XNa Game Development Series tutorial for Windows Phone 7

One of the most eye-catching features of Windows Phone 7 is the addition of a strong gaming element. Several days ago, the Windows Phone 7 published by Microsoft on gamescom will be released with 50 games simultaneously on the day of its release,

Analysis on Current Situation of Windows Phone 7 marketplace

According to the latest news, as of, there were 737 applications in Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Although there is no comparison with the iPhone App Store or Android Market, there are also many high-quality software. Namaris combines existing

Windows Phone development path (9) Silverlight Animation

Animation is a key feature of Silverlight (SL) because it provides some dazzling effects, these are the examples of server-based programming frameworks (such as ASP.. net ). In SL, animation can achieve a lot of effects. For example, when the mouse

Dynamic Layout of Windows Phone development path (11)

Silverlight ApplicationProgramBy default, it runs in portrait mode. When the mobile phone changes the direction, if you want our application to automatically respond as the direction changes, you only need to go to mainpage. modify the value of

Windows Phone application globalization

Windows Phone applicationProgramAs with Silverlight, if you are familiar with the globalization of Silverlight, you can skip this article. A specific demo in this article describes how to implement localization for the WP7 application and some

Windows Phone 8 experience

I finally got the Huawei W1 model yesterday. The model is still full (if it is used by men ). First, let's talk about the WP8 system. 1. Start Screen: At the beginning of the system, the screen must know that WP's children's shoes all know about

Windows Phone Note (12) Basic XAML knowledge

ArticleDirectory 1. XAML Overview 2. Use code to create a UI element 3. property inheritance in XAML 4. Property-element syntax 5. Resource set 6. Reference resources in code 7. Use the XAML Style 1. XAML Overview In

Windows Phone notes (9) use independent storage (on)

ArticleDirectory Use the isolatedstoragesettings class to save application settings In the previous notes, we learned how to share data between pages, but the data is kept in the memory, whenProgramThe stored data will be lost when

Conversion of Chinese characters to PinYin in Windows Phone

We know that Silverlight does not support gb2312 encoding. Therefore, Silverlight for Windows Phone naturally does not support gb2312 encoding, and thus cannot use the "C # Chinese character to PinYin" method on the Internet. In fact, we can use a

Types of Windows Phone push notifications

The following describes key information about successful push notifications. Important: We recommend that you set up an authenticated Web service to send notifications to the Microsoft push notification service, because

[Translation] WP7 Quickstart-Article 6-use of text in Windows Phone

Address: http://create.msdn.com/en-US/education/quickstarts/Working_with_Text_on_the_Windows_Phone Note: This articleArticleIt is the sixth article translated from Microsoft's official WP7 Quickstart, which describes the use of texts in WP.

[Translation] WP7 Quickstart-Article 2-Use XAML to create a Windows Phone user interface

Note: This articleArticleIt is the second article translated from Microsoft's official WP7 Quickstart, describing the XAML under WP. Some of the content is added to your understanding and expression habits. The main purpose of this series is to

Windows Phone 7 jump start training video tutorial

Two MVPs from the UK, Rob miles and Andy wightley, offered 12 wonderful Windows Phone 7 development courses. It covers the development system of Windows Phone 7, Silverlight for Windows Phone, xNa, and many other content. It can be said that, as

Windows Phone 7 drifting notes

Some may have started the development of Windows Phone 7, but there is a very real problem that Windows Phone 7 is still difficult to buy, or the price is relatively high. Even if you have purchased a mobile phone, you must unlock the mobile phone

Add GPS and accelerometer simulation functions to your Windows Phone 7 Simulator

Now many developers have started learning Windows Phone 7. If you haven't started yet, you can refer to this article to Download Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta and the corresponding training kit. For developers who cannot get Windows Phone 7 now,

SharePoint and Windows Phone 7 developer training resources

This toolkit includes the number of units: Windows Phone 7 Development In this unit, you will learn about the real consumption information stored in SharePoint and use Visual Studio to write Windows Phone 7 custom applications and connect to

Oritentationchanged event for Windows Phone development (12)

When the direction of our mobile phone changes, some events are actually triggered. Both phoneapplicationframe and phoneapplicationpage contain the oritentationchanged event. Phoneapplicationpage also adds a convenient equivalent method

Windows Phone development path (13) touch

Silverlight supports two different programming interfaces to support multi-point touch, which can be simply classified as the underlying interface and high-level interface. The underlying interface is based on the static touch. framereported event.

Windows Phone development path (3) several concepts related to Windows Phone development

Because something happened last night, the content originally prepared for yesterday's update was not updated, so I took the time to update it today. Today we will summarize several concepts that are closely related to Windows Phone (WP). We

Path to Windows Phone development (14) Loading bitmap

In addition to text, bitmap is one of the most common objects in Silverlight. We usually define it as a two-dimensional Bit Array corresponding to the pixels of the graphic display device.The extension of Windows native bitmap files is BMP, but it

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