push notifications to inform your usersProgramSome interesting things happen, even if the program is not running.   Push notification process When a user runs

Windows Phone 7 manipulationstarted event

System. windowsuielement. manipulationstarted event It occurs when the input device starts operations on the uielement object. The manipulationstarted event occurs after the manipulationstarting event. With manipulationstartedeventargs, you can

Implementation of three-dimensional rotation animation for Windows Phone 7

Storyboard. targetproperty indicates to get or set the name of the property to be animated. By setting the storyboard. targetproperty attribute, you can easily implement the three-dimensional rotation of the X axis, Y axis, and Z axis. Storyboard.

Windows Phone 7 Data Binding

Data Binding in three modes.1. Onetime: one-time binding. The source data update target is used when the binding is created. It is applicable to displaying data only without updating data.2. oneway: one-way binding. It is used to display changed

Animation programming for Windows Phone 7 Animation

Silverlight animation OverviewHttp:// (V = vs.95). aspx Class inheritance relationship ObjectDependencyobject (Abstract)Timeline

Windows Phone 7 bitmap Programming

How to write an image control       You can call the system. Windows. Controls. Control. manipulationstarted event to overwrite system. Windows. uielement. onmanipulationstarted (system. Windows. Input. manipulationstartedeventargs )

Windows Phone 7 rotation animation (rotatetransform)

The so-called rotatetransform is an element that rotates with a coordinate point as the center point. When using the rotatetransform, you must pay attention to two points: the center) and angle ). In this example, we set a rotation based on angle

Windows Phone 7 configuration file wmappmanifest. xml

Wmappmanifest. the XML file records the attributes of the application and defines the functionality of the application. If you open this file, will be roughly like the following content (the author only recorded part of the content) Author =

Create custom controls on Windows Phone 7

Create a custom control:The control class must be derived from the control (or contentcontrol). At least, to inherit basic control functions, the control class should be derived from the Silverlight system. Windows. Controls. control class. However,

Differences between Windows Phone 7 ienumerable. Select and selectstrap

Ienumerable is commonly used in Windows Phone 7 programs. It allows developers to define the implementation of the foreach statement function and supports simple iteration of non-generic methods, the following mainly analyzes ienumerable . select

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